Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just Don't Know

Well, we did our thing last nite, but left it for discussion.  Can't really tell how it went. The gate owner was there, and gave his spiel about how long he had put up with the vandalism and trash, and just finally had enough.  Wouldn't even listen to other options we presented, soooo,,,who knows?  The mayor kept saying it wasn't a street, (how i don't know) when it's been used and maintained as the street that goes on way North of the gate.  So how could it just stop at that point?  Another thing i don't know.  It's on the city platt as a street going on down to the river.  Anyway, we did all we could without having to go legal, so we'll see.  We're losing all our rights, one by one.  There were quite a few supporters there, and gave their say.  Wish there had been lots more,,,

I took off my weather thingy.  Got tired of trying to look up and see how to fix it.  The tv weather was showing us this morning finally, but the gadget didn't work even after that.  So,,it's gone.  Might try to put another one on there, some time.

I got home about 7:30 last nite, so i caught the rest of the Voice.  I've liked it up til now, but i just don't like the way they eliminate them.  Don't do reruns, so,,,record more movies?,,,lol.

Had a call right after i got up from friend S, asking if tomorrow was our apt in Austin.  She thot the 7th, i thot the 17th, and we were both wrong,,,hahahaha,,it's the 27th.  And i have it right here on a sticky note!!  In my defense, it was sorta behind another one.  So, now we both know. lmao.  I'm still gonna get all the fill taken out.  So it will be my last trip.  woooohoooo....

Reading ol Jules today, talking about drug ingredients,,reminded me of a hormone so  so many women take made out of a pregnant mare's urine.  It's not estrogen, it's the other one, and for the life of me, i can't remember,,,it's usually prescribed with the estrogen.  Anybody know?,,Darn statin!  Think i'm gonna quit taking that too.  PREMARIN!!! Turned my head and ,,,,that's it.  Pre-mar-in.  Maybe it's best not to know.

Little Jude isn't gonna get canned cat food any more after this i have is gone.  He'll just have to make do with Iams,,or whatever he catches outside.  Half the time he doesn't eat it, sooo,,,no more.  He's  on the weight and hairball formula, not that it does any good.  I think it's just a marketing scheme.  He likes cat chow, or friskies better, so,,,,that just might be in the future.

Ok, enough boring you today,,yall tc, and