Saturday, October 1, 2011

Short Saturday

LOVE these temps!,,,Had to turn on a little heat this morning.  Without that darn AC running in this room, it's sooo quiet too.  The fan runs all the time, but it was a freebie, so i'm not gonna complain, but when i have to get another one, u can bet ur bottom dollar it will be one that cuts off when it's not cooling.

Got the 2 men working at the front, lol, hear them discussing the problems with making a new door fit into an old house.  That's why my bro B didn't want to do it.  These 2 put the door on here in the back, and had the same problem.  Glad they have patience. 

Heard a structure fire call about the time they showed up, on the street a block East of me, was in a bathroom in a trailer house.  Guess it didn't get out of control, which is amazing, because i never saw any smoke or anything. 

Took a while to get to sleep last nite, but then i did sleep good. 

Forgot about this, lololo.  Got off doing other things.