Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Squirrel Days

Thank you, Hermit J.,,,u gave me my material for today. lololol.   Brought back a couple of memories of squirrels. 

My Mom went out into her back yard one day, and this little squirrel came running down to her, wanting to jump on her shoulder.  She had never seen this little critter before, so she sure backed away.  She put out something for it, food, and didn't think anything else about it.  Her dog was in the back yard, too, and would kill squirrels, lol, thanks to my Dad.  So here he is, all excited trying to get to that little one.  We would watch out her kitchen window, and that squirrel would chatter, run round and round this huge oak tree, getting the dog into a frenzy, and would get down just out of reach of the dog.  Flipping that tail, chattering,,running round and round.   I named it Teaser.  It kept hanging around, and the g/kids found out that it would come and eat out of their hands..  One day, we were out there, and Teaser had been doing his thang, on that tree, and decided to jump from a limb over to the house.  He made it,,,if u call him hanging off the gutter, dog yapping, jumping up after him, and him scratching for his life, trying to get up on that gutter.  Well, he finally did, and we all breathed a sigh of relief for him.  One day,,,he decided to see what the cat would do, and the cat thot, hey, here's a meal, so the big chase was on!!!  They went here, they went there, up, down, all around on his tail.  Under the car, again, and again, up the utility pole, down the utility pole.   Teaser finally ran up some shrubs and jumped over onto the house.  Lost the cat, or,,,the cat just quit.  By then we were rolling on the ground, had tears, laughing so hard.  lololol.  And,,one day, Teaser showed up with 1/2 a tail!!! Got too close to the dog?,,cat?  we never knew, and he still kept up the chase on the oak tree.  Never knew what happened to little Teaser, but kinda could guess.  Sure missed him. 

When there was the first Wild Game Cook Off, here, some of our friends were cooking, and asked if i had anything to put in.  I raided the freezer, found a few doves, and ONE squirrel, left over from when my uncle had been here hunting.  They took it, and at the last minute tossed it on the grill, just because it was laying there.  WON FIRST PLACE!!!  We had always eaten them, loved them fried, even tho my Dad hated them around his house.  They would eat into wiring, and things.  That was why his dog hated them.  Teaser was around after he died.

OFM made me hungry, had to take a break and eat.  Never eaten a green chili burger, but wow, sounder great. 

LOL Doesn't take long for me to change or turn off that tv, when i hear a soap coming on.  Just had to do that.  I'm waiting for a cool weekend to get my front doors put in.  Will have to do without AC, so i'm waiting.  Thot this one might be it, but, nope, low 90s coming up.

Been looking at this one drawer in my fridge, for weeks.  When i was warming up lunch, took it out and started chunking.  GOSH!!! Old cans of biscuits, packages of stuff, old cheeses.  Gonna chunk lots.  Why do i keep those things?  Ketchup, cocktail sauce, pizza hut parmesan, peppers.  Going now!!
An old can of biscuits busted and has left a gob of sticky stuff gotta wash out.  GEEZZZZ.  Other old cans i've broken open, tossed.  Lol, one time i was driving home from Marble Falls, and heard a shot.  Thot someone had shot at me!  After i got home, found the can of biscuits in a bag.  Now i have these bags to keep hot or cold in. 

Ok,,gotta finish that drawer, yall HAGD