Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good Accidents Happen,,Too

Got an email from my niece up by Ft Worth, had forgotten where this blog is....so i sent it back.  I don't do facebook, look on there every once in a while, and to me, this is how I keep in touch.  Soooo,,,,, welcome,,SS.

Got a call from J a bit ago, was over in Marble Falls, asking when the bad weather was gonna show up,,Told him all i'd seen was just rain today, no bad stuff.  My phone, most of em in town i think, was off last nite and still, this morning.  But before i called in, it came back on.  It was the same as last time,,no phone, but had internet,,that one wire, remember?,,,And i think i accidently found out why my answering machine was silent when someone was leaving a message.  I had looked before, in the book and all, but,,going thru setup last nite, i found it,,,turned it on.  I had never been able to hear who was leaving a message at the time they were doing it.

I watched the Voice finale last nite, and was so put out with Christina that even if i could have, (busy all the time), i wouldn't have voted for her team.  I looked on their facebook page and i'm sure not the only one.  I think it probably caused her singer to lose.  We'll know tonite....

We had lots of high water last nite, and a lot of blown down trees, tree limbs.  The county was kept busy putting up barricades for both.  Or cutting up big trees to move.  Places had high water that hasn't for years.  We got just under 3", according to KXAN, but S of us got lots more.  Made those creeks rise,,,lol.

I've been cold all morning.  Even turned a burner on on my stove.  Dug out my warm houseshoes, robe.  Still feeling good.  Didn't use ACs last nite, either.

All for today,,yall tc, and