Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Burnt Plugs for my Dryer

My brother changed these out this morning. Now i have a working dryer,,,, lol, threw a good one away and bought another one at a garage sale. Then, it didnt work either ! When he was looking at why it wasnt working, was when he saw these.

Remember that little bitty snake looking thing i had in my dining room? Was a year or 2 ago, and i put pics on here. WELL, Had one last week, and again yesterday. Other brother told me they were worm snakes. When i looked them up, yep, thats what they are.

Now, this.. It hopped across my living room, went behind my tv stand. I put a trap out, and a week or so later, Jude sniffed in the direction of the trap, so i looked the next day. (forgot then). It was laying about a foot from the trap, trap was thrown. Havent figured that out yet. Looking them up online, i thot it could be a kangaroo mouse, but the end of the tail isnt bushy. Not a plain mouse tho.

I sent a note to my doc im gonna see next week and asked about that radio frequency ablation. Havent heard back, but sure hope she does SOMETHING when im there on the 25th.

Yall tc, and