Friday, February 17, 2012

Nothing Like Losing Your Internet Connection

Here i was ,, just sitting here going to my email, and,,,NOTHING there!  From one second to the next.  Got on the phone with verizon, and it took the 2 days to fix my problem,,my modem.  They shipped me a new one out that same day, and i got it the next, but then had to be on the phone til  too late to do anything else.  THEN,,my laptop didn't pick up, so back on the phone again this morning.   GEEZ

When my modem showed up about 2:30 pm yesterday, i unpacked it, plugged everything in, and OOOO NOOO,,,no electric power!  Out to the breaker box i went,,,twice,,,didn't help.  How can this be?  Started bypassing stuff, power strips,,etc,,and thot i found the problem,,one of the power strips.  But,,still can't get online.  Got the power now, but.....  Finally took the splitter off where i plug into the wall jack, went direct, and,,,worked!  Now i know i need a new splitter.  Well, i didn't fool with that yesterday, it could wait.  So that's how it went, was too late to do anything by then, so just logged off.  lol.  But then,, back online early today, getting the router working to my laptop, and NOW,,i have found out my printer won't work from here... Not gonna mess with it NOW.

They are giving me a big credit on my account for this.  Verizon is still my favorite ISP.

I've tried catching up on the blogs, and have done most of them, but i didn't leave any comments.  Saw where BB made it to Falcon,,and DD has lots of tadpoles,,,
Jojo got her MV fixed, rvsue doing something about her oil gauge,,,,But gosh,,was taking so long,, i just quit,,so i could post this.

Like you DD, we were predicted to have about 2 1/2" of rain, but,,won't ever make it.  Now the flash flood map doesn't even include us.  Maybe you tho.

My sis N called me about 7 this morning, and i had been up but gone back to bed, all upset with her JohnnyBoy, (cat),,that was real bad.  He had awakened her about 4, crying with pain, and she had been holding him,,waiting til the vet could see him.  She had him 15 years.  He didn't make it.  When she got to the vet's and put him on the table, he died.  I know everyone has lost beloved pets, and it's so hard.  He was never allowed outside.  She does have 2 outside ones still, and one is gonna have kittens.  Gosh, we might have to bury her, when her little doggie goes.  That's the one i put on Youtube singing Taco Bell.

I cooked yesterday,,,,lololol.  Made up some chicken and rice,,kinda threw stuff together.  Biscuits too.  I'll eat off of it for a few meals, then freezer time.

Anyway, i'm back,,and yall tc, an