Wednesday, June 6, 2012

City Letter From Their Attn.

My bro G came by and i never got back yesterday.  He brought the answer from the city attorney, and if we understand all that mumbo jumbo stuff they use, that gate has to go.  We're not thru yet.  That letter helps US,,,we think.  Need a lawyer to interpret it. lol.  We still have to meet with the mayor, and probably go back to the council again.  They have had other major problems, so we have just waited, not gonna forget tho.  There's also a new council member, which we THINK is good for us.  Know the other one wasn't.  Hey, our family has multiplied a lot,,we have clout,,,lol.  Had the mailman tell me one time,,wow you're kin to everybody!  hahahaha,,,told him it just took 50 years to hear that.

Don't know if i've told you, but mom and dad had 3 of us...Later,,when i was 15, they decided they wanted more, so,,here came 3 more.  That's how mom and I had kids together, twice.  Sorta,  my bro B and my dotter, 9 months apart, then our 2 youngest, 4 months.  We had a blast, and no one could ever tell whose was whose.  We mixed and matched all the time.  lol.  We took B with us a lot, with our 2 boys, cause they loved it, and were no trouble when he was with us.

My son J LOVED to aggravate his big sister, make her chase him,, him laughing, her screaming at him.  So,,,i told her to tell him she was gonna kiss him when she caught him.  She did, and OMG,,did that EVER ruin his fun..NO WAY,,he said.  I think he quit the aggravation right then!  You do what ya gotta do,,,lol.

I'm supposed to go with him to Georgetown today,,,noonish,, I'm ready and can leave any time.  Hope he doesn't back out.  Need to find out for sure about Medicare covering his upcoming surgery.  His doc keeps saying it will.  Then he can go from there.

Yall tc, and