Wednesday, March 9, 2011

better late than never,,,?

Not too good at keeping up with a "daily" blog.  After the volunteer work Monday, had to have a day of rest.  Since i didn't get it yesterday, taking it TODAY.  
Looked out at my front yard pond yesterday, and thot it was empty.  Thot,,,wow,,,can't even keep my poor ol gold fish wet!  Got out there and there was a little water, and,,,gold fish,,,so,,,,filled it up.  We just not getting any rain.  My pump quit working and since gold fish don't need it (they don't need nothing)  I've just left it alone.  Noticed later lots of birds really interested in the water.  Gonna have to fix it so they can get to it.  Get some little floaters.  Have also noticed where something is bedding up at the back, in the dry lantana.  (that's where i found a rattlesnake once). Think it's a deer, sooo cool!  Saw one back there one nite when i turned into my drive.
Talking about birds, my martins are back, not sure how many, but they are there.   My poor ol bird house is just about blown to pieces tho.  Not sure how much longer it will last.  If you ever buy one, get the plastic!
Soooo sick of Charlie Sheen.  Guy is nuts, forget him.  Also, there's no one irreplaceable.  Loved the show, but doesn't take Charlie to do it.
Read BB this morning, maybe he doesn't know there's a pneumonia with no symptoms.  No fever or cough.  You just quit breathing when it gets bad enough.  I had it.  Thank God, i had gone to the emergency room just in time, because i couldn't breathe, got there, and quit.  That was the morning I had that last smoke.  You know what?,,,never missed them,,even after 50 years, 2-3 packs a day.  My COPD seems to not have advanced at all, and that was 3 years ago.  First thing to go immediately, was the cough.  Still trying to lose the weight i gained doing it tho.  lololol
Gosh, when i get going,,,i just keep on.  But really, gotta stop and get dressed, eat a little something.  bb some time.