Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blogger Trouble!!!

Having to redo posting comments to the blogs i follow, twice. Grrrr, time for blogger to get it together!! Somehow, i did get my followers back. I just deleted recent posts, was a repeat. Every day i do a test for DDs but,,,no luck. DD, read u every day, and today i have to say, ALL men i have EVER known, hate alll plumbing, not just the plastic. lololol.

We have gone to stage 4 for our water, now. NOOOO outside watering of any kind. I will sure be upset if i see all those sport fields running their sprinklers every day!!!! Also, the gold course. If i can't save my trees, then they sure don't need to save their GRASS. The water coming thru my faucet is nasty! Thank God, i have an excellent filter. Hated to take a shower today, and sure didn't want any in my mouth. Lol, did a lot of spitting. There's a brown ring in my commode so i know how much junk is coming thru. It will ruin all the parts in the tank.

I go out and look at the river every day. It's quit running over the dam out at the park now. Going dry fast! There's a chance of rain today and tomorrow, maybe,,,,at least upriver. Find myself wishing for a hurricane, despite the damage it does on the coast. Maybe from the West. Come in and just sit, and RAIN. Think we all need to gather on the square, get nekkid, and do a rain dance!! We'd have to run the sprinklers in order not to have a heat stroke tho. hahahaha Yall wanna help?

Think i'm gonna have some lunch. Hey, what do yall think about this Casey Anthony? I think that's what the death penalty was made for. Don't watch the trial, but listen to the updates. ok,,bye