Monday, September 19, 2011

Glad Somebody's Getting It, Rain That Is

Why is it, even after all these years of retirement, that i still hate Mondays?  Makes NO sense, does it?  Can u get set in ur ways so much, u never can shed them later? lololol.  I LOVE retirement,and the best part is,,no alarm to have to get up to.  I do whatever i WANT to.  WHEN i want to do it.  Not that there's much going on.  lol. 

My friend S, the one with the lap band too, just called and is on her way to Austin to get the band untightened.  I have been really concerned because she just couldn't eat anything without upchucking it.  Not good.  She finally decided that too, even tho she told me last week, she had lost 21 pounds since we were there last, and i think that was in late July.  I need mine tightened but not that much.  When they do it, it doesn't stay, my experience so far.  Am told just to keep on until i find the right place, so that's what i'm still doing.  Ur supposed to eat 3 small meals a day, and be satisfied with it.  I do the small meals, but get hungry in between.  Not right yet.

Still no rain here, and i didn't water any yesterday.  Watched it lightening for hours out my front windows, looked real close, even heard it for a while, but,,u know how that goes.  Nada.  Slid around us again. 

Heyyy,,,new shows on tonite,,,finally!  Love my sitcoms.  Dancing?,,nah.  Not even going to record it, who knows when i could watch it.  More to come tomorrow nite...woooohooooo. 

Sel, did u read my yesterday's comments?  I think i figured out why u and 2 others i read, have to have our email addresses to comment.  None of you use  I have gotten so disgusted with blogger, have thot about changing, but don't think i ever will.  Sure don't want to have one i can't set like i want to. 

Gonna leave yall now, but,,,might be back,,who knows? lol.  HAGD