Monday, October 31, 2011


Well, here it is,,,and here i still sit,,lol, almost noon, and i still haven't done a shower, and need to do a load of laundry.  I DO have my oatmeal cooked, waiting on it to cool a little.  And, i DO have my dishes done,,,lolololol. 

All i'm seeing today, is,,,,it's halloween.  I don't do anything any more.  Last time i had candy for kids, no one came by, so that ended that right quick.  I live here in a neighborhood that's not populated enough for a lot of kids to come by, so that's fine with me.  But, not even my little nieces and nephews came by that year, and that's who i had thot would.  I don't get out on halloween, too many little ones running around in the dark, and there's one street i would NEVER go down, if i did.  The last time i did, it took me a LONG time to get out of all that, and get over to another street i could make my way home on.

I wish i had put off my eye exam, don't want to do it tomorrow.  I think they are still the same, no change.  And i hate to have them dilated.  Since i already have the apt, i'll go and get it over with, but sure wish i didn't have to. 

Weatherman saying probably no rain with the next front Wed. nite.  Maybe you'll get some DD.  It does show rain down ur way.

Ok,,i'm outa here, rambled around long enough.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gotta Eat ,,,,, Something

Wish something sounded good to eat.  Guess i got off on that this morning when i had to eat waffles, instead of oatmeal, when oatmeal was what i wanted.  The pan i cook it in, needed washing, so,,i just did waffles instead.  My bro had given me some sirloin he grilled, and i ate that for supper, but,,,just was NOT quite tender enough.  I didn't eat all of it, so i had left the pan to heat it up later.  O well, the rest is going out,  since warming it up, had taken all the juice out of it,,, left it not good.   Just doesn't pay for one person to cook.  Got stuff in my freezer, and gosh, if i cook some of that, i have to add sides.  lol,,,i really do need to cook some shrimp i have.  I even have FF too.  And i keep a carton of potato salad.  OOOO YEAH,,, i could heat up some of that ham.  hmmmm, think i just might do that.  OK,,,bbl.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What do Yall Think?

Heard a little about this yesterday on a couple of Austin news channels.  lololol.   I LOVE IT!!!  Crockett Keller needs to be in this movement going on now.  hahahahaha.  Mason is just a bit West of here, like,,34 miles.  Gosh, we'll probably have all kinds of movements moving in here now.  OMG,,,sooo freaking funny.  I wanna meet the man, shake his hand.  If i could get under that 10 gallon hat he wears, just might give him a peck on the cheek.  He has definitely opened a can of worms.  

 Wish i could remember the story, happened like back in the 70s, when the sheriff over there supposedly died of suicide, and was buried.  For some reason, later, he was dug up and found to have  3 gunshots in the back!!!  This is a true story.  My mom-n-law lived there at the time.  If i can find out some time, i'll put it on.  Talk about red necks,,,,, lmaoooo.  Or,,still living with western justice.

Went over to my bro's house yesterday, and right there on their table, was this brand new blood pressure monitoring thing, still in the box.  I picked it up, saying something like, when did u get this, and he said they had picked it up at Walmart earlier.  I said,,, JUST TAKE THAT THANG BACK, THAT'S WHAT I'M GIVING YOU FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!  hahahahaha,,,He'll like mine better, it's the kind that goes on ur wrist.  He laughed and said, ok,,,then!   So, this order came in today, and i'm just gonna take it on over to him, since i had to tell him. lololol.  He might want to check his BP before Christmas.  He's never had high, but he was real dizzy one morning, and thot that might be it.  I get that way, and nothing i've checked, is wrong.  Like blood sugar, BP, blood oxygen, nothing.  Don't have any idea what could cause that.  He's the same way.

My son came by last nite, and i found out he had been bitten by one of his cats, BAD, on his forearm, to the bone, and the hand,  and had had a bad time with it.  It was one they have had for 11 years, and she was outside, watching a stray cat.  He said her name, and reached to pick her up, and she turned and wrapped around his arm.  He had to pry her mouth open.  He knew how bad it was, but made it til the next morning to see the doc, who wanted to put him in the hospital.  With no insurance, they worked it out, for him to go by twice a day and get the antibiotics thru a stint. and twice a day he soaks in Epsom salts.  Yesterday was the first day it had actually shown improvement.  OO MERCY.   He was thankful that it wasn't on a weekend, like normal for him.  He's taking some high powered stuff, said he didn't know it was made that strong.  This is the one that should have had "accident' for his middle name.  This is the one that fell from the 40 foot building, after he climbed the corner, and when he started down, one of the rocks broke.  I could go on and on.  I think that fall jammed his spine and caused all his back problems for then on,,,he was about 19 at the time.  It did break both ankles, one bad.

Ok,,off that.  Way too much to ever get down.    He's kept count of his stitches, and it's over a 1000.  lolol,,,i don't want to know.  When he was a kid, i started just doing butterflies, so he missed a lot.

Gosh, it's nearly 3 pm,,,gotta make a move.



Friday, October 28, 2011

Blogger's Block

Yall all talking about nothing to say, and here i am,,,,nothing to say. 

I close my bedroom off, never, well rarely, use heat back there, so last nite about 8 pm,, here i am putting my electric blanket on!,,,I just use it to heat the bed before i get in, turn it off to sleep.  But,,,i have a warm bed to get into.  After laying there a while, i ended up getting up and turning my fan on.  lololol,,,now,,,i can get to sleep.  And,,i did.  Was up my regular 3 or 4 times,,but that's always the case.  Wake up, with my mouth so dry, i have to get up for a drink, and by then have to go too. 

When i was awake about 1 am,,i heard a tone go off for the ambulance here in town.  After no answer they retoned,,,then,,,later did it again.  That's 3 times by now.  After a couple of minutes, a woman finally answers.  Took 10 or 12 minutes to get on the way, and it just had to go about 3 blocks.  I'm horrified.  If that had happened 3 years ago when i had to call for one, i wouldn't have made it.  I got into the emergency room with the doctor, before i quit breathing.  A delay of 10 minutes wouldn't have let that happen.  Back during the early summer, one was called just out to the park, a man had fallen off a horse.  Same thing happened,, no answer, and a delay of about the same amount of time.  Well, that man died because of no help in time.  I think there's a lot of people concerned about this, but don't know what they're doing.  My bro, G, has brought it up at the fireman's meetings, and being ems, maybe that will help.

I need to be getting in the shower, but,,,,here i am,,,blogging,,,lolololol.  I have to read all of em first, before i do mine.  A lot of times, i get an idea from one of the others, for  mine.  That was it today, nothing to talk about. hahahahaha,,,

It's Friday, whatever that means, anymore.  Used to mean, party time!  Party time now is ,,,,what movie to watch tonite.  Haven't checked the tv schedule yet, might be something on,,,

Ok,,outa nothings to say,,,so,,,yall HAGD

Thursday, October 27, 2011

How Can it be Thursday?

Here it is, cloudy, cool, not very windy, but that bean soup is calling me.  I had waffles a bit ago, so the soup is next on my list.  Got a 2 pm apt to see my doc for a follow up, but i'm feeling fine now.  Mammogram was good.  So i think i'm about good to go for another year.  Well, after the eye check up Tues.

I get so lost on days, dates, now.  Where has this week gone?  I missed over the hump day.  Why?  I don't do anything, lol, except keep up with appointments!  So how does the time get away?   I even have  gadgets on this screen telling me the date, day, time.  Also have lots of sticky notes up, lined up in order to be done.  What and how, did i ever do without them?  Windows 7 has them and that's when i started using them, after i got that.   Got started yesterday on cleaning up my desk top,,,OMG,,it's so slow, needed a lot!  You wouldn't believe the defrag i had to do.  lmao,,took forever.  Put that Smart defrag on, with some of the extras, and got lots of clean up done.  Working a lot!!! better now.  Sometimes i have to use it, and then i have to wait for updates to do, then take forever.  So the time was well spent.  I like where it is, in an extra room at the front of my house, with windows all around.  I like windows, lots of em, and always have them so i can see out.  For years and years, every house i have owned, i have put on window film that insulates, and looks like a mirror during the day, can't see in.  Reverses at nite, but that's ok, close blinds then.  My cats learned that when they heard a thump, it was a bird that had hit a window, and would be stunned on the ground.  Bad as i hated that, nothing i could do. 

While my nephew was painting last week end, my bro, his dad, finished up the window washing for me.  I found that windex stuff u screw onto the end of a hose, that you set to clean, rinse, and off.  Have used it for years.  My bro was very impressed, gonna get some for himself.  It dries spot free too.  My windows look GREAT now.  And i haven't even cleaned the insides yet.  It works thru your screens, cleans them too.  Do i sound like an ad? hahahaha,,,Sometimes you just find a product that is really good, like this is.

Wish it was raining.  Don't think we are gonna get any.  Gosh, love this weather.  Nice and cozy inside, no HOT sun coming in.  I'm soooo ready for this.  I always loved to drive in this kind of weather.  My x b/f and i would just take off, going just where ever, mainly South.  No bars North, lololol.  I drove, because i felt safer, lololol.  In all the years i drank and drove, i never got a dwi.  Had a guardian angel.  Did i ever tell you the story of stopping at this little building out in nowhere,,,on the side of the highway, because i thot it had to be a bar because of the way the suburban pulled out, and drove away?    Well, we pulled in, there were maybe 1 or 2 cars there, and here we went inside.  OO NOOO.  We knew we were in the wrong place, when we stopped at the bar, and ordered beers, and she had to get an interpreter to come up and help.  There were about 20 in there, sitting there staring at us.  OMG,,a wet back bar!!!...We took our beers, went to a table, got about 1/2 of them down, and left.  Everybody was still sitting there, staring at us!  Got on down the road about 30 minutes, to the next one, and getting out, i realized i had left  my purse back there.  Nothing to do, but get right back in and go back again.  Pulled in, went to the bar, asked if anybody had turned in a purse, wait, get the interpreter again, and in the meantime, i happened to look over, and WOW, there was my purse, still at the table, in the chair, not touched. OMG..I go over and grab it, and we are out of there!!!  It had been there over an hour, not even touched.  I told him,,,someday we can laugh about this.  hahahaha,,Sure wasn't funny at the time. lmaooo.  We liked to hang out at Luckenbach, too, then there was Harry's on the Loop, at Willow City.  Both out of the way places, lots of people doing the same.  Quit all that about 10 or 11 years ago.  Just got up one day, couldn't swallow that beer any more.  Quit him too. 


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cooking Disaster

OK yall, BBs missing!!!  And so is Hobo!.  Think Pesky Wayne beat him in Golf, and now he won't show his face?  Or mabye it made him sick?  Hobo's probably hung up in the walls, or ceilings, or something, going nuts there.  Getting any better yet, Hobo? 

Darn it!!,,,Put a 16 bean soup on last nite, in my crock pot, and yummmm,,,looking good today.  So,,i get out my last corn bread mix,,and it says,,better if used by,,,u know,,,but this said,,,Jan 11.  Well, heck,,i thot surely it'll work,,,won't it?,,so,,I just took it out of my, what i told yall i used every day, toaster oven, and that stuff is flatter than a flitter!,,,Now ,,that means i can't eat til i go to the store, get some more mixes, and cook another one!,,I like the Martha White in the yellow bags.  Lots better than what i could make from scratch.  Don't like the ones in the boxes, they're sweet.  So, i went ahead and ate my oatmeal, meaning now i have some time to get that other done.  Yall ever noticed u can't buy cornbread anywhere, not even in the freezer depts?  You have to MAKE it. 

Might nibble a bite, see if it might be thin and eatable,,,lololol.  I do like thinner better.  But this ,,,lol.

Gonna take my friend Sue some of the bean soup.  She said she had never tried it before.  But, i WON"T take any of that cornbread! hahahaha.  She's a great cook, not gonna show her mine.

Guess who's getting that cornbread,,,they live out at the park...

O yeah, i forgot i have part of that chicken breast left from supper.  Can't eat a whole one any more.  So i get the snack pack, and have 2 meals.  Can't beat that.  I keep a container of potato salad handy, so i can make a meal fairly easy.  I can get one side with the snack pack, so been getting cole slaw.  Don't know why i can eat that, and can't eat salads, but i can.  It's the lettuce i can't eat.  I love cabbage, and i have a recipe for a cabbage casserole, easy and delicious.

I cook about 1/2 head of cabbage or more,,and separately, cook sliced potatoes with an onion, in small amount of oil, with a lid, slow. Add to drained cabbage, then add a link of smoked sausage, cut into small bites.  Ta da,,,there u have it.  Quick and easy, and delicious.  Now i'm hungry for cabbage!  Forget that bean soup!! hahahaha.

Well, made myself get dressed, and dropped off my friend the bean soup, then got the mixes, .,Heard the phone ringing, getting out of the car.  It was her, told me she took one bite, just to taste it, ended up eating 1/2, even cold.  She gave me makings for a bar b q bun, and got home and put one mix in the oven,,,aaaa,,,gainnnn.  Has a date of 6-12.  Better be good.

This bean soup will be sooo good tomorrow, with rain, cold, wind.  Usually, for years, have made chili, or stew.  Gonna add bean soup now.  Got a huge choice to make,,,HELP yall!!!,,, 3 choices for my next meal,,,leftover chicken/potato salad, bar b q bun, bean soup/cornbread.   That smell might help decide,,,(cornbread cooking).


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Torture Over With

That torture wasn't tooo bad.  The best thing was i didn't have to sit and wait, they got me right in at the appointed time!  How bout that?  15 minutes and i was outa there.  I had put my cooking oil out so i wouldn't forget about the pond, so when i got back, i put some in it.  That thing has about 8 or 10" of water in it!  Wonder if my frog still lives in the waterfall. 

One time when it had rained and was washing down the gutters,  there were all these little frogs running around!  Where did they come from?  It was like they had just appeared, about a 1/2" long, out of nowhere.  Lol,,how was that possible?  I tried to catch a few to put over at my pond, but, man,,,those little suckers were fast!  But i guess some did make it, because i did have some really big ones.  When i would go out, i'd hear a loud splash.  I had some kind of lilly plant in it, and one time when i cleaned it out, the roots had become HUGE.  I'm talking, big as my arm.  Took up all the space almost.  So i got rid of those.  All the things i had growing around it, have died.  It will just be there for the next owner.  lol. 

Ok, got the city called to pick up my brush trimmings.  They do that on Fridays, for about 10.00 each 15 mins.  Last time, was just the 10.00, but i have quite a lot, in 2 piles, but still a good price.  Can't burn them any more.  There will be more, later, but just some small stuff.  I seem to have some of that b brush popping up all over again.  I might put some diesel on it, where i can.  Had to do that with a tree growing in a bad place.  I've always heard of ranchers around here, oiling mesquite.  And burning cactus. 

Got my oatmeal cooked, and gosh, i'm ready.  Don't know why i stayed so hungry yesterday, but it seemed like i never was satisfied.  Made for a bad nite.  Kept eating, til almost bedtime, and that's not good.  I wasn't really hungry for any one thing, just felt empty. 

Weatherman saying a strong cold front coming in Wed. nite.  Might even rain a little.  Highs in the 60s thurs and fri.  Heck, i'm ready. 

DD brought up a subject i think all of us "senior" citizens have thot about.  What will become of our pets if they outlive us?  That is why i haven't taken any of my son's rescued kittens, and just have the one, Jude.  He's about 8 or 9 years old, and will outlive me probably.  Then, on the other side of this, i would absolutely hate to NOT have one.  I think surely my son or my dotter would take him.  My x is gonna have to take his Mother's really old cat now.  She died several years ago, but his stepfather doesn't have long to live.  So he's going to bring it home with him.  It's  like, 18 years old, and he doesn't know how it's going to work with his other cats.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Torture Day

Well, here it is, Monday morning, again.  When i got up, my blood sugar was kinda low, 56, so i had to eat a little bit of a sweet, yukkkk., First thing, not good. lol.  But now it's up to 100, so, oatmeal on my list in a bit.  I got to drop one of my meds for diabetes, and wish i could drop the other.  Maybe in my future. lol.  I also got to drop 1/2 of one of my BP meds.  wow, getting there!  Sometimes, i just want to throw em all away, see what happens. 

Got a 1 pm apt for a mamogram, which i'm sure not looking forward to.  I do preventive as much as i can, and always have.  If a yearly checkup does any good, i'm all for it.  Been doing them seems like forever.  Not just that, but everything elso too.  Just called and set my eye exam for next Tues.  Gonna get em all done.  My eyes haven't changed at all, in 3 years now.  And i don't think they have now, either.  I had cataracts removed on both, several years ago, but doing fine.

I'm  having to do laundry more now, because i'm wearing heavier clothes.  So got that going today.  

As you can see, nothing to write about. lol.    Bro B told me my pond, with the rain water, was full of mosquito larvae, so gonna put a little oil in it.  Can't have that.  I hadn't even thot about it.  That was why i kept gold fish in it, til it dried up during the summer.  What fish were left, maybe 2, had died, so i had it all cleaned out.  I'm just not able to take care of it any more.  My pump had quit working the summer before last, too.  Goldfish didn't care, lol.

Well, it's about time for me to make a move.  get dressed, ready to go for the torture.  Yall feeling sorry for me yet?   hahahaha,,,


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Baby Owl?

My boys came rushing in one day, saying they had found some baby owls, wanting a box to bring them home.  I said NOOO.  They finally talked me into bringing just ONE home, and i gave them this box.  they looked at it, said it wasn't big enough.  What?  For a baby owl?  They left, and when they came in with that baby owl,,,i did a double take!  Was at least a foot tall, little pin feathers all over, a few feathers coming out on the wings, tail.  And the biggest, most beautiful eyes you ever saw!  Long curled black eyelashes, big yellow eyes.  The only place we had to put it, was out in the garage on a rafter.  It just took us as it's adopted parents right off.  Cheeped when it saw us, wanting foooood.  Well, i didn't know a thing about owls, so i went to the library the next day, got a book, found out they were meat eaters,,,soooo, that meant my son had to hunt every day for food.  Soooo neat, they could swallow anything, whole, then later, upchucked these balls, with the bones, fur, etc in them.  We had a pasture behind us, and the river down the hill, so there was plenty of food.  We named him Hoot, of course.  His wings folded double, and he walked like a buzzard.  I had him out one day, sitting on a tree limb while i was working in the yard.  A city tractor went by, and scared him into flying a ways.  We looked and looked for him.  A day or 2 later, we went to Austin, and when we drove into the drive later, we heard,,,CHEEEP,,,CHEEEP,,, but couldn't see him.  lololol,,,He was walking across the pasture in the weeds.  My son went out and got him.  He always let him ride on his shoulder, even with those longggg talons.  Hoot never used them, except enough to hold on, not fall.  I had all these things on film, but all that was in the stolen storage stuff.   He flew up to me one day, with me filming him,,and i ducked out, and he just dropped straight to the ground. lololol,,,Always watched when i hung things out, he might decide to come land on my shoulder.  He found the river, and stayed there a lot, but when my son would get on the roof of the garage and call him,,,he came.  We finally quit seeing him, but heard about this strange owl,,being seen in the daytime, not afraid of people.. lol.  My x said he saw one sitting on the top of the bridge one morning, just watching the traffic go by.  I like to think he found the others and stayed with them.  Even now, i hear them at certain times of the year, hooting, down on the river.  I raised a lot of things, but he was the most fascinating one of all.  When he saw the dog, his feathers would all stand straight out,,,like my siamese cat's hair.  lololol.  He'd put his wings out too.  Making himself look BIG.  Guess it worked, the dog would back away. hahahaha

Raised some sparrows once, from newly hatched, no feathers.  Kept them in a bird cage, and our cat would be right there looking at them.  Well, later, when i turned them loose, setting them on a tree limb, our cat went running up there, and they just SAT THERE.  Barely got there in time to shoo them away.  Never saw those ungrateful birds again, but,,,maybe i can guess why.  We all looked like crazy people, running everywhere with nets, trying to catch bugs.  Took a LOT for 4!! Don't know how their parents do it.  They got a lot of bread crumbs.

That Ramen was good stuff.  Put little hunks of chicken in it, from a bag of frozen fajitas.  Should have put some onion in it.  Will add that later to my leftovers.  I can find this low sodium kind in just one store, and that's the HEB in Kingsland.  You would think it would be everywhere, but it's NOT.

My nephew was in this weekend, and YESSS he said he'd paint my facings for a pizza.  Wooohooo.  They are done.  He did a great job, but i just gave him the money.  Then he told me he was trying to eat more healthy now, so was glad to get the money, not pizzas, lol. 

Ok, that's all i got, so yall HAGD

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Up To No Good Today



This crazy fence has driven me nuts, since I saw it.  See those little posts just sticking up thru the wires, not connected to anything else?   And, they seem to be holding up those other strands of wire.   Still makes NOOO sense to me.


These are most of Ns chickens.  One feather is there on the top left, but,,he’s lost his one feather.  Foreground is Ms Clean, other white one, is one eye.  Then there’s stripes, and eenie, and meenie.  Mighty and mo died from the heat.  Little bit’s up above these on a cross walk.  Just could not get them to pose for me. 

Didn’t sleep much last nite.  My feet hurt, my hip, my knee, my wrist,,,all those aches and pains from just that little bit of painting.  Gosh, not even finished yet.  Think I might see if my nephew’s in, maybe he might help me.  Or,,I can just do it later,,,lololol.  I did get all the top part done, won’t have to use the step stool any more.  Should have put some shoes on,, standing on that thing.  I did decide to use a regular brush, that cedar eats up those sponge ones.  Went thru 3, right quick.  Had no staying power, yesterday.  Don’t have any get up and go, nor staying power, today.  Gonna nap, see what’s what, later.










Friday, October 21, 2011

WTH is a Blog Feed????

OK, now i'm stumped,,WTH is a blog feed?  Is that why i've been stuck like Hobo, too?  I looked at my settings and have no idea what that blog feed is.   And maybe i have it, who knows?    

Gonna try to get my front door facings painted while i can open the house.  Still not able to do very much, but think i should be able to do that, no more time than it will take.  Gonna use foam brushes, so i can just throw them away.  Besides, they do a smoother job.  Today and all weekend will be perfect.  Not smoking any more, my house has stayed so clean.  When i quit, i had a man doing repainting inside, so all of it is still new looking.  Never realized how dirty, greasy cig smoke was. 

My niece, one of them, came by yesterday selling stuff for their class of '13,  and after looking for a long time, found some cheese balls i had been missing.  I had no use for cookies, candles, ornaments, etc, but,,,cheese  balls,,,YEAH.  Good snacky stuff.  lololol,,,just realized i don't know when i;ll get them.  O well, i've been snacking on cream cheese with onion and garlic,,,on ritz, good stuff.

This is gonna be short short, today, gotta finish my book that i couldn't last nite,  my eyes would NOT work long enough.  lolol,,,I get to 10 PM,,i shut down.  Forced it til 10;30, but,,,hahahaha,, wasn't able to get those last 20 or so pages read. 

So,,,yall HAGD,,,, might bb later.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Little Kinky Today

See?  Lots of kinky.  Told you about these shoe strings yesterday.  The purple ones on top were the ones I used a lot, the white ones look new.  You lace those up and then just leave em hanging out the sides.  You set them where u want so they aren’t tight, and that’s it.  They are stretchy.  Don’t know why you can’t get them any more.  A salesman had come by the place I was working, selling those and other things, and I bought everybody  some.  

Told you I had taken a pic of the Kingsland slab, but,,,it’s not there now.  Fooling around with the card or something at Walmart took it off.  I guess.   And I didn’t come back that way.  Gosh, I was so tired after that trip, wasn’t worth 2 cents the rest of the day.  Still not up to par after the pneumonia.

Had waffles for brunch today.  Soooo good too.  Took a long time to eat them, (2) and they still kinda feel like a lump in my upper stomach.  ( The itsy bitsy one).    Finally got the rest of the pork ribs finished.  The whole 2 of them. lololol.  Had 3 or 4 meals from them.  Not bad.  Gosh, another recall, bagged spinach I think he said.  I signed up one time to get notices for those, and had to quit, got so many.

I got so short on time in Walmart yesterday, I didn’t  have time to look around for some other things to eat, just grabbed my list of stuff.  Did get all of that.  And,,guess what!!! I remembered to use my coupons!  All 2 of em. lololol.  Well, 1.75 off.  I can go to the HEB in Kingsland and get stuff later.  Hey, we’re getting a raise in Jan. Woooohoooo….After 2 years, won’t seem like much tho.

Got this recipe out of the paper the other day, and it’s 1/2 c baking soda, 1 c vinegar, down ur drains to sweeten em up.  Desperately needed it in my kitchen drains.  So,,I poured that soda in the drain,,heyyyyy ,,, won’t go down!,, had to poke and prode for a while,,but finally got it mostly down, poured that vinegar slowly, good thing too, and whamo,  lotsss of boiling, spewing, finally settling down for the 15 minute wait time.  Rinsed with hot water, and that was just one, so still might have to do the other side.  This one was the one straight down to the p trap.  Heck, might just do all my drains. lol.  Our water here has some terrible stuff in it.  It’s leaving a ring in my commode too.  I have an excellent filter for drinking, cooking water.  Got 2 bottles of The Works, for the commode and it took off a lot of the old water stains.  And that ring.  Have to be careful, not inhale it.  I do, anyway, with the COPD.

Got all my Christmas shopping done now.  I’ve always done it early, and have picked up things all during the year, for birthdays, and whatever.  Now I have what?,,2 months to wrap?,,,lololol.  That’s the hard  part.  Have some bags I’ll use tho.  Stick em in the bag, ur done.

Enough rambling,,,yall HAGD

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Busy Day Today

Going to Marble Falls later, getting it out of the way.  Foot doc said to come by at 3 so i'll make that work.  Then, i did something earlier i should not have done, and that was tell someone, don't know her, that i would play bridge tomorrow.  All i know is her first name, so now i've gotta go by and tell her i'm not going to.  She mentioned one name that would be there, and it hit me later, DO NOT want to see this person.  She and her live in rented a house from me, left owing of course, and also a mountain of trash in the front yard, and a filthy house.  The live in was a smart mouth cop and threatened to sue me over a leaking roof in the back, which i had told her about.  Said i had advertised as a 4 br, when it had to be a 3.  I just looked at him, dared him.  After they married, my nephew walked up on him in his police car, on duty, one nite out at the park, and guess what he was doing?  hahahaha,,,He was "doing" it to some ol girl in the car.  Nephew just said,,o,,and left.  Don't know if she's still married to that sucker or not, and don't care, just don't want to be around her.

Ok got that call made cancelling the bridge, darn it.  That was always my favorite game.  Found out the one i didn't wanna be around was subbing too, so maybe another time. 

Had my oatmeal, gotta get moving here, it's after 11, still have to shower, etc, to leave.  It's hard trying to time it, to be thru at Walmart, and at the docs by 3.  I've done it before, so doing it again, so i can leave and come on home when he gets thru fitting the shoes.  (Inserts).


Later, going on 4:30

Back with groceries, but no shoes, didn't fit.  Same as the ones i had on, but these were way too tight.
Reordered, be in in about 2 weeks, even tho i won't be going back for about a month.  Once a month is enough for me.  Liked em, tho.  They had stretchy shoe strings, didn't tie.  Way back around 90, i think, i got some shoe strings that were kinky, stretchy, and when u laced em in, u didn't tie em either.  You put em where u wanted em, and they stayed there.  Lol, camera in the car or i would take a pic of em,  still have 2 pair.  Do that for tomorrow. 

That darn camera told me the memory was full, after i took one pic of the Kingsland slab.  I nearly took the card out and put it back in, (which was what it was) but i didn't.  And that's what they found in Walmart.  I always delete after i upload em, so there was no way it could be full.  Put that on later too.  It's just never in the right place!!! 

Ok, gone again,,,bb tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Where Does My Time Go?

Here it is, almost noon, and i'm still moving in slow motion.  Been up since 8:30, and little done.  Well, i did get my coffee down, read the paper, kinda vacummed a little, washed a few dishes, AND, ate oatmeal for brunch.  Putting it all down,,sounds like i have been busy,,,hahahahaha.  Got one burner on  on my gas range, all i needed for the chill in here.  Gosh, how can u not love this weather?

OK,,the rest of my battery story.  I left that little trickle charger on 'til 3 pm,,went out with fingers crossed, turned that key, AND ,,,,woooohooo, started up.  Left it running while i undid all the hookups, unplugged extension cord so i could close my door, and lock it, and headed up to the x's shop.  He had the new battery sitting there, ready.  So in a few minutes, i was good to go.  He didn't charge me any markup, and just a little for changing them out, disposal fee, etc.  Told you, he helps me sometimes.  lol, I made curtains for him, once.  He had an unusual size window, so ,,,i made them.
Ended up staying there about an hour, because i wanted to hear about his stepfather that is very ill, not long to live.  His Mom always called me her dotter she never had, even after we divorced.  He's having to run back and forth to Ft Worth, helping him, taking him to docs, hospitals, etc.  So now i know how he's doing, and what's been going on with him.

Lordy, i've gotten so behind on clipping coupons,,which i usually forget to use, but, i still do it.  O yeah, that's another thing i've done this morning, gone thru a few of those booklets.  Still have about 6 to go thru.   I've gone thru another catalog, and picked out a few more things for Christmas gifts.  Should finish me up.  I gave my dotter her gift for her birthday, so have to get another one. 

Gotta get my trash out today, and i saw that my container had blown over.  Also, gotta go to the library later, and pick up a book i am buying, about the history of this town.  It's an extension of the first one, written way back in the 70s.  I typed the whole manuscript for it, back then.  Anyway, today is the book signing, and distribution.  Need to pick up some more reading material too.  Think i might try to go to Marble Falls tomorrow, still gotta do that trip.  Too windy today, hate to drive in bad wind.

Yall TC now,,and HAGD

Monday, October 17, 2011

GRRRRRRRRRR. Dead Battery!!!!!!!!

Ever go out to leave, and ur car won't start?,,,,It hesitated twice on me yesterday, so i plugged in my little jumper thingy and charged it all nite, and then very calmly put it on, and DARN.  WON'T WORK.   Called   here, called there, lol, and my bro G is gonna bring me a trickle charger, and maybe it will start later today, to go to my x and get a new battery.  Now,, that's not all, yet.  Had to call the foot doc over in Marble Falls and cancel my apt. to pick up the shoes i have waiting there.  As a diabetic, i can get new shoes once a year thru medicare.  So that's the ones for this year.  THEN, my bro asked if i had an extension cord, why,,,of course i do.  Didn't know it was all in a tangled mess in the store room.  Come to find out,, there's 2 in that mess.  My other bro kinda loops all of his, so they don't get tangled, and easy to undo, but,,,oooo Lord, why???? didn't i do that?  After lots of kicking and slamming, i finally get enough of ONE cord out long enough to reach from my house to my car,   about 20 feet to my back door, and that's when i had found out there were 2, scared poor little Jude to death, throwing the other one back at the store room.  So,,here i sit, writing a blog, while all my good plans went away.  No shoes, no groceries, no Mexican food.  That battery is a 5 year one, and i don't know how long i've had it, but the first time one does me that way, it's REPLACE!!!  I could look it up, but why,,doesn't matter.  Gotta have a new one.  Agreed?  This poor ol helpless woman needs a car that will start, right?  Now, with that one cord strung out, Hey Jude might not come near it, and will starve.  All day.  Guess now i can go thru all the coupon stuff out of the paper, might be some i can use later, on my next trip,,,

OK , trickle charger on, gonna check it about 3 PM,,MAYBE it will start, run long enough to go get the new one. 

Big cold front coming in tonite, lots of wind, no rain.  Fire danger again.   Low 90s today tho.  Might be AC weather again.  One time, this same bro B, and a friend were living in Ft Worth, and decided to ride their motorcycles down here on Friday after they got off work,,,heck, temp was in the 70s, no problem.  This was in Jan.  They no sooner got down the highway a piece when that big bad one hit.  All they had on were lite jackets, no gloves or anything to help keep them warm.  Their wives were behind in the vehicles, but no way to do anything, no trailer.  It got down right quick into the 30s when that wind hit.  No matter was in the 70s a few minutes before. lololol.  They would go as far as they could, stop for coffee, get warm, hit the road again.  It's about 250 miles.  They made it, but NEVER did such a thing again.  They never heard of weather reports. lolololol.  They got a trailer and hauled those things back home.  It was kinda funny, in the strange way, that he and we got motorcycles at the same time, and they had never talked about them at all.  We bought a new 100 yamaha, and it was too small, but i kept it, and we got a bigger one too.  Street and trail, rode backroads, trails, down the river, everywhere we could.  First time i climbed a hill (cliff),, i looked at that thing, thot, well, all it can do is kill me, and off i went.  I was so shocked when i made it to the top, i fell off.  lolol.  This was up at San Angelo, out where the reservoir is, and it was a really high cliff.  I had that little 2 stroke wound out.  After we bought them, several more did, so there was a group later.  I did whatever they did.

Think i'll take a nap today,,,car just sitting there, hopefully getting a charge.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Raised Right By Golly

Gosh, guess i was raised right.  I learned how to do a lot of things, and more after i married, (at 16).  AND NO, wasn't pregnant either!  I helped do carpenting, plumbing, electrical, u name it, and o yeah, roofing.  After doing roofing the last time, i got tennis elbow, and NO MORE!  That was shingles.  My bro does metal only.  So living alone, i'm not helpless.  My first hubby was a perfectionist, and after sanding and taping a car for him to paint, one time, he told me i taped it TOOO close, so no more of that!!,  We were putting down new vinyl flooring once, in our kitchen, and he sat there, and sat there, for hours, measuring, remeasuring, thinking,,so i finally got so tired of it, i told him to get out i would do the thing myself, and i did!  I got the scissors, rolled out that flooring and started cutting.  Made ONE 1/2" mistake on a corner, but it didn't show.  I could eyeball things right.  lol, ask my history teacher in high school.  We made a huge stucco map of this county and i was drawing the rivers and creeks on it, by just looking at the other map when he walked over and nearly died.  Told me to stop!,,,Then he measured, and every one of them was right.  He just walked off, left me alone.

Back then, there was an epidemic of kids getting married, and a lot of us did.  I did go back and finish high school, tho.  Seems like each generation has it's own thing, that was ours.  Better than drugs, but,,,,there was still the drinking.  You could go to OK and get hitched no matter what ur age. No ?s.  When we went, we found a man laying on a hammock at 2 in the morning,  sign out front, marriage info, and he got up and took us to the hospital to get the blood tests, then to the court house the next morning.  How's that for super stupid?   2 of my best friends did the same, but i was the only one to finish HS.  Lots of others did too.  We were married 26 years, and we get along ok now.  He's even helped me out with my car every once in a while.  I bought it from them.

Today is my dotter's birthday, and i just went by there, took her gift, etc.  I had to give her her Christmas present, since i haven't been out any where to shop.  She was my first, then 3 sons.  Just her and one son now.  She had bigggg boxes, that her Dad had brought from Ft Worth, from his Mom's house for her.  Boxes and boxes of porcelain things. OMG  She has noooo idea what she's gonna do with all that stuff.  Some of it could be valuable, tho.  Some of it's real old.  I never liked that stuff, dust catchers all it was to me.  One of the ladies i had in home health, had a bunch of that stuff, and every once in a while, i would wash them.  I  wasn't afraid to handle them, didn't break things.  They looked so good afterwards, was worth it.

Well, didn't have anything to say, so guess i'll see yall later.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yep My Kitchen




My Mom was just horrified I was gonna replace these REAL WOOD cabinets, lololol,,,soooo, we spent at least 3 weeks taking 5 layers of paint off.  Then my bro G asked what color I was gonna paint them, I told him red,,,and of course, he said “WHAT?”  he never had any taste,,,hahahahaha

There’s not a whole lot of them, but,,there they are, and it’s enough for me.  I took that chefrobe? and made the huge pantry, adding shelving.

I tried and tried to add this to my post today, but could NOT get the pics there.  Got tired of messing with it, so here an add-on, mainly wanted Gypsy to see them.

Got my brunch done, now,,,if I could make myself get in that shower, ,,,,,,,HUSH!  I heard you,,,, lmaooooo.

I Got Friends in ,,,,PARKS

They know me, hear my car and come running or swimming to check me out.  FOOD? lol
We have overflow!  Been a long time.  This is the dam at the city park, 2 miles W. 
It’s not just me that feeds them, tho, I see a lot of ppl doing it.  They surrounded me, then did all their cleaning, went to sleep, just like a cat would.  I love to just go out there and watch the wildlife, and read.  Lots of squirrels too.  There were 3 different kinds of ducks yesterday, but the others were too far to get a good pic.
When I do the blog on this, windows live writer, it corrects all spelling, puts caps where needed,  and does lots I don’t do.  Like that cap I,,, I didn’t do that. lololol
Tonite there’s a new 48 hours mystery about a murder that took place in Austin, more than 20 years ago.  I remember it.  I will either watch it or record it for later.  OMG,, a few years ago, this man over in Burnet and his wife, faked his death by digging up a body out of a cemetery, putting it in his car, wrecking and burning it.  The worst thing, it would have worked if she hadn’t started going to Austin to see him.  hahahaha,,,This was on one of those shows last year I think, too.  They both got time for that!
OOO Boy!! By next Tuesday, gonna need heat around here.  Got a real cold front headed this way.  Guess I’ll dig out a quilt to add on.
Catch yall later, brunch time.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Critters Everywhere

For some ungodly reason, i decided to make TWO scrambled eggs for brunch today, and 2 pieces of toast.  Welll,,,i've gotten about one down, and the rest is sitting here staring at me, saying "eat me, eat me, even tho i'm cold".  The other is like a lump in the middle of my chest.  When this happens, i just have to wait it out.  It'll go away eventually.

WOOOHOOO, for BB!!! He made it back, and his "yard" looks good to me.  I know he doesn't have any fish to eat, but,,,, Hey BB, how bout a can of tuna?

Good gosh, i keep hearing about skunk problems. lolol.  Now it's one under someone's house.  I went out one morn bright and early to get the paper and nearly ran over one, he took off and i did too.  I'm a little more careful now. lololol.  Besides, that's where i found the rattlesnake,,back there.  Did i ever tell ya, one day i was out there and saw this long coral snake and thot, gosh, i'm gonna catch that thang, it was so pretty, and about 3 feet long.  I planned on giving it to my bro.   They can't bite except on a itty bitty place,,can they?   So here i went, chasing that thang,  finally caught up enough to step on it, but sure didn't stay in THAT position with it trying to bite me, THEN when i moved my foot it went under some stuff there behind my store room, lost it.  Well,. later that same day, i saw on the news about these kids catching one and playing with it, and got bitten of the side of the finger.  THEY CAN BITE ANYWHERE!!!  That's a myth i've heard always.  And it's NOT TRUE.  They really can bite anywhere, just like any other snake.  Red n yellow, kills a fellow.  All u have to remember.  But it is really really rare for one to be that long.  That thang coulda bit my whole foot off, if i hadn't been so fast.

Did i tell ya, got almost all my Christmas shopping done?  Don't do much any more, just close family.  And, i shop online,have it brought right to my door.  Just don't know how i ever did without the internet.  Lol, been using it since 96, and i think i've mentioned it before, but here is in the sticks.  So when i got my first pc i had ONE choice for service, and was limited to,,,get this,,40 hours a MONTH. Yep, u heard me.  If i remember right, which is rare, i had a compaq 286.  and thot i was in heaven.  I had taken 5 months of classes, could even take one apart and replace things, add things, etc.  Nothing to it.  Well, my modem wouldn't work, so for the next 4 months, here we all went, back and forth to Best Buy, which was a trip to Austin, repairmen sent to the house,,,the whole thing, nobody could fix it.  Finally, compaq in Houston picked it up, spent 3 days with it and brought it back.  Me, and one of the repairmen, wanted to know HTH they fixed it.  And all it was, after all these months, was, the modem was plugged in wrong!!!!. I called that repairman and told him that, and he said he had looked at that, but didn't change it.  He had spent hours sitting in my floor trying to make it work.  The others never knew.

Got some chili con queso made, been keeping it to snack on, and sometimes it makes me a meal. lol.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Front Doors




Don’t know when I’ll get the frame painted, but here’s the pics.    I love them, and I did get the magnetic blinds up, even tho u can’t see them much.. I like seeing out.

Just got back from the $ Store.  Decided I didn’t know when I could make it to Walmart, so shopped there this morning. lolol,,, HAD TO.  Used my last coffee ground for this mornings coffee.  I mean, I turned that container upside down,,,took every one of em. lololol.

I’m gonna have to eat something, so, maybe bbl.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cattle Bawling,,,

Well, i did make it back on,,,today, lol.  Been tired, taking it easy.  Didn't get back from Austin til 7 last nite.   Just in time for the Biggest Losers, love that show for some ungodly reason.  One of the nurses at the clinic i just went to this morning, told me she and her daughter applied and were gonna send in videos now.  That would be soooo cooollll!!.  They went and did an interview already.

Got my antibiotic renewed, need another round.  With that new 1cc fill taken out, i didn't wake up coughing last nite.  Was an instant thing.  He said to get over this, then we would go slower on the fills to get back to where it would be the best place.
Was down 3 lbs,,,, can't afford to have the pneumonia tho.

OK know i've bored everybody to death with this, should have just not done the blogs.   Heck, i'm sick of them too.

BB has FINALLY  shown back up, and about time.  While i was commenting on his blog, heard a heifer mooing, and that sound is so welcome.  From the time we moved here, when i was 6, you heard the sounds from the cattle stock pens at the auction barn.  The sales were on Tuesdays, and on Monday nites, there were 100s of cattle lowing and bawling.  On Monday you would see the big cattle trucks taking them there, then on Tues and Wed, they would be loaded leaving.  There were always some there, tho.  And no matter where i lived here, we could hear them.. When the owner shut it down a year or so ago, it was terrible.  Like something running in the background always there, then all of a sudden NOT.  So now,,ranchers are bringing in cattle and leaving them there for pick ups, and i'm back in my groove,,,I live just over the hill from it now, and love the sounds.  Ranchers not able to feed are being forced to sell, and in the paper today, a lot are being trucked North. On rvsue's blog, which i can't comment on, by the way!, she was talking about coyotes,,,,well, around here the ranchers asso. hires a trapper, hunter, and pays bounties on them.  Can't have them eating their stock, which runs from cattle, goats, barbado sheep, whatever.  They aren't tolerated.  Years ago, they put a donkey out with the herds, now they use those dogs, those big white ones.  Lol, my nephew has one,  but they made it a pet, so it doesn't stay out with the stock. lololol.  When those dogs were first imported they cost like 5000 each, and you got on a long waiting list.  A friend ordered a pair and bred them for years.  Now they are common.  Everywhere.  He did say he heard it one nite tearing something up and the dog came out on the top.  (my nephew).

Lol Hobo, didn't have the flat top then, but never lost the "personality",,,,loloololol.  By the time i was 14, i had decided you either worried about what other people thot, and never had any fun, OR,, you didn't,,,I took the latter.  I never did anything bad, but i sure had lots of fun.  Gosh,,we went out on Halloween nite and threw sacks of talc, later water balloons, til we were around 30.  Running all over town, hidden stashes, til the wee hours.  One woman told me,,she wished she had the guts to do that,,wellll DO IT.   There was a talc plant here, and we would "lift" a few bags,,laying outside, and spend weeks sacking that stuff, those itty bitty sacks.  When they hit something they burst, talc allll over ya.  Drove race cars, rode trails on motorcycles, i was NOT your typical woman.  And here i was, short and petite, about 115 lbs.  M hubby called one day and just kept insisting i come up there to the shop,,,so i finally did, and he told me to get on that great big bike out there and ride it.  I just looked at him like he was crazy and all i asked were how many gears, and how they shifted, and off i went.  Rode around the block and then found out the new employee did NOT believe i could ride that thing,,,well, i showed him!!  I skateboarded, roller skated, played football with the guys, til i got 2 toes stepped on and broke.  I never sat around with women wanting to talk kids, cooking,,etc.  Boringgggg.  Ok,,,gotta git.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What Will Be, Will Be

River flow today>>>>>> get this,,,,84 cfs!!!  Then, i read that we can expect this drought to last at least another year.  I don't believe we have caused this climate change.  It's a cycle that has repeated thru out history.  I've read a lot of the pros and cons, and i do my part conserving, but what will be, will be.  

Been waiting on a call back from the dietitian in Austin all morning.  Why do they wait so long to return a call?  Guess it doesn't matter, i left my cell phone #, so i can get it anywhere, anytime.  My Doc here, called me yesterday very concerned about getting the pneumonia that way, and said it can't keep happening, lol, which i fully agree with.  She called it asphyxciated pneumonia.  (Spelled like it sounds)  For the first time, i'm feeling almost normal.  

The man that keeps my yard work done, is here today, trimming dead stuff.  Wow, it's a LOT.  Now i need to call the city to pick it up.  It's 2 huge piles.

Darn it.  Have to go to Austin and get some of this fill out,, TODAY.  Bro B gonna take me.  Just when i've got it right.  Guess it's better than pneumonia tho. 

I need to make a trip to Walmart, long list.  Groceries, lol.  

I'll try to get back on here tonite, but, most likely tomorrow.


Monday, October 10, 2011

I Stand Up, U Sit Down

Finally!!!, Got the sheets off my bed, now i have to make it before nite.  That has been the worst part of being down.  It was time to change them before i got sick.  Woke up at 5:30, started coughing and couldn't quit until i got up, so i did, had one cup of coffee and got in my lounger and dozed til about 8:30. 

HJs talking about trains with no bathrooms,, just a plastic bag if necessary.   When we went somewhere with the boys, when they were little, i always took a jar.  Beat stopping all the time.  One had to go every little bit, it seemed.  When they got older, you could stop on the side of the road and let them stand between the doors.  Only time i ever did that,,,telling on myself now, was once,,after i had left a club, and had to really really go, so,,,i pulled over, went to the other side of the car,,,,and,,guess who just happened to pass by.  Yep, a darn cop.  Here they came,,i was pulling my pants up fast as i could when they stopped.  They made me stay there in my car ( i pulled over to a building) the rest of the nite.  I told them nothing better happen to me, they had better watch!  Then i slept, woke up with them banging on my window saying i could go now.  We used to always honk at guys doing that.  But women just have a bad time with it.  My son and my sister went running into the bathroom one time, when they were about 2 or 3, racing to see who could go first, and i heard him say, i'm a boy and ur a girl, know why?  I made sure i could hear this, so after she said no, he said,,i stand up to pp, u have to sit down.  hahahahaha,,Words out of the mouths,,,huh.
Been wasting time this morning putting flashblock on firefox, but ie doesn't handle them the same, so,,that was my time spent.  Think i might get rid of firefox and put chrome on.  I looked at the comparisons, and firefox has just lost it.  IE has lots more now, than firefox.  Do any of you use chrome? 

Weather just showed we had 5. 62 or 60something here.  YEAAAAAAA.  What do u think of that? hahahaha,,,

Sheets in dryer, gonna just put the same ones back. lolol, used to always do that with the kings.  Hated to fold em.  These are queens, not bad.   I'll just put on one, go back later, do the other,,,etc.  That's my plan anyway.

Guess i better check my tv guide.  Have one online.  See what i have to record tonite.  Pretty sure i have to do that on Mondays.

Yall stay safe, and well!!!, HAGD

LOVE chrome!! Been fooling around with it, getting settings like i want, etc.  Transferred all my bookmarks over, drag and drop.  Goodbye firefox.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

What is That Stuff?

Rain, Rain, and more Rain!!! All nite long.  And more coming.  How can the cable have just one channel?  Makes no sense! 

OK back to rain!!!,,,River's up, creeks flooding, low water crossings closed.  Heard on scanner down at Kingsland slab, has 2 feet of water over it, closed.   And it was totally dry.  Saw where we might get as much as 2.65" overall.  That was on the one channel i can get this morning.  When i look to see what we got, it just shows since midnite.  O well, we got rain!!!

Electricity just now came back on.  Now i don't have even one channel.  O well, nothing i wanted to watch anyway,, fixing to take a nap.  Not sure that antibiotic is working.  I am so cold, i put on warm ups, lots better now.  Have a little heat on in here too.  I slept GOOD last nite so that's a big plus.  I've eaten a boiled egg, 1 pc of wheat toast.  My blood oxygen i'm watching, was 88-87 at first, then went up to 95, which is good.  After that bad bout of pneumonia, i bought one of the things that clip on ur finger and gives u a reading, just like the  docs.  lol  So i'm taking lots of deep breaths.  AND, i can move around enough to do a few things.  Just the chills and my eye sockets r sore.  Explain THAT!  Ok,,enough.  If i get to feeling worse, i'll go to the ER.  O yeah, i coughed for quite a while after i got up.

Maybe bl, nap time.

6:30 pm
Cable came back on, and then i had to set both the tv and vcr.  Haven't done a thing today, been in survival mode.  Napped a few times too. lol.  Watched a few episodes of Hoarders.  My Mom was one.  She filled every room in the house, all the outside buildings, everything, with mostly JUNK.  There was a trail to her bed and just one side to sleep on.  She kept buying freezers, had one even sitting out on the front porch.  Run out of room, buy another one. After she passed, took all 5 of us about 6 months to get rid of everything, and empty the house enough to put it on the market.  We just let it go, let her do it.  We knew it was a disease, but it seemed to make her happy.  She went thru the Great Depression, and i think that had a lot to do with it.  She'd buy things at garage sales, or other places, broke things, because they could be fixed.  Then they never were.  There was an old freezer out in one of the storage buildings that had been buried for about 20 years, not running.  Heck, couldn't even open the door to look in, let alone get to it.  No one wanted to open it and look, but bro B did, then shut it real quick, lololol.  I had picked up a pile of magazines and stuff off a shelf after we had worked out way over weeks, and put them in the wheel barrow to go to the HUGE dumpster, and he picked up one, and OMG, under it was about 10 of the newsletters i had worked on way back in high school!!  They covered all the happenings, news, etc, and were monthly.  To me, they were priceless.  It meant a lot to be mentioned in them.  In one, someone wrote about me, that when i got a new haircut, i got a new personality, lololol.  i had all kinds of wild ones.  A flat top with duck tails,,once.  I worked in the art dept. of it.  Back them, u cut stensils.

Enough for today, might be something coming on tv.  It's 7 pm.



Saturday, October 8, 2011

Game Day l..l

OMG,,,can't sleep!,, Can't get on my stomach, that pushes up anything from it, then sometimes i burp or something, and wake up coughing.  Don't stop til i get up.  I put another pillow under me, raising up my head, maybe not enough.    My doc thot i might have to call my surgeon doc and ask about this.  I'm gonna pile up pillows tonite.  I'm also taking an over the counter thing for acid reflux, but takes 4 days to take effect.  Finally have gotten to the right place with my lapband, now this.  Gonna nap a lot today.

HOOK EM HORNS!!!  Game with OU coming on at 11:00.  Got a McCoy back in there quarterbacking, with a Shipley receiver.  Among others. lol.  I remember being on interstate 35 one time the day before this.  You've never seen anything like it.  1000s of kids and cars headed up there.

Been sitting here at my table watching lite showers come by.  Very very lite.  But it's wet.  DD, i bet u don't get a drop down there.  But,,i'll keep something crossed.

The 2 men got my storm door on yesterday.  Don't feel like doing pics today, but will later.  Not even up to a shower yet,,,,so hold ur nose. lol.

OK nap time,,,probably bbl.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Think I'm Recovering

How u like it?  Was reading about the changes in blogger, got into this.  I'll take a vote, like or not.

Lots lots better today.  In fact i woke up about 3.30, and in a bit, got up, paper was here, made coffee.  lol
After all that, went back to bed for a bit. 

DoT,,that's u, daughterof texas.  I did mention why i didn't post to ur blog, having to fill out too much private info, and it's because u don't use  You and 2 others.  That's why u can't post to ours.  Plz come join us.  As concerning ur age and career, that's about when i got into home health care, and it became my favorite of all the things i had done.  Sure beat sitting  behind the same desk, in the same chair, for 40 hours a week.  You can get just a short training to become a cna, and increase the pay, or go a little longer and become an lvn, which is really good pay in the field.  There's all kinds of jobs in the medical field that would require a little training and age would have nothing to do with it. 

Get out of there BB, u have to, if u can't blog u know.  Can't catch fish, can't blog, geeezzz,,,can't fix Bubba Boat,,cmon...

OOO YEAH!!! Almost forgot to mention these bugs we have called the kissing bug.  You'll welcome bedbugs,,,over these.  They are blood suckers too, but can cause this Chagas disease, and that's NOT GOOD.  I've seen em around here, but don't think i've been bitten by one.

The article was too long to post here, but look it up.  Also called cone nosed beetle.

OK drawing a blank, gettint tired, maybe bbl. 


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sick Today

Bad day, did make it to the doc,,,i have pneumonia again.  Not much, but feel horrible, just wanted to let yall know.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes

WOOOOHOOOO... it's working right!!! Got another cc put into this band, and now,,,a few bites is all i can handle.  Just one cup of coffee was all i could get down too.  Made for a horrible nite tho.  Took my late pills, late, and that was after drinking one of those things that are meal replacement drinks, and o boy.  All nite, i had those bitter pills coming back up in my mouth.  Won't drink anything after 6 any more!!!  Was after 5 before that let up, had to lay on my back, otherwise the pressure would push that liquid up.  yukkkkkkkkk. Gonna have to watch my sugar carefully.  Tempted to just drop those pills.
Eating oatmeal now, and a few bites is all i can do.  Sue just showed up with some stew type stuff. YUMMM.

We drove thru a lot of the burned places on 71, and it makes u sick.  Then last nite, heard there is another fire going in Bastrop County again!  Was 25% contained late last nite, and no houses lost yet.  Read why so much of those places around 71, where we were, stays like it is.  It's in a habitat, and to just cut down a cedar tree, u have to have a permit.  Even in ur own yards.  They just changed it, after the fires, to,,,u could cut down cedars up to 3" without the permits.  Prices to pay, when u deal with the government. 

My concern is,,where do all the animals, birds, reptiles, etc go,,after these fires, that is, if they lived thru it?  No food, no protection, and i was told deer were showing up at peoples homes, hanging around now.  I remember an old Steve Irwin show about going thru rescuing all kinds of things, after a fire.  Does anybody do this here, now?  They do dogs and cats, pets, but not the wild ones.  Did see where some people were taking food out for the wild life.  They've lost their homes too.

Ok, off my band wagon, lol.  Quit trying to eat, will try again later. 

Think i really need to get up and make a few moves.  Like, shower, do a little vacuuming, (MAYBE),,wash dishes.  Need to go pick up another can of that expanding foam stuff, for the door.  Hope they have it at the $ store.  Everybody hates to go to Buttery's.

Might make it back later.  who knows.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

OK,, New Door

From the inside, and trim not painted yet, waiting ‘til storm door is up.
This is open, showing porch post too.  See my funky color?,,,lololol,,,House is lite yellow, with that as trim.   Got the blinds ordered yesterday, and I did find the magnetic ones.
My font won’t stay this size, having to change it every time I make a new paragraph.
It’s 10;30, and I have 2 hours ‘til we leave for Austin.  All I have to do is eat and throw something else on.  And let me tell u men, I’m NEVER LATE.  Think my Mom made me this way, making us late everywhere we went, and I hated it.  If I’m late, there’s something wrong. lololol,,,got it?  hahahaha  I have leftovers from supper, a kid’s plate of chicken strips/baked potato.  These strips are like nothing I had ever seen.  They make their own, and they look like big fillets of chicken breast.  One is enough.  And they give u 2, on the child’s plate.  The only difference in a regular plate and this, is no salad, which I can’t eat lettuce anyway.  AND, it’s been on a recall too. lololol.  Let’s see, cantaloupe, ground beef, lettuce…What’s next?
Got a load of laundry in the dryer.  Don’t like to leave those running when I’m not here.  Used to all the time.  My washer had a seal break under the tub one time, just a few years ago, and I got the whole tub of water out in the floor, plus, all the wet clothes still in it.  MERCY!!! Did I ever have a mess to clean up.  So, not trusting them any more, I run them while I’m here. 
BB, I put MY pics up,,now,,,where’s the FISH?  hahahahaha. 


PS ,,Really appreciate my new members.  Thx yall.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Good Ol Monday,,,Again

Got one door done Saturday.  Took 'til about 3, and i had some things i needed to do, so we were both glad to agree to do the other one next Saturday.  That will be the storm door.  I absolutely love my new one, with the windows on top.  Not sure what i'm going to put over them, but that's ok for now too.

 Hobo, i've found out i had rather pay by the hour.  It's higher paying by the job.  This is the same, but i'm paying by the job. lolol. Costing more.  But u know what, i'm sure not complaining, knowing what they had to go thru to make that door fit.  Maybe the storm door won't be too bad, since i had one put there way back.  The north wind hit it so hard a year or so ago, when i had company coming in thru it, it broke and even pulled out the closer thingy from the door jamb.  I'm having them put on a chain this time, to help with that.

Got out already and did a couple of errands, paid my utility bill.  It was down about 30.00 this month.

I'm really hating to keep reading that Texas might be in a drought 'til 2020.  Had enough!!!  Bro G told me yesterday that the reason our river has been lots higher was because they have made places quit pumping out above us, for private uses that don't comply with the drought conditions.

Gotta go to Austin tomorrow, but not leaving 'til around lunch time or so.  Apt is at 2:30.  Going with Sue.  She had her band loosened a few weeks ago, needs to check in.  I need mine tightened some.  I always enjoy the trips with them.  We're just going down there for that, and coming right back.  Yeaaaaa.  I  never have any reason for other stops, and it makes for a long trip when others do.  But,,i'm with them, won't complain.

Ok, time to do SOMETHING,,, eat for one thing,,not sure what.  Guess i'd better get up and look, see what i can find.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Best Bar in Texas

Tffnguy made me remember this,,,,talking about chickens in a pen.  This is honest to God the truth.  There was, heck, maybe still is, a bar in Austin, out there on Burnet Rd.  kept a chicken in a  pen, sitting on the bar.  On the bottom of that pen,,was a checkered pattern with numbers in them.  You could place ur bets and pay up, on any number on the bottom of that pen.  When the chicken pooped,,,that number won the pot.   The whole bar sat and watched,,,waited,,,hoped,,wished for that chicken to poop.  Then all the yells,,whooping and hollering.  Pen got cleaned out, started all over.  Made for a happy chicken.  Lots of food, lots of attention.

I barely made it to church at 11.  But,,,i did.  Very few people i knew.  Very very few oldies like me.  There at the beginning.  It was our 60th reunion.  Now folks,,, i was minus 5 when it started,,, hahahahaha.  Lots of memories in that little church where we all grew up.  Mom always got the prize for having the most kids there on Mother's Day.  Every year!  They had 3 of us, then later, decided to have 3 more.  In one 9 month period, our Mom, and the 3 oldest of us, had kids.  How's that for getting started on being ur own grandpa? lolololol..  Had a diabetic episode, and had to leave right after i ate lunch.  Had to get home to check it.,,,was 117, so it must have done a huge drop.  To be that after eating.  Didn't know if it had gone hi or lo,,,why i had to check it.  Was feeling weird.  Had snacked before i left, but then we didn't eat 'til about 1.  Sooo sad,,,i missed all those desserts!!! hahahahaha


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Short Saturday

LOVE these temps!,,,Had to turn on a little heat this morning.  Without that darn AC running in this room, it's sooo quiet too.  The fan runs all the time, but it was a freebie, so i'm not gonna complain, but when i have to get another one, u can bet ur bottom dollar it will be one that cuts off when it's not cooling.

Got the 2 men working at the front, lol, hear them discussing the problems with making a new door fit into an old house.  That's why my bro B didn't want to do it.  These 2 put the door on here in the back, and had the same problem.  Glad they have patience. 

Heard a structure fire call about the time they showed up, on the street a block East of me, was in a bathroom in a trailer house.  Guess it didn't get out of control, which is amazing, because i never saw any smoke or anything. 

Took a while to get to sleep last nite, but then i did sleep good. 

Forgot about this, lololo.  Got off doing other things.