Friday, March 14, 2014

Can't Say, TGIF any more...

Just doesn't matter what day it is.  I keep seeing things about St Patrick's Day, and have no idea when it is.  Does anybody?

I went to see a PA here yesterday, and i do have some kidney infection.  Got a round of med, and hope it makes me feel better.  My doc is gone for a 2 week vacation, and i say, good for her.  I also asked about taking that sleep apnea home test, and she didn't know how that could be done.  She sent a request for a place that does it, to call me so i can ask them.  I couldn't get hold of my SIL to ask her.  Not gonna call her any more, she won't answer and won't call back either.  I DO NOT have conversations by texting. I went by and their vehicles were there, but not a soul around.

I laughed about the kids,,, nephew posting a pic of a bottle of whiskey and 3 shot glasses,,, i put on there:  ur in CO and DRINKING??? LOLOLOL  They are all over 21.

I woke up around 4 and of course, couldn't go back to sleep cause my leg hurt.  No matter what position i was in, finally gave up and went to my chair and somewhere dozed off a bit.  Got up right after 7.  It's the OTHER leg now... I need a double hip transplant,,,lol.

The weatherman is talking about rain coming thru,,, sometime over the weekend, then showed we might get .01,,, hahahaha.  Typical.  It rains right up to the city limits, and cuts off.

Ok, gonna get on with my day, (HA),, so yall tc, and