Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wondering,,,about DD

WHERE IS DD????  I go thru my routine every day, to get to this, and,,,HES NOT HERE.  Think hes out at the end of his drive,,,broke down? lol,,,physically.   Maybe wandering around at one of those flea markets,,,getting lost?  OR,,,HORRORS,,, an alligator in his swamp got him.  Now, me,,u just never know about, but,,,NOT DD.

Sis n C r having a bar b q today,,,later.  He came home yesterday with this something in a box,,told her ,,brought u a surprise,,,(this box with holes cut in it).  Was this little hen,,and when the thang they call a dog started sniffing around, she went berserk.   hahahahaha  First thing i ever saw that was afraid of "that dog".  <<< not the snakes one. lol ok,,,back to the hen.  He works over in MF, and all day, they had watched this hen sitting on about a dozen eggs in the back of a truck, up under a tool box.  Then she was out on the parking lot running around, and they were afraid she would get run over.  So he had 2 kids run her down n catch her, loaded her up n brought her home...added her to the others in the pen.  Didnt bring the eggs, might have been rotten. Yall ever just watched chickens?  they r sooo funny.  The rooster left the others and went over and introduced himself, looking her over, twisting n turning his head.  Then 1 of the hens went over n let her know who was boss.  (Poor thing,,but she wont take that long, shes part game).  They kinda left her alone, but every once in a while, one would peck, not hard, just to keep her in the right ,,pecking,,order. lololol

Reminds me about this bar in Austin,,had a hen in a small pen, sitting on the bar.  The floor was painted with squares, and numbered.  U put ur money on a number,,,and watched her.  Where she pooped,,,that number won the pot.  hahahahaa  Dont know who had to do the cleaning.  lololol  Sure attracted a lot of rednecks,,,Think i still have the piece, cut out of the paper.

Was driving over in S Austin 1 time,,and this, looked like, a homeless man, was carrying a tv...Hed take a few steps, his pants would fall down,,No underwear,, and then hed set the tv down,,,lean over BUTT nekkid, and pull his pants up...nearly wrecked dont know how many times, lmaooo.  Finally found a place to turn around, had to see more,,,hahahahaha,,,,and take a picture.  By then this friend with me, got to feeling sorry for him n didnt c the humor in the situation.  lololol,,He finally made it to the bus stop, but going up the steps,,hahahaha, had to pull those pants up again!!! My pictures were so far away,,back then no zoom on my 35 mm,  u had to know what it was, to see the tiny spots of him.  Dont know how that connected to chickens,,,