Monday, December 30, 2013

Soooo Tired

Woke up at 3, did my bathroom thing, went back to bed, and could NOT go back to sleep.... I was cold, I was hungry,,,,.  Finally got up at 4:30, got the heat going in the front of the house, made coffee, and stayed up til about 6;30.  Went back to bed, still cold, but I had left the electric blanket on, and still couldn't get back to sleep.  Got up at 7:30 and here I am. 

Was trying to nap in my chair when my bro and a handy showed up.  (his son),,, and it didn't take them but a couple of minutes to hook my ice maker back up with a new coupler and fittings.  When the boys moved the refrigerator back last week, the end broke on the line filter, so I told them to just take it off, was too old anyway. 

B's getting ready to leave for the Alamo game, and he's antsy.  His other son gave him 2 tickets for the game for Christmas, and he asked him to go.  So, they're both going.  He's picking T up in San Marcus when he gets off work, and going on from there.  He said 2 or so and that will give them time to do the rest.  Games at 5;30.  They will LOVE it!!

My right wrist is getting to where it hurts most of the time, so I called the Doc for that.  Can't see me til next week,,,on Thursday.  It's been several months since he injected it and that had worked so good.

I get my flu shot in the fall, as soon as they get here.  So far, no flu.  Way back, years ago, I had something that I was so sick I couldn't even get up and go to the doc.  Days later, when I could, he said, well, you've toughed you way thru it already, but he still gave me a round of antibiotics.

Yall tc, and