Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dearly Beloved,,,Pets

Got all my blogs back, but c some others that didnt. Sure enjoyed Hermits today. Had 2 German Sheppards, at 2 different times, in my life. Loved those super intelligent dogs. The first 1 was really large, black n silver, n loved all baby animals, lol. Would bring me baby rabbits (i had to raise), n would take kittens away from their moms. I would be met by the mom,,,wanting her babies back. N there they would be, with the dog, getting rolled around with that tongue,,while she licked em. She would never nip the kids when they accidently hurt her, but would lick em in the face. She was always right there with em, when they were outside. Great ball player too. Had her for most of their childhood. Had 1 more after that, but he died with distemper, because i didnt know his puppy shots had worn off. OMG,,sat up with him for 2 nites, feeding him some stuff the vet gave me, trying to save him. That was it, for dogs. Never had a good place to keep them, so just never had any more.

Now, i always had the siamese. Bought my first pure bred, registered 1 around 1980, but never fooled with papers, even tho i did sell them. Gosh, had some of the most beautiful, would have been best in show, if i had ever cared about that. Had been given a registered male from a friend that couldnt keep him. I just loved them as pets, n was very very picky about who i sold them to. Was also given an himalayan with papers 1 time. Thats a persian with siamese coloring. She was so beautiful. Sold her kittens too. 1 time the 2 females had kittens at the same time n every morning i would be met by the 1, just howling, wanting me to get her kittens back from the other. hahahaha,,,n there would be this 1, with all the babies, happy as she could be. This happened every nite. hahahaha. Just have 1 now, but its because i dont want to leave pets behind. Hes 7 years old, so maybe i will be here as long as he is. Hes such a wimp, so gentle. My son would take him, if not.

My sis's dotter has her prom tonite, n shes soooo excited. Ive been invited out to witness this "getting ready" thing this afternoon. Maybe i should film it?,,,hahahaha,,,probably take hours just to do her hair. N is going to do it. Was there back a few months ago, for a frosting job that turned disastrous. OMG,,,there should be a warning on those kits, saying DO NOT DO ON LONG HAIR!! That cap thingy had to be cut off. After pulling all that long hair thru those tiny holes,,no way go get that frizz back thru. Besides, it didnt even show to be frosted. Took hours to get that cap off. Now,,thats what i should have filmed. hahahahaha. Looked like she had been in an electric shock. I told N,,finally, to pour conditioner on it, n that helped, but still had to cut it off. So this should be good. She just called, wanting to know the name of the chinese place here, reminded me.
Now im hungry, bbl

Gotta add a little more, after reading DDs comment. I was always a room parent from the get go, with all my kids. When my dotter was a Jr.,,they gave the seniors the Jr-Sr Prom, n had to decorate the gym for it. Was a jungle theme that time. My dotter called n said,,plzzzz come up here n help,,the girl doing the art work was doing it really bad, so i got to draw the huge pictures,,on the paper to put on the walls. I was drawing monkeys n things, walking around on the paper. lolol We got it done,,somehow,,then the big nite came. Welllll,,,since i knew almost all the kids drank, i asked another room dad if he had anything to spike the punch with,,,hahahah, u he sure did. Sooo, we spiked it n no one was the wiser. But,,,my bro, B, was a senior n 1 of his friends did NOT drink, n i saw him going back for more,,,n more, n more, n i finally went over to B,,,told him to tell D to stay outa that punch!!!! D didnt believe it, said was the best punch he ever had. Then it was like a stampede!!! OMG,,,am i the only 1 that ever spiked their kids party punch? At a school function? hahahaha,,,was so little, woulda taken a gallon to make a difference. (D mighta drank that much that nite). Lord have mercy. Havent thot of that in years. Now i could be put in prison for something like that. Cant have any fun any more. lololol