Friday, June 3, 2011

Animal Control,,Needed

DD, now, bears r one thing we DO NOT have, except when one goes wandering thru. We DO have animal control, and that's sure what i'd be calling. hahahaha, can just c our man chasing a mama bear with those 2 cubs. lmaooo.

There's a new show on animal channel, the cat from hell. Besides a dog whisperer, now there's a cat one. From all my years of being cat hosts, i have learned a lot about their body language, etc. One time, saw a cat phychiatrist on tv, telling how to make ur cats quit scratching on furniture. He said, blow up balloons, pin them all over the chairs, sofas, etc, and when they popped would scare the cats and make them leave those alone. HA!!! He never had siamese. I went right to the store and bought a bag of balloons, spent the afternoon blowing them up, pinning them all over my furniture, and stood back to watch. Ok,,here goes,,,one walks up to one balloon, sniffs, then puts his paw up there, and POP,,,he looks at that thing, then another, does the same. WOW,,,what fun!!!,,But then, they figure out they can gently put their ,,,hand,, up under that balloon, and pull them off and bat them around til they pop. Now i've got popped balloons with pins, all over the place. You ever stepped on a pin in carpet? Not good, i tell ya. Don't ever try to tell me cats don't think, or plan. Seen it too many times. Even my vet told me, that my siamese shouldn't be classified as cats. lol,,,Will try to find some pics of them. Had the same line for lots of years. Even my x and son don't have any of those any more either.

OK,,gotta get in the shower, nearly noon. lololol,,going nowhere, so why hurry?

Was reading BBs blog and saw where he might camp at Brownwood. Good place, and he even mentioned Inks, and that's right on my door step. In this county, Llano. It's a controlled level except in extreme circumstances. One year the river that goes into it, the Colorado, and the Llano, had floods so bad, they had to release too much and made it flood a lot of homes there. Now, it's ok, our rivers are still flowing good. Somehow. Anyway, BB, hope u become a resident for a while. Good places.

ok,, bb