Friday, December 20, 2013

Hey, It's Christmas Time

Got my gifts wrapped, and yeah, the ones I had ordered finally showed up.  I still need to find name tags, altho I know which ones are which.

My Doc called yesterday, about my tests.  Mammogram was normal, but trouble with the nerves in my lower spine.  I'm seeing that pain management doc on the 26th, so I'm not doing anything til then.  She said I needed to see a spine doc, lol.  I DO know one,  but San Antonio is so far, gonna find out if there's one closer.  The report is kinda strange, tho.  She said it showed the left as the worst, and I don't have pain there, it's on the right.  Told my son, I might have to have his kind of surgery.  Here it was, me thinking hip replacement, and now it's spine.  With all I'm taking, just a 1/2 hydrocodone is all I need.  lol, took a whole one, and was down for 3 hours, the first time.

When I was leaving the house yesterday, I saw something strange.  There were 2 natural light beer cans out by my storage shed!  One on the side, and one behind.  No one walks on the road out here, it's a dead end.  So just how did those get there?  Weren't there the day before, and no one has been here.

Never heard so many ambulance calls for difficulty breathing as I've been hearing lately.  Seems almost all of them are for that.  Another one just happened.

Got my renewal for house insurance, and OMG, it's more than I'm gonna pay.   I'm calling around, telling them I want something about 1/2 of that.  Considered just not having any, but don't know if I can do that or not.  All these years of paying it, and all I've had done is the roof.

Finally got my computer cleaned up.  Took days.  2 restores.  But, it's working great now.  Thot I had a virus or something, and maybe I did, but it's gone now.  All the stuff I did, it should be, lol.

My cable has been off since before I got up, and still is.  Kinda funny, it's so quiet without the tv on.

Well, enough of this nothing, yall tc, and