Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Torture Over With

That torture wasn't tooo bad.  The best thing was i didn't have to sit and wait, they got me right in at the appointed time!  How bout that?  15 minutes and i was outa there.  I had put my cooking oil out so i wouldn't forget about the pond, so when i got back, i put some in it.  That thing has about 8 or 10" of water in it!  Wonder if my frog still lives in the waterfall. 

One time when it had rained and was washing down the gutters,  there were all these little frogs running around!  Where did they come from?  It was like they had just appeared, about a 1/2" long, out of nowhere.  Lol,,how was that possible?  I tried to catch a few to put over at my pond, but, man,,,those little suckers were fast!  But i guess some did make it, because i did have some really big ones.  When i would go out, i'd hear a loud splash.  I had some kind of lilly plant in it, and one time when i cleaned it out, the roots had become HUGE.  I'm talking, big as my arm.  Took up all the space almost.  So i got rid of those.  All the things i had growing around it, have died.  It will just be there for the next owner.  lol. 

Ok, got the city called to pick up my brush trimmings.  They do that on Fridays, for about 10.00 each 15 mins.  Last time, was just the 10.00, but i have quite a lot, in 2 piles, but still a good price.  Can't burn them any more.  There will be more, later, but just some small stuff.  I seem to have some of that b brush popping up all over again.  I might put some diesel on it, where i can.  Had to do that with a tree growing in a bad place.  I've always heard of ranchers around here, oiling mesquite.  And burning cactus. 

Got my oatmeal cooked, and gosh, i'm ready.  Don't know why i stayed so hungry yesterday, but it seemed like i never was satisfied.  Made for a bad nite.  Kept eating, til almost bedtime, and that's not good.  I wasn't really hungry for any one thing, just felt empty. 

Weatherman saying a strong cold front coming in Wed. nite.  Might even rain a little.  Highs in the 60s thurs and fri.  Heck, i'm ready. 

DD brought up a subject i think all of us "senior" citizens have thot about.  What will become of our pets if they outlive us?  That is why i haven't taken any of my son's rescued kittens, and just have the one, Jude.  He's about 8 or 9 years old, and will outlive me probably.  Then, on the other side of this, i would absolutely hate to NOT have one.  I think surely my son or my dotter would take him.  My x is gonna have to take his Mother's really old cat now.  She died several years ago, but his stepfather doesn't have long to live.  So he's going to bring it home with him.  It's  like, 18 years old, and he doesn't know how it's going to work with his other cats.