Friday, June 22, 2012

Butter Keeper?

Just got a wild hair and did it today.  Been putting it off for weeks, but,,,went to HEB in Kingsland today.  Backed out of going furthur,,to Walmart.  Didn't really need to.  Found all i needed on my list in HEB.  When i told my son i was going he asked me to bring him back that double carton of soy milk, so i did.  He had called earlier from a garage sale asking if i wanted a jump box.  I said,,huh?  Then he explained, it will jump your car battery and also air the tires.  OF COURSE i wanted it, so he's gonna bring it by later.  He said it was like new.  Told him that's why i quit going to those, got enough already. lololol.  They bought some kind of huge wicker thingy couple of weeks ago, 500 new, 50 there, and it was still new.  The girl had just bought it.  Then, he was offered 25 more if he would sell it.  hahahaha.

A lady in HEB was telling me about some kind of dish that you could put your butter in and not have to refrigerate it.  Said something about it using water in it too.  I have never seen one, but sure would like to have one.  This real butter stays hard.  She said they were kinda old, likely to find them at garage sales.  Anybody ever had one, or seen one?  I wouldn't even know what it was if i did find one.  Guess i'm gonna have to google it.  lol.  Now, i think i remember my grandma using just a saucer with  a cup or bowl over the butter, sitting on the table.  When i was little i know i helped churn some of that lolol,,never learned to milk a cow tho.  Tried,,,I have one of those churns now, don't know why or what i'm gonna do with it.  Was at Mother's.  2 of em.  She never got rid of anything.  Some people call them antiques,,i call them junk.  Got a trunk too, now i have it loaded sitting at the foot of my bed, in the way.  I like OPEN spaces!  Don't know if i could ever make an rv work or not, cause of that.

MsBelinda was talking about Letterman jumping on Justin Bieber,,,and wow, he sure did, that %#$#.
Tatoos are none of his business.  Personally, i don't have any, but my dotter does, and i like hers just fine.  My g/dotter had one put on the back of her neck.  Don't know why i never did it.  Time and place never right i guess.  Dotter got hers at the biker meets we held when i was married the 2nd time.  They are little, can't see em unless she wears something with straps.

Gonna go shut my eyes for a bit, so yall tc, and