Friday, August 5, 2011

Rolling Blackouts?

Weatherman saying they are coming.  I've gone thru my house, looking for all the little things i can do to cut usage.  One was turning off my desktop, and all connected to it, except the router.  Rarely use it, so it can go.  About a year ago, i replaced almost all my clocks with battery operated ones.  Wasn't the usage then, was having to reset the darn things every time my electricity blinked off.  Think i've pretty well eliminated everything i can.  lolol,,,thot i had done it already.  My window units, 2 during the day, are set on about 80, and i run fans too.  I stay good and cool.  I had never realized how much less it costs to run those over the central units.  Even my bro B has started using them over his central one, because of that.  Why cool a whole house, when u don't need to?  I know we made it thru this kind of thing way back without them, and as a kid i never knew it was hot.  We played outside and had a good creek by our house.  I do remember having fans.

OMG,,,river flow:  36-24-4!!!  And no relief in site.  Getting scary now.  It's not just the river, it's all the lakes and how many millions have to use that water too.

By the way, DD, love that scenery up there!  The hills, trees, etc.  My kind of country, lol.

Hmmmm,,,news talking about coyotes getting small pets in Austin.  Don't know how much wildlife we will lose, due to this drought.  I know coyotes roam around in town, here, at nite.  I look out the window every time i'm up during the nite, and i never see anything.  But that's looking out on the street side.  When i go out on Sunday nites to cut my water off, u think i don't take a flash lite, besides using porch lites, to look for snakes?  I look real good!!! lol  They come to water too.

Yall tc, stay cool. HAGD