Friday, October 28, 2011

Blogger's Block

Yall all talking about nothing to say, and here i am,,,,nothing to say. 

I close my bedroom off, never, well rarely, use heat back there, so last nite about 8 pm,, here i am putting my electric blanket on!,,,I just use it to heat the bed before i get in, turn it off to sleep.  But,,,i have a warm bed to get into.  After laying there a while, i ended up getting up and turning my fan on.  lololol,,,now,,,i can get to sleep.  And,,i did.  Was up my regular 3 or 4 times,,but that's always the case.  Wake up, with my mouth so dry, i have to get up for a drink, and by then have to go too. 

When i was awake about 1 am,,i heard a tone go off for the ambulance here in town.  After no answer they retoned,,,then,,,later did it again.  That's 3 times by now.  After a couple of minutes, a woman finally answers.  Took 10 or 12 minutes to get on the way, and it just had to go about 3 blocks.  I'm horrified.  If that had happened 3 years ago when i had to call for one, i wouldn't have made it.  I got into the emergency room with the doctor, before i quit breathing.  A delay of 10 minutes wouldn't have let that happen.  Back during the early summer, one was called just out to the park, a man had fallen off a horse.  Same thing happened,, no answer, and a delay of about the same amount of time.  Well, that man died because of no help in time.  I think there's a lot of people concerned about this, but don't know what they're doing.  My bro, G, has brought it up at the fireman's meetings, and being ems, maybe that will help.

I need to be getting in the shower, but,,,,here i am,,,blogging,,,lolololol.  I have to read all of em first, before i do mine.  A lot of times, i get an idea from one of the others, for  mine.  That was it today, nothing to talk about. hahahahaha,,,

It's Friday, whatever that means, anymore.  Used to mean, party time!  Party time now is ,,,,what movie to watch tonite.  Haven't checked the tv schedule yet, might be something on,,,

Ok,,outa nothings to say,,,so,,,yall HAGD