Monday, October 10, 2011

I Stand Up, U Sit Down

Finally!!!, Got the sheets off my bed, now i have to make it before nite.  That has been the worst part of being down.  It was time to change them before i got sick.  Woke up at 5:30, started coughing and couldn't quit until i got up, so i did, had one cup of coffee and got in my lounger and dozed til about 8:30. 

HJs talking about trains with no bathrooms,, just a plastic bag if necessary.   When we went somewhere with the boys, when they were little, i always took a jar.  Beat stopping all the time.  One had to go every little bit, it seemed.  When they got older, you could stop on the side of the road and let them stand between the doors.  Only time i ever did that,,,telling on myself now, was once,,after i had left a club, and had to really really go, so,,,i pulled over, went to the other side of the car,,,,and,,guess who just happened to pass by.  Yep, a darn cop.  Here they came,,i was pulling my pants up fast as i could when they stopped.  They made me stay there in my car ( i pulled over to a building) the rest of the nite.  I told them nothing better happen to me, they had better watch!  Then i slept, woke up with them banging on my window saying i could go now.  We used to always honk at guys doing that.  But women just have a bad time with it.  My son and my sister went running into the bathroom one time, when they were about 2 or 3, racing to see who could go first, and i heard him say, i'm a boy and ur a girl, know why?  I made sure i could hear this, so after she said no, he said,,i stand up to pp, u have to sit down.  hahahahaha,,Words out of the mouths,,,huh.
Been wasting time this morning putting flashblock on firefox, but ie doesn't handle them the same, so,,that was my time spent.  Think i might get rid of firefox and put chrome on.  I looked at the comparisons, and firefox has just lost it.  IE has lots more now, than firefox.  Do any of you use chrome? 

Weather just showed we had 5. 62 or 60something here.  YEAAAAAAA.  What do u think of that? hahahaha,,,

Sheets in dryer, gonna just put the same ones back. lolol, used to always do that with the kings.  Hated to fold em.  These are queens, not bad.   I'll just put on one, go back later, do the other,,,etc.  That's my plan anyway.

Guess i better check my tv guide.  Have one online.  See what i have to record tonite.  Pretty sure i have to do that on Mondays.

Yall stay safe, and well!!!, HAGD

LOVE chrome!! Been fooling around with it, getting settings like i want, etc.  Transferred all my bookmarks over, drag and drop.  Goodbye firefox.