Monday, July 15, 2013

High of 73* Today???

Yep, that's what it is right now, almost 4 pm.  And, we've had almost 3" of rain, and maybe more coming.  This might beat the one I remember on the last week end before school started, a front making it really chilly.  WOW, it's JULY!! folks,,,

Right after lunch I got a call, saying the man that put the gate up across the street, cutting off access to the river, was found dead in a house in Austin Sunday morning.  She thot they owned the house too, and he had to have been alone.  He was a huge man, alcoholic, and red in the face all the time, never looked healthy.  But what makes me so sad, that's the last of the kids this lady had,,, having lost the other 2 before.  Played bridge with her in the past, and even tho she's in her 80s, she is still sharp and energetic.  Still does volunteer work at the library I think.

I'm gonna try to go clean the floor board out where my son's shoes left all the stickers last Friday.  If I can find HIM,,, HE will do it!  Hate those things.  They showed up here a few years ago, now they are everywhere, grow close to the ground, look like clover burrs, but NOT.  They turn into zillions of v shaped stickers and will fill up most shoe's soles.  Your carpets will get full of them.

Nothing on tv, again.... but I did find 2 movies to record today.  Was running out of those too. 

Well, that's it,,,so yall tc, an