Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Son's Surgery

It was torture for me to have to wait here at home for news. I got the first call at 7:45 that he had just been taken to surgery, and also the news it could be 8-9 hours long. He had told me that besides the one bad one that didn't get fixed 2 1/2 years before, there were 3 other places to do something to, too.

I waited, and waited, then waited some more for the update news, and finally about 2 couldn't wait any longer so i called his dad, and they had no news either. Around 3 his fiance pestered them enough that they called and got an update, which she was told everything was going just great, and would be another 1  to 1 1/2 hours. 2 more hours went by, and i called again, nothing. Around 5;15, they finally got thru, Went great, there will be no pain, and he will be able to stand straight. That was the bad fix, had to break the bone mashing on his spinal cord, pull it straight and fuse it. That's why it takes a neurosurgeon to do that. This one is great.

He had to have some blood transfusion, not sure how much, and he is staying in ICU all nite to keep him calm and under. They will wake him in the morning. I told his dad it wasn't as bad as the 21 days before when his esophagus ruptured. (thanks for that spell checker)lol,

This is one of those nites where i wake up, and can't get back to sleep, so here i am. He's like me, do what is needed asap. Not scared of surgery, DO IT. Gosh, i'm ready with this hip. It's a wonder i haven't gained 50 pounds, but haven't gained any, not being able to walk but just enough to get where i have to be. Getting in my car is hard, having to lift that leg in.

Since it's almost 4am, my proof reading is not too good, but, yall tc, and


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Buying a House

Reading DDs blog about how they bought his property, reminded me of mine.

We had looked for a couple of years, and nothing fit the bill. She called me one day, on a Saturday morning, and said she had found the perfect place. Just put on the market. She took me to look, and yesssssssss,,, was the one! The fence on one side was the city limits, pasture there. 2 lots, end of the street, on the corner. BIG house, like they built them in the 50s or 60s, big rooms, not just closet size bedrooms. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1 unfinished. Den, with a fireplace. Outside big garage, not attached to the house. Later built a breezeway in that space. Did the 2nd bathroom within 2 years, it was plumbed in,, and wired in too.

I called the banker, (played bridge with him) and asked if he would finance another house, he said yes, come in Monday and sign the papers. I put earnest money up, got the house that day, moved in a few weeks later. My youngest brother has it now. Like home to him,, lol. The perfect place to raise kids. Across the pasture, is a huge creek. A block from the river.

I'm still staying still, taking pain meds, which don't do much. It's really hard to not be able to go to Austin for my son's surgery tomorrow. His finance told me she would keep me posted all the time. It's early in the morning, but not sure what time. Will be about 4 1/2 hours.

I just don't have anything to write about, so yall tc, and


Sunday, March 22, 2015


Good thing i took those pictures, kids destroyed every one of them the next day, (nite). No one seems to know who they were..Where's that drone??? lol.

My hip is really bad, having to take pain meds just about all the time. I'd have surgery right NOW if i could. My appointment with the pain doc is on 4-7. 2 MORE WEEKS.

My home health care got started last week. Not sure how long this one will last, she said when something better showed up, she would take it... lololol,, can't blame her. I told my supervisor to be on the lookout for another one.

My neighbor is mad because i dared to ask her to do something with that yapping T%^&&*^ yorkie dog she has. I actually asked her what was wrong with it, after it yipping for a long time. How can they stand it? It's like they can't hear it. Now she's gonna trap my cat and get the city to pick it up. It's not my cat doing what she was saying.... hahahaha. O well, i knew they'd be trouble from the start. Glad the 8' fence is there. Now i'm just a "crabby old lady",,,,

Time for breakfast, yall tc, and


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Some Rocks

Loved these. Hope you can see even the ones in the river.

Nothing going on,, just wanted to get these on here. Went over there and took them yesterday.

Yall tc, and

  1. HAGD

Sunday, March 15, 2015


How ,,, can,,, they,,, do,,, this???

He, not they, did. I might manage the one on the left,,,lol. There's one in the river doing one. My brother said he worked a long time, but did do it. There were lots of them, but just found this one pic today. I know they'll be back, our river is so perfect for it. And how the weather was so perfect, wild guess. Heck, could have been all the ice last week,, hahahaha. Even the crawfish open 3rd weekend of April is a chancy thing.

Well, i'm going out to my sis's again. She called earlier, still painting. Trim now. She said she got on the roof earlier to do a peak, and couldn't get off! The medal was too slick, wet. She ended up sliding off to a bush, to get down. LOLOLOL,, Not getting back on it.

I had told her it didn't sound safe to me, especially with her 6 foot step ladder.

Just wanted to get a picture on here of the rock stacking,, so cool. Yall tc, and


Saturday, March 14, 2015

River Pictures

This slab is called Scott's Slab, about 10 miles West, the first one to cross the river. This first one i'm just getting on it.

The only place the water goes under. 

Looking ahead after just getting on it, past the flowing water going under.


This was built a couple or so of years ago, as a resort. Didn't make it. Called Walden's Plantation.

I was on my way to my sister's house, just a few miles on. She was painting the outside of her house, and all. The weather was so nice and i really enjoyed being out.

There's a lot going on here this weekend. A first for here is the rock stacking contest,,, lol yeah, that's right. Our river runs over granite, with sand. I tried to get a pic on here from facebook, but won't work. They can stack rocks in circles, arcs, lots of things. Amazing. Maybe later i can find one to use.

Had begun to think my injection into my hip wasn't gonna work, and for 3 days it didn't. But today, i'm thinking, maybe. If it hadn't i was ready for surgery! O yeah, my son's is on the 30th, in Austin early in the morning. Not sure how i'm gonna handle it, if i can even go, is what i mean. I know i can't drive, well not going to. I'm sure liking that bus service.

Yall tc, and


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Been a While

So much to catch up with.

Got out there to the sleep study, son drove me, and i thot i did good. Next morning was getting icy and they shut down school. I waited, and waited for that bus to pick me up, and it never showed! Called my son, no answer, even called the sheriff's dept. for a ride home. Finally thot of my youngest bro, and YES,, he came and got me,,, was 10 or so by then. I didn't know those buses didn't run if the school buses didn't. They tried to call me but never got me. I gave them my cell phone # after that.

Saw my doc, and he didn't have the results for that or the echo thingy, and he had everybody looking, didn't find them. THEN, when i heard back, he wants me to do it again, wearing that CPAP all nite, didn't get enough info from the first one. Didn't say anything about the heart echo and i know he got it, my heart doc's office faxed it to him, and released it so all could see, even my regular doc here.

Ok, yall confused yet?

My hip hurts so bad, sitting, standing, walking, that i went to that doc too. He talked to the pain doc and got me worked in for Tuesday the 10th. When i had called, was told in April. I can make it til then,,, lol.

Rode that bus to one of the doc apts, the seats are not comfortable, and it took a lot of extra time, picking up and delivering others. Was my fault tho, i had oked it. Won't any more. The worst thing was i was starving.

If there was school Tues, the bus couldn't take me. School has priority, (they pay). We have spring break so i'm good.

OOO yeah!!! Lung doc told me he didn't see anything indicating i had COPD!! Took me off Spiriva, told me i didn't have to use oxygen, just the albuterol inhaler when needed. That's after every test on my lungs, known to man....WOOOOOHOOOOO.

So sick of appointments. I'm late on eye exam, mammogram, and i think maybe other. I let stuff go because of the above.

Now you know why i haven't done a blog post...but yall tc, and