Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Just nothing to write about,,, well, maybe one thing.  One of my son's cats was bitten a few days ago by a rattlesnake.  On his front foot, and it's still bad, despite the antibiotics.  He said there's a mobile home close by and he stays under it a lot so thinks that's where the snake was.  THEN he told me he had crawled all around under it looking for one of his cats once before. 

I've read or heard that coons over in the next county have been having distemper too.  Need to check and see if Jude is vaccinated for that.

I tried to play one of my recorded tapes couple of nites ago, and NOOO GOOO.  It rolled, it snowed,,it clicked, it clacked,,sooo,, yesterday, I ordered a new vcr/dvd combo.  And YES, I did clean it,  several times.  No help.  It will be here next week.  I looked and looked trying to find what I needed and wanted, and finally,,,i did.  It's a Toshiba and will do what I want.   It was 88.00, no tax or shipping.  And will serve my purposes long enough, (rest of my life).

N just called and asked if I had heard anybody reporting a fire out her way, and no, not.  She said there was a lot of smoke about 3 miles on past her, and I told her to call in.  I still haven't heard a word.

Yall tc, and