Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wasted Time

I decided to change my "look" and did, so far so good,,right?,,BUT, couldn't figure out how to change the size of my font,,,,spent a LOT of time and it just wouldn't let me make changes.... Got a blank page every time.  After a lot of wasted time,,it finally hit me,,this is google, lots of stuff on blogger won't work in  my IE.  So here I went, took about a minute, and got what I wanted.  I just don't like blogger telling me I need to use google!!! or some of their features won't work,,,(which they don't).  I can make changes using google, and they will work in IE,,,strange huh?

I also don't like someone calling themselves,,,ANONYMOUS,,, jumping ME about my opinion on politics... BTW,,,yall need to read Lotta Joy's blog today,,,hahahahaha,,,, Happy Birthday,,,Robert E Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

BBs tracking something down there,,,lol.  All I can say is,,,it has claws...Not a cat, they retract.  Not a fish,,no swishes,,,

I bought a german sheppard way back,,in the 60s and she grew up huge and gentle.  Took her out one night to teach her how to coon hunt which we did a lot of, back then.  It paid for our Christmases.  Spotted one way up in a tree and hubby wounded it, and it fell to the ground.,,, Here the dog went, running over wagging her tail,,,til that coon bit her on the nose...oooo mercy,,, made coons enemies the rest of her life.  We were riding around in a pickup one nite, out on a ranch, and eyes were spotted up a tree, so here we went.  She jumped out, made a circle around that tree and came back to the truck.  Hubby and friend spent an hour getting that whatever out, sure wasn't a coon.  I told em, listen to her next time.  If she could catch em, she killed em,,by one chomp.  Killed a skunk one nite, out there, and we made her ride back to town in the trunk.  She never did that again.  You didn't sic her on anything either, she went in for the kill.  She was the best dog in the world, with kids.  If they hurt her she licked em in the face,,,lol.  They didn't do it on purpose tho.

When she was 10 years old, someone here in town was walking around poisoning dogs, and she was the 3rd one.  That went on for quite a while, but I don't remember how many died that way.  They finally caught that old woman, just gave her a slap on the wrist!  I couldn't even let my youngest out, cause he put everything in his mouth.  Sure missed my dog tho.  Really really smart.

I think I need to enlarge the font a little more...Will get that done now,,hope yall make it ok today.,

Tc and


PS,,after looking at it, it's fine.