Monday, April 9, 2012

The Day After,,,

OMG!!! Lmao,,got an email from,,marrymesugardaddy....hahahahahah,. Darn junk.  I get a lot of junk and use a block for that web site, but it still keeps coming.   Hotmail doesn't filter much.  But neither does any other.

Went out to nephew's, and no pork... lol.  He just never had the time to go out and get one.  But those briskets he cooked were so good, who wants pork anyway?,,,They literally melted in your mouth.  And the flavor was his specialty, which i don't know, but yummmyyy.  He wraps them in foil with all that stuff, opens it later.    My niece has a bakery, so,,yeah, lots of sweets, all kinds of pies.  I brought home a small plate of small pieces of 5,,,lol.  There weren't as many there this year, but gosh, about 10 kids to hunt Easter eggs.  I left about 7, and when i got in my car,,,i saw a group of cows up ahead of me, hanging around the yard fence.  THEN, i saw where they had licked on my windows,,,hahahahaha, and,,my rearview mirror....My windows are dark tinted, so they could see themselves, i guess.  It was just on the driver's side,,all the way.  I'll have to clean that off, can't stand

Just had my prescriptions delivered, and wooohoooo, no more powders or liquids!  I might have to cut that potassium pill, but,,glad to, hated that powder.  No more chewables either.  Like my vitamin.  Gotta get on Puritan's Pride and get a few things ordered.  Heart doc told me to take fish oil, and i was told to take calcium too,  then i've added B12 and D3.  Makes a lot of "takes" a day, huh?

BB asked how to block comments, and i put that on yesterday's comments, just in case you'd like to block someone.  Or ban.  Guess i don't allow free speech, because I WILL NOT ALLOW BBC TO MAKE HIS COMMENTS ON HERE!!!  And if you allow him to make his vile comments, i won't have you on my blog list either.  I don't have to read that stuff.  Wouldn't you hate to live close to him?  OMG,,

Well, i'm a happy person, always wish everybody well, and hope they do the same,,, so yall tc, and