Monday, February 17, 2014

OOO Yeah, Today is Some Kind of Holiday

Just realized yesterday, we're having our March winds!  Hit again a while ago.  Got my wind chimes rattling around good.

My apt. for the hip injection is in the morning,, 10 am.  I think the reason it didn't work good last time, were the spasms i had for days.  I never recovered from those.  Learned a good lesson,,, take it really easy for a few days, let that stuff do it's job.

Put some brownies in my toaster oven, set my timer, and just checked.  Still raw!  Now, WTH?  Put the temp up another 50*, see if another 20 minutes will work.  I had this other oven put back, and when the previous one messed up cooking toast, i got this one out and thot it was great.  So, don't know what's going on.

My typing doesn't show up here, as i'm doing it,,, stays behind.   lololol 

Hmmmm, now i'm smelling brownies!  I cooked half a mix of cake last week, and had thot i had frosting.  When i didn't i did have chocolate  syurp,,,lol.   So that's what i used with it,  was soooo good.  That half mix was in the store, and for me was perfect.  I don't use my large oven, the gasket doesn't seal.  So anything i cook has to be toaster oven size.,

Well, yall tc, and