Thursday, March 31, 2011

a little UPDATE

Found this while looking up  tx weather.

Everybody who has a dog calls him "Rover" or "Boy".  I call mine "Sex".  He's a great pal but he has caused me a great deal of embarrassment.

When I went to City Hall to renew his dog license, I told the clerk I would like a license for Sex.  He said, "I'd like one, too!"  Then I said "But this is a dog."  He said he didn't care what she looked like.  Then I said, "You don't understand, I've had Sex since I was 9 years old."  He winked and said, "You must have been quite a kid."
When I got married and went on my honeymoon, I took the dog with me.  I told the motel clerk that I wanted a room for my wife and me and a special room for Sex.  He said, "You don't need a special room.  As long as you pay your bill we don't care what you do." I said, "Look, you don't seem to understand,  Sex keeps me awake at night."  The clerk said, "Funny -- I have the same problem."
One day I entered Sex in a contest, but before the competition began, the dog ran away.  Another contestant asked me why I was just standing there, looking disappointed.  I told him I had planned to have Sex in the contest.  He told me I should have sold my own tickets.  "But you don't understand,"  I said, "I had hoped to have Sex on TV."  He said, "Now that cable is all over the place it's no big deal anymore."
When my wife and I separated, we went to court to fight for custody of the dog.  I said"Your honor, I had Sex before I was married."  The judge said,"This courtroom isn't a confessional.  Stick to the case."  Then I told him that after I was married, Sex left me.  He said that's not unusual, it happens to lots of people.
Last night Sex ran off again.  I spent hours looking around town for him.  A cop came over to me and asked "What are you doing in this alley at 4 o'clock in the morning?"  I told him that i was looking for Sex.  My case comes up Friday.

OK yall, enough typing for a day, really gonna have to figure out how to transfer.


Hey Kathie, i still show my name, not nic, when i tried to post. so will work more on that too.    neway,  got u to thank for a new follower. 

ok,,, gonna just type my "Hazardous Occupation" article today.,

MONDAY-- Spent my first day on the job at the Bureau here in Texas.  Also, we rented a house today.  Not as snug as the one we left in North Dakota, and the rent is higher, but these Texas winters are mild, and the house will do nicely.  The new house has an elm in the back yard which is budding, and a plum tree that is already blooming.  I must remember that spring in Texas comes in Feb...The weather today was overcast, humid, soggy and warm.  For my forecast, I predicted more of the same for Tues, and low tonight of 56 %.

TUESDAY-- An hour late to the office this morning.  Hated to be late my second day at the Bureau, but all the pipes in the kitchen were frozen.  I never knew a frontal system to move so fast.  Martha called me at the office to ask where I had packed the kid's long underwear... I told her I had given it all to the Salvation Army when we left ND for TX.... She's in a bad humor tonight.  The blooms on the plum tree are black and all withered up.  Weather today cool and sunny.  We are under the influence of a large high pressure system.  Not a chance for a cloud to show up.  For Wed. I predict fair and cool, favorable for outdoor activity.

WEDNESDAY-- Late to the office again.  Took Martha and me an hour to locate the kid's raincoats and galoshes before they could go to school.  A bad day all around.  The roof of the house leaks.  Water got all over my box of books and ruined my leather bound copy of "Advanced Meteorology" which the boys at the office gave me when I left ND.  One good thing about Texans is that they do not complain about bum weather forecasts.  In fact, they do not seem to depend on forecasts at all.  Rained like the dickens all day today.  It is a cinch to continue, as we have a broad upsweep condition.  For Thurs I forecast continued general rain, unfavorable for outdoor activity.

THURSDAY-- It was a beautiful day today.  But a strong frontal system with polar air behind it is coming down, and a Pacific front with winds up to 70 mph is moving into the state from the west.  When these collide with the warm air mass we have at present, there is going to be fireworks.  For Fri I forecast severe thunderstorms, torrential rains and the possibility of isolated tornadoes.  Martha is nervous tonight.  She never did like thunder and lightening.

FRIDAY--  Another beautiful day today.  I do not feel so bad about my copy of Advanced Meteorology being ruined, as it looks as if I will not need it in TX.  As to what happened to all the weather I forecast today, the boys around the bureau just shrugged and said it must have hung up on that barbed wire fence North of Amarillo.. They did not teach me anything about barbed wire fences in meteorology school.  For Saturday I forecast another beautiful day.  It seems as good a guess as any.

SATURDAY-- Martha and the kids are mad at me today for giving away the sleds and ice skates when we left ND.  It sleeted through an open window at the bureau and ruined all our weather maps.  Not that it matters much.  For Sunday, I forecast that Martha and the kids and I will catch a 7:00AM train to go back to ND.

Have GOT to figure out how to transfer things from my documents.  i did move this into, but still couldnt figure out how to get it on here.  tried copy, paste, didnt work.  got a dilemma here ,,,,,helpppp,,, anybody ?,,,i know i can give u a link, but like the above, better to put it here.

I always fill up my car when it gets down to 1/2,,,have done that for a lot of years.  That way, no matter what came up, i can just get in the car n go.  From 1 day to the next, the place i use went up .35 a gal.  going to cost me over 30.00 now to fill up from my 1/2 a tank!!!  Going 20 miles to an HEB doesnt pay any more.  Used to, one thing, like a can of coffee, would pay for my trip, on what i saved on it.  Not now!  We just have one supermarket, and they know it. lol  Its a Super S. 

The place next to me has been for sale now, for a couple of months, and i have soooo dreaded who might buy it.  could just c a bunch of loud kids, DOGS!!!, and no telling what else.  Well, told my son about it a few days ago, and he and his dad,,,my x, r prob gonna buy it!!! YEAAAAAA....the 3/2 brick house, on 3 lots,,,also has 9 lots behind it,,,making a whole block.  At the top of the hill, u can c forever,,,best place in town!!!.  No streets on 3 sides, just on the front.  He has complained for a long time about their neighborhood and how it has gone to hell, zillions of barking dogs day and nite.  To be here, would be heaven for him.  Hes even talking about selling one of his priceless cars.  They have about 10 of those classic cars, most redone to perfection, so one would pay for it.  Never thot id hear him say that.  im soo excited!!  the x is no problem, weve always gotten along.  hes even helped me with my cars sometimes.  Ive bought several from them, and the one im driving, i bought from them. they have lived in the same house, in separate parts, forever, due to all the major back surgeries my son has had, n got another one coming up one day.  Getting shots in it now, just to keep going for a while.

ok,,,going to publish,,,enough is enough. lol

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Welll,,,, hells bells,,,, had this ready to publish, and lost it all!!!  Didnt get up til 9, then about 11;30, just fixing to get into shower, and sis called, coming by.  Had this just about ready at that time, but didnt publish, wanted to wait til later.  Finally got into shower about 12;30, just now had lunch, nearly 2 pm. so im way behind.  THEN,,,i tried to do something to transfer a file from desktop to this, and bam,,,lost it all.  SO,,,,im starting allllll over.  what a day already. 

Is this our Easter spell yet? lololol,,, keeps getting cold, and i know i can remember having ice in April.  Just never know,,here in TX.  And thats what i was trying to transfer,,,,a story i clipped out years ago, about a weatherman that moved to TX from yankeeland.    Ill get it on here even if i have to retype that whole thang!......Maybe not today,,,one thing about being retired,,,i can always put off today, what i can do tomorrow.  etc,,,,and etc.....

After all the hullabaloo today,,,dont know what brought it to mind,,, c title,,, but sure do remember what happened.  Got up one morning, staggered into kitchen for that first cup,,,and just stopped and stared. OMG... had a mountain of maggots on the counter, next to my coffee pot....all squirming, squiggling,,, I stared for a while,,,got my coffee and left,,,,had to think about this,,u know.  and i did.  Went back ready to check my eye sight, and sure enough,,,i had seen right!,,,not only was there one mountain, when i looked on the other side of my sink,,,there was another one tooooo.  Stood staring again.  wow,, saw one land on top of that mountain, now,,,how did that happen????,,,finally looked up, and there was this trail of wood ants on the upper cabinets,,,dropping all these,,,thangs,,,lol,, into these piles on my counter.   Was their larvae, musta worked all nite to get piles this big.  I scraped them off and threw them out,,,never had wood ants again.   Reason i said scraped, was because when u tried to move em, they kinda squished.  I had just tossed their whole nests of new ones away.   At that time i was living in a duplex, wasnt my house. 

OK, spent an hour trying to get that file here, and just not gonna fool with it any more today.  Have patience just so far, then have to drop it.  Going out to my sis n maybe help her clean fish.  Her partner brought in a bunch but it was late so he left them in a cooler.  He went with a group from work, out to the lake, caught a lot of croppie.  Ill clean for my supper any time,,,lololo,,,like ,,,helping cut up deer meat.  Think I still have a small package in the freezer.  Need to cook it while its still good.  Is back strap,,,ummmmmm.



Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Just cant make it here on mondays.  When i get home from doing the volunteer work with respite, i collapse.

Ben got me thinking about that 7 year drought back in the 50s.  I posted a comment on his blog, but gonna finish up a few things here.  With the river dried up, the train brought in cars of water.  All outside use of water was forbidden and u conserved even the inside use, too.  Everything burnt to a crisp here over the summer ,,,before the rains came, and the river came down, had to have been in the fall, because i had walked to school that day.  This drought now goes back 2 years, getting into 3 too quick.  Our river has kept up a good flow thru all of it,,,so far.  Rains have hit upstream enough.  The huge rise on the river in the 90s, was a hundred year one.  I did get to see that roll come down.  Looks like a tsunami.  OMG, lmaooo,,, just remembered this bro of mine,,,heard about it coming down, so here he goes down to the river to wait on it.  When he finally saw it, he did decide to move up the bank, TG, because when it got there, that rock he had been on, was under in a minute.   He was so fascinated, he rushed down to where a slab crossed it, about 16 miles downstream.  hahahaha,,,had to wait like 3 hours, got bored, started walking up the stream bed so he could see it coming sooner.  Meantime, hundreds of people showed up to watch too, and one of the deputies was running them back, (trying to),,,when they saw it coming, crashing around the bend, smashing on the rocks, bending trees over, and,,,,,,,,, this idiot running down ahead of it!!!! Everybody saying OMG,,,, who is that??  One of his friends  recognized him and said, o,,,well, its ___.   He knew he could outrun it, so he just kept going, lololol,,,but said he had to keep looking back to see all it was doing behind him.  And yes, he made it all the way back to the slab and up the bank before it went by.  So,,he did get to see the roll twice!!

Growing up here, that river was always a major part of our lives.  It runs over rocks and sand, so its clean and clear.  U play in it, swim, and fish.  It runs right thru town.  Then it also furnished our drinking water.  When a big rise is coming, word of mouth gets a "bridge party" going, no matter what time it is.  Last one was around midnight back in the 90s.  Lapped the bridge that time, too.  That one washed out water lines to our side, so we were without water for 3 days, but the city and volunteer companies kept us furnished with it.  Put off a bath, just doing wash ups, for 2 days, but finally got a big pan of water, and got in the bath tub with it.  LOL,,,well, it did make me feel like a "sorta" bath.  I had a fish pond so i brought in buckets of water to flush potty with.

Hey,,,its Idol nite for all of u fans, (like me).. just nearly died last week when Casey was nearly eliminated!!! This happens every year!! one of the really good ones gets the lowest votes.  that's why they came up with the one time "save",,,,which they used last week for Casey.    Besides Idol, i also love!!! So u think u can dance.  It's not back yet, but will be soon. 

We're right on the line, according to the weatherman, for showers late today.  Who wants to bet me we miss em.  Heard a few days ago, that nothing expected thru april, but pinning a little hope for may.  I dont keep up my yard any more, so dont water anything but trees n shrubs about once a month thru the summer.   Gotta keep them alive, need all the shade i can get.  When i was landscaping it, i used native plants, so there r still lots of tough plants there.  Also planted to attract hummingbirds and butterflies, and still have lots of them.  Really hate that my butterfly bush died, tho.  A small shrub i planted next to it,,,salvia, i think, choked it and a few others out.  Didnt know the roots would do that, so when my sis planted some, i told her to put it way out by itself.  I do really like it, it blooms from spring to fall, and hummers and butterflies love it. 

guess im gonna shut up for today, n find some lunch.  u all tc,,,

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fishing???,,,uh,,,,,ummm,,,, welll

ok, im back.  for now anyway.  and Kathie, when i made a comment on ur blog, it printed my real name, so i took it off.  dont know what to do about that, will check my google account.  just dont like my name published to everyone cause its kinda one of a kind.  dont know anyone else that has it.  when i was young, wanted to be sue, betty, linda,,,,hahahahaha,,,but after growing up, really liked it because i am an only one.

that brings up why i named my second son a name that no one else has,,, about 2 months before he was born, (knew it was a son),,,i woke up during the night and was told, his name will be _____, so there was no question of what it was, only thing i had trouble with, was one to go with it.  settled on his dads first name.  but he has always been called by ____,,,<<< that one, lol.   he was never affected by his name being different, in fact, he enjoyed it.  he came home one day when he was in the 2nd grade, upset cause other kids were teasing him (not about his name),,,i told him,, act like it doesnt bother u,,,and as young as he was, he understood and did it.  it made HIM the leader, all the others looked up to him the rest of his school years.  his work in life has been helping kids, especially the underprivaledged, and ones with druggie parents, thru church and showing them they are never alone.  there are some that have grown up now, and tell everybody he saved their lives.  And yes, u can call me a proud mom......

 ooo yeah!!!! i went fishing late yesterday,,,,, out at my sis's place on the river.   and i know yall already know, didnt catch a thang,,,r i woulda had headlines... lololol  all but 2 were throw backs.  and they mighta thrown them back after i left.  was just a couple of small bass.  we discussed whether they were legal r not, then strung them up....hahahaha.  my sis sat there n fed a whole container of worms to a turtle.  still wish id had my flip cam with me when we headed back.  my 17 yr old niece still had her bathing suit on, and all of a sudden, was screaming and jigging, and slapping and running back down the hill. thot shed been bitten by a snake r something, and all it was, was shed seen a spider on her!!  still screaming,,,is it still on me?,,, i told her if it had lived thru THAT, it would NEVER get on another human being again.  my sis, her mom, had told her to stay out of the water cause we were fishing, and when she didnt do it,, i told my sis, those snakes would smell her in the water n come to her. we had just seen one over by the side swimming in the water.  hahahahaha OUT SHE CAME.  she was our entertainment the whole time. (not intentionally)  i have to watch what i say, cause she takes everything literally.  dont know how shell handle being off in college next year.  

ok,,,one more.  few months ago, i had woke up about 11 r 12 pm,,,and heard my nephews name on my scanner,,,ears perked up,,,(u know how it is).  seems someone had called them is as being suspicious.  they had parked the pickup by some storage units, and got out and walked off.   thats all they knew.,,,what they had done, was park and walk back to a tower and climbed it.  saw the cop from up there, checking out their ride.  had a great view,,,they said.  well, they went back to their pu, and since the cop had been watching for them, thats when they got stopped, and when i heard this.,,, we just wanted to walk in the dark!!!,,, im thinking omg,,,cant they do better than that? hahahahaha,,,,theyre good kids, so nothing happened.,,,,the next time i saw him,,i said,,,i had heard he liked walking in the dark.  he just died laughing,,,said hed told his friend i would hear it.  cant get away with nothing in these small towns. lololol

bye yall

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Discouraged here

Getting discouraged, spending all this time, and not having visitors.  well, just a very small few.  and THANK YOU, DIZZY!!!  ur my only follower.  and also, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE LEAVING COMMENTS.  so im asking you, if u visit ,,,please let me know u enjoy.  ive set it to where anybody can make comments really easy, i think, if not, let me know.

Spent more time yesterday on phone with dell tech, LOTS of time ,,,again,,,,to finish what the other one had left.  HATE to call, get foreigners that cant talk english!!!  asked the first one to transfer me to someone that could, and he hung up,,,,lmaooooo, but when i called back i did get one i could understand.  i had one question,,,that could be answered with a yes r no, and that first one could NOT do that.  took the 2nd one just a minute to do it, so i had all i needed.  sure hope thats all i need from the idiot dept. 

Need a little help on this firefox, maybe one of u can help me.  how do i change security settings so i wont keep getting the question of "allow" all the time when im opening up a new page.  get that on 9 out of 10 sites i go to.

gonna get up n get something done today.,,,,starting with shower, lol,,,


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ask me no questions, I'll tell u no lies,,

MERCYYY!!!,,, been on the phone with a dell tech for 3 hours,,,,NO kidding!,,, I sure know how to mess up some things ,,,I changed something i shouldnt have for my eml files, and thats how long it took THEM to fix it. lololol,  Have to save them into a different place, but saved all of them out of documents too.  Ive never kept emails, i read em, save em, r delete em.  That goes back to early years, with not much space for em, had to clean them out regularly.  When i first got a puter, ( O mercy, was it a 286 version, compaq?) was in 1996, had ONE choice for internet, and that was limited to 40 hours a MONTH.  Did i also tell u ,,,i live in the sticks?  Didnt have high speed til about 5 r 6 years ago, and that was sattellite.  Theyre real proud of their service, cost 43.00 a month.  FINALLY,  verizon wired us up and even to MY HOUSE, and now i have high speed for 18.00.  wooohoooo.  Like ol Texman, i have no use for cell phones, just have a net10 u get at the dollar store, and refill when my time makes me.  im home most of the time, and i do take the cell with me when im gone.  u cant believe the minutes i roll over, hahahahaha.  never was one to yak on phone either.  Yeah i see all u men rolling ur eyes,  but ill tell u another thing too!,,, i hate to shop!!

Now where was i?,,, got distracted there.   Cleaned my ceiling fan right above me here, kept noticing all this,,,stuff,,,on the table, and looked up,,,lmaoo,,,yeah, it sure did need it.  I have one of those thingys that i ran over it, then had to clean up all under it too, but now feel like im breathing clean air....Did that while tech was doing his thing, also ate lunch, cleaned up kitchen.  (Dont think he quite knew wth he was doing).  I finally told him one time,,,its NOT in the email r documents settings....its in the computer settings.  Well, thats where i was when i messed it up.  lololol,,,then coundnt find it again.   With the charge for it, i think i got the best of it.  He said was NOT a common problem, and took em all lots of time and discussions to fix it.  Well, decide to rerout it.

Im sure glad we r gonna cool off a little, and the closer its gotten to it, the less chance of rain we have.  Always the way.  Stupid weathermen.  Dont know why i ever watch it.  Got a little concerned about the man that does my yard, havent seen him anywhere in months.  Finally called yesterday and YES , hes still there, lives about a block from me, and does a super job.  Keeps an eye on it, so i dont have to chase him down to get it done either.  Youd think with nephews, id have a couple of boys to do it, but,,,FORGET THAT.  I tried both of them, and even their dad, my bro, said they didnt know how to mow a yard.  Well, all they knew was on a riding one, then leave the rest.  Thats what i got.  Unfinished.  Their mom finished it for one of them after she saw it, before i even did. anyway, forget these kids.  I can do it all with a push mower, without even having to use a weed eater.  Told ya, was raised right. lololol  Not able to get out and do it now, and this guy that does, doesnt charge a whole lot.  Takes him about an hour.  Have had to just let my yard go, and lots of things have died, but thats just how it is.  I have COPD, with emphysema, and i cant really tell its gotten any worse in the 3 1/2 years ive known i have it, but i did quit smoking 3 years ago, May 1, so thats probably the reason.  Actually was no problem, even after 50 years,  2-3 packs a day.  Being in the hospital for a week with pneumonia gave me a head start, and i just never went back.  Have a fleeting urge to pick up my pack some times, but its gone as soon as it hits me.  JUST  AMAZING.  Cant be around it inside now tho, it chokes me up.  Out at my sis's, we just sit outside on her porch. 

Gotta get up and make a move!!,,, byeeeee

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Fish Tale, r 2

Over the hump day,,,, soo glad to c this day back in my working days. 

Did 3 longggg updates today, took a lot of time.  one was firefox 4, a windows security thing, and something else.  have auto updates so i get notified when there r some to do.  and i do em.  i think i like ff4, pretty cool.  havent checked it all out yet, but what ive seen, i like.  while that was all updating, i watched the rest of "dancing" i had recorded.  like to watch some of those that way, so i can skip all the ads.  the actual show is about a 1/4 of the 2 hours u record.  the more popular the show, the more ads.  Buttttt,,,,tonite i WILL be watching IDOL!! ads n all. lolol  dont know what im gonna do about my 4 favs, how can i choose? o well, thats down the road a bit.  1st place, casey, then james, scotty, n pia.  yall vote, u hear.  will be recording the sitcoms on abc to watch later, too.  on fri thru sun, NOTHING on.

Gosh hated to hear that liz had died today.   was always one of my favs. 

I did remember to go out last nite and spray that yellow jacket nest.  Just had 1 on it, but it wont be back!  ill check it out later to c if there r any more, dont think so.  they go to "roost" like birds for the nite, so i guess that nest just had the 1.  

ummm ummm, love those deviled eggs.  got a craving about 2 weeks ago, and im still eating em.  have yall tried the new hot dogs sonic has?  i got a new york one yesterday, was pretty good.  had a spicy mustard, sauerkraut, and maybe relish on it.  dont remember the others, but one was still the chili cheese one.

took some old bread out to the park yesterday to feed the geese, but just 2 were there.  lol,,, they usually come when they hear my car, knowing i might feed them.  a big rock out in the river was covered with turtles!!! solid.  lmao,,,why i dont fish out there.  i was fishing one time, just below the dam here in town. there were several men sitting up on the dam, but i went to the rocks below.   had a hit, and ended up catching a gar, could c all those men laughing, thinking i didnt know what to do.  ha ha!!, i cut my line, (had swallowed the hook) threw that thing behind me, put a new hook on, rebaited and back out it went.  they didnt laugh any more!!  my dad raised us right!  also, u cleaned what u caught too.  i could clean one as fast as anybody.  my mom n i went out to a stocked tank one time, took our small kids with us.  when my youngest noticed how big the fish were, he stood braced as long as his line was out,hahahaha, didnt want those things to pull HIM in.  dad had made the comment,, ill clean all yall catch.  hahahahaha,,,,we had to quit, had so many, got back, told him,,well, here they r... cya later.  he didnt say a word, just got to cleaning.  lost my wedding ring on that trip,,a big wide band, went back looking 3 times, never did find it.  we even looked in the fish we took home.  i was really thin and it had gotten too big, and would slide off.  think it went out with a cast. 

still miss my dad, especially at this time of year.  hed call, say, lets go fishing, and off wed go.  dont think we ever caught  anything, but sure enjoyed it. 

yall tc now, ya hear

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ramblings today

I guess, as usual, Mondays wear me out, dont get this done when i get home, after doing the respite thing.  Yesterday, i plopped down in my chair, kicked back, and napped for about 30 mins.   Nothing gets done after lunch time, was always this way.  If it wasnt done in the morning, it just wasnt done.  Even when i had to get to work by 8 am, i got most housework done before i left, could buzz thru in record time, lol.  Those jobs, bookkeeping and insurance clerk, were desk jobs, so i could fake it when i had to.  After my first divorce, when i started going out on wed, ladies nite at the club, fri, and sat, i had to do a lot of faking it.  Now, that doesnt mean i didnt get my work done, cause i always did that.  And i always was there on time too.  Later, when i got into home health care, my favorite of all, i could take my time getting there, the ladies understood.  i was there with them 5 days a week, so everything got done, no matter what.  there were 3 r 4 a day to divide my time with.  Later, when i went back as a special attendant, i did a lot of driving, but was paid mileage and driving time.  i drove to different places every day, over a 3 county area, and sometimes, even more than that. 

During those years, for a few months, i had to see a man that weighed 600 lbs!!!, had to give him a bed bath, but he had bars to hold and could turn himself over.  the health agency i worked for finally found a nursing home that could handle him and he was put into it, but by then he had gained up to around 700 lbs.  hed ask me to go pick him up a bag of burgers n fries, saying it was for him and his 2 nieces living close by, but u knew it was all for him.  was nothing i could do and my supervisors agreed.   A nurse came by every day and dressed the wounds on his legs caused by his weight.  Our dear old government supported him for being overweight!!!!  there were lots that did deserve help, but then there were lots that i consider a total rip off. and YES,,,,,,,, needs fixing!!!!!!

Was sent by to see one that lived about 2 blocks from me, and i noticed her papers still in the yard, and mail still in the box.  she didnt lock her doors, so i opened it and called out, and her son was in a chair and started twisting and turning, had md really bad.  i could hear her, and went that way,  found her laying on the floor in the bath room.  OMG,,, had been there 2 r 3 days, son trapped in chair.  her older son lived a block away, drove by every day and DIDNT EVEN CHECK ON HER.  i had seen that he was home, so i called and he came, but couldnt get her up, ended up calling ems, and while that was going on, i fed the son, then bathed and cleaned him up while they took care of her.  she was in the hospital 2 weeks, then went into a nursing home, and her son too,  in another town where her dotter worked in it.  she was getting alzheimers too, and cooked him the same thing every meal, and when i checked her refrigerator, lots of ruined chicken she would use sometimes.  gosh, still makes me want to cry.  her son could see the lite on in the house, the papers laying out there.   just cant imagine a thing like that.  when my mom  got bad, was living alone, there were 5 of us, and each one of us went by every day, at different times, to help and take care of her.  when she did go into the nursing home, her choice, she lasted about 2 weeks, but we all still went by every day. 

lolol nearly noon and i havent even got dressed.  robe feels good, still kinda cool in the mornings.  got all day.

got my raid sitting by my back door,  saw yellow jackets building a nest out by my car.   just waiting to sting me.  gotta wait til dark tho, wanna get every ONE OF THEM.  seems to be more of em this year.  do yall think so too?

gonna close up and find something to eat.   might just make some oatmeal with raisens.   

yall tc

Sunday, March 20, 2011

thorn trees? wow, nothing like this

Was about ready to let this blog thing go, but had lots more readers since yesterday, sooo,,,im back,,like dd said,,, lol

And ABOUT TIME too!!! dd, u cant just let it go NOW!  I don't keep up with very many blogs, but ur one of em,,,left us all hanging, (see, we do miss you).

Does anybody but me know what a honeylocust tree is?  Wellll,,,theres one at the end of my sis's garden.  She had to scream for help when she backed into it while tilling.  Never, EVER, saw thorns on a tree like this.  Even thorns on thorns,,,meannn thangs too.  3-4" long, way too sharp.  Tell u the truth, i didnt know what it was either, but after i had a good look at that thang, i looked it up.  Where it came from, is anybodys guess.  A hedge of those would beat any razor wire thang. 

Speaking of trees, mesquite are leafing out, spring is here!!!  No floweres, no rain.  This county is on the agenda to become a disaster one, due to drought.

Saw on tv this morning, the cat that can purr as loud as a lawn mower.  lololol,,,u could even hear it while they were talking, lives in England.

Got thru Sunday paper, have the coupon ads still laying there to go thru.  Never understood why i do this, i cut em out, go thru em to take with me, THEN, forget to use em!!!  get home with em still in my pocket.  I can even be holding em in my hand, and forget to hand them to the check out person.  lololol,,,dont yall dare say it.  i work WITH alzheimers clients,,,and DONT need to be one. hahahahahaha ya think?  ssshhh,,,dont tell.

No plans for today, but maybe going out and watching the garden grow again.  lololol,,,,hasnt come up yet.  That tree got a good trimming, ( with a lot of OUCHs) so it can be walked around now.  Dont know if the trimmed off branches have been moved r not,,,hahahaha, they were left laying over the fence last time i saw em. 

They were given a boat and have been working on it, got it  cleaned up, but havent been able to get the motor going yet.  Think thats what theyre gonna do today.  This was a pretty expensive boat, but was left setting for years, after this ladys hubby died.  even on a matching trailer.  Everybodys got the "GO FISHING" bug now.  Got Lake Buchanan in eastern part of county.  Ive got the EAT FISH bug..lolol  Gave my good rod n reel to g/dotter, since i hadnt used it in so long. 

ok,,,gotta get moving,,,at least a little,,,

Friday, March 18, 2011

too much searching

man,,,do i ever have a gripe!!!, ive spent 2 days trying to figure out how to open eml files from where win 7 makes u put em to save from my emails, which is libraries, documents.   Well, i can open some of them but if i want to see an attachment, forget it!!  and the ones i can open, with a web site to go to,,,cant do that either!!!!.  these r files that were sent from outlook express, and win 7 uses windows live mail, and the 2 will NOT mesh.  after most of the day today, fooling with that crap, ive given up for today, anyway.  i get,,,can not open .eml files and ive tried all the other choices to use, nothing has worked.  not sure if i can dl oe r not, but thats where i stopped.  have a lot of patience but do get to the end, gotta let go.  even called dell, they wont help without a huge charge cause warranty is gone. 

Got a cardinal right out my door on my feeder.  they live here all the time, and ive been hearing babies from somewhere, not sure if its them r not.  gotta go out with my spray n get rid of yellow jackets, n maybe some red wasps too.  the red wasps arent aggressive so i leave them pretty much alone, but those others ,,,will not have, mean little cusses.  after being chased twice by those yellow jackets and stung, just going out my door,  i accidently saw them going to bed late one day, just under a shelf within  a foot of my back door.  waited til dark and boy, did they ever get it.  my son told me, mom, i wouldve come n got em if u had told me, and i told him,,,twice for noooo reason was enough for me.  he uses all kinds of things for show  n tell.  After that 2nd sting, looked on internet and used the #1 rated suggestion, and it worked!!!.  Just put a penny on a sting, hold for 10 minutes.  There was no pain, no swelling after that,  just totally amazing.  That first one had hurt for 2 days, and my whole hand had swollen up.  Then the itching. 

The house next door is for sale now, and im sure dreading what might show up.  Its on 3 lots, with 9 more behind it, but not included.   Dont want a bunch of bratty kids, and sure dont want dogs.  This is and always has been, a very quiet neighborhood, and i sure hope it stays that way.  Well, after that bunch of druggies had to move from across the street, and just down the street.  My oldest bro lives just down the other way, 1/2 a block from me.  Theyve been there about 30 years.

hey, its TGIF!!!  Had a friend way back, was a big dj in Austin, and on Fridays, he had a 5 oclock whistle time.  It was the beginning of his party time too. lol  Then he headed up this way.  Finally bought a place out west, still in this county.  Hes djing on a small station in marble falls now.

ok, enough rambling,,,cya later

Thursday, March 17, 2011

tales in the life of,,,,,,

Got my last trip to the dentist over with.  wooohoooo  I was gone all day, tho.  My sis went with me n managed to get a doc's appointment at 3:15, so we just killed about 4 hours, not hard when there's a walmart and a church's chicken place.  Went to an HEB plus too.  Got home and unloaded all the groceries, put away, ate supper, and guess what!!! Time for idol.  So that was my whole day. 

Time change has not been any problem, went to bed at 10, slept til nearly 9.  (take my nap before i get up) lololol.  Of course, i'm always up and down during the nite, but go right back to sleep most of the time.  I've always needed more sleep than most, but if you don't like it, it's ur problem.  Just never cared about other people's opinions, did my own thing.  Learned that wayyy back when i was about 13 or 14.  One of my class mates told me at our 20 year reunion,,,that i was always ahead of our time.  hahahahaha,,,Still don't know what that meant.  Took it as a complement,,,hehehe

Gosh, sure do miss that ol DD.  Hurry up DD, play ahead of work now.

Gotta remember to wear green, and like Ben, this was party time back a few years, every nite was back then,,,lololol,,, green beer n all.  BF told me one time, that i was the only female he'd ever known, that could keep up with him on beer drinking, and still function.  Actually, no one could ever tell i had had too much.  That sure paid off the few times i was stopped by a cop.  i always used cruise control, and could drive straight.  Got stopped once for a headlite not working on high, and once for tail lites out.  Both times, knew the cops, and they just said, be careful.  Next day i got em fixed.  Guardian angel sure watched over me for a lot of years.  One day, i just couldn't gag another beer down,,,that was the end of it.  Well, drank rum for a while, but same thing happened with it too.  Gosh, gave up cigarettes, drinking,,,just no fun any more.   lmaooooo.  i could always have fun sober.  Can't throw washers tho.  Had to have at least 3 beers, to put those thangs in the cups but,,,u better watch out after that.  Family kids learned to ask,,how many beers have u had before they'd be my partner.  This was something our kids learned to do really young..  We had a big bar-b-q one time, drew for partners and put good ones in one hat, new in another so it could be pretty equal.  One new man got my 10 year old granddaughter for his p.  Should have seen his frown, til he watched her throw against my bro, and if he had made even ONE point, they would've won that tourny. 

Now, that brings up another story about a washer game.  My bro won big tournys for years, and when his kids were young, set up the washers out in his yard,  told all 3 that if they could ever beat him, he'd give em a hundred dollars.  Well, that's all his 6 year old son needed to hear.  Few days later, he told his dad,,,i'm ready.  he said ready for what?  that washer game,,,,so out they went,, with my  bro thinking,,,piece of cake,,,Said,,,after that first throw, he knew he was in trouble.  game went back n forth, finally got to 20 -19, and bro put 2 in, one hanging, and a close one.  Thot,,,whew,,,got it now.  Had 14 points there.   Butttttt,,,wait a minute!!!!,,,that kid just put 2 in too, killing the other 2,  knocked that hanger away, and got one closer to win!!!! Not a word was said, bro went in the house, came back and handed him the $100 bill.    Used him as his p a lot of times in the big tournys too..

enough, already,,,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the Wetback Bar episode

$%$#@ after that story about a mexican grocery from bb, the other day, guess i gotta tell u about stopping at a mexican bar. Was out just driving, n bar hopping, and way out in nowhere on the side of the highway we were on,  saw this ol vehicle pull out from this little one room place, told bf,,that's a bar, i can tell,,by the way he drove outta there, sooo here we went. Stopped just inside the door., looked around, and the few in there was just staring. Went to the bar, ordered our beer, and ooo noo. NO HABLA ENGLISH,,had to call a customer to come up and interpret for our beer order. Needless to say,we sat way over with our backs to the wall, watching them watch us, drank most of those beers, and left. Got on down the highway, about 30 minutes, and this one looked lots better. Got outta the car,, and oooo NOOOO,,,I had left my purse back there!!!!  Had quite a bit of money in it, plus all my id, etc, so,,just back in the car, back to the wetback bar, get the interpreter again, and then, i glance over at the table where we had sat. There was that purse, same spot. Never been touched!!! We grabbed and ran.....told bf that some day, we could laugh about that..  lmaoo,,,don't think he ever did.

Got a long nite's sleep.  When that *&^%$^%$# time change happens, i just pretend it didn't, go by what  i see on the clock, and get used to it a lot quicker.  Never let yourself think ,,that's really 9, not 10, just sit back and go with the flow.  lol I seem to do that with most of life.  After getting up about 9:15 this morning, i'm still not showered and dressed, but,,,wth cares?  Almost lunch time, too.

Gotta get up earlier tomorrow,,,gotta go for my last dentist trip.  That will end my upkeep i was kinda behind on.  Told him last time,,,"TIME OUT, GOTTA LAUGH",,and with him working in my mouth, i can't EVER talk!!!  He keeps me laughing the whole time.   His assistent  told us she'd hate to see us in a bar together,  with all the bs going on, but she's laughing too.  I go over to Fredericksburg, the tourist trap, so it takes about an hour to get there.  It's a clinic for people like me that can't afford the high priced dental work, and the cost is on a sliding scale.  I've had lots of fillings done, one pulled that had decayed under a filling, cleaned, and about to get the last ones filled. 

I just get tears when i see that little 4 month old baby found alive in Japan.  Gonna have to look more of that story up on ustream or youtube.  Humbling.

Seems i've run outta steam today.  Austin has the SXSW going on, has gotten so huge, don't know how anyone could go and enjoy anything any more.  And Austin IS the music capital of the world now!!  NOT Nashville.  lolol During this 2 week span, there will be over 2000 live bands, playing somewhere. 

Well after that outburst, i'm thru for now.  yall have a goodun

Monday, March 14, 2011

time change IS,,,BAD FOR UR HEALTH!!!

Read in the paper about a study that said that, took em all these years to figure that out!,,,On both ends.  The older i've gotten, worse it is.  When i went to bed last nite, thot,,if i make it up for my volunteer work,,ok, if not,,ok too.  Emailed our chairwoman yesterday and told her i "might" be late.  Accidently woke up just right, and had set my alarm clock somewhere during the nite, to reach over and turn it off.  AND I GOT UP....The lady i worked with today, got there late.  Then, no one came back to get her.  Everybody had left but her, me, and the chairwoman.  She called her son that usually picks her up and found out he, his family, her daughter, her family, were all in CO.  Wellllll,,,just WTH is going ON????  The son called another man and he FINALLY showed up.  Totally irresponsible.  She's probably the worst one we have, and stays by herself most of the time!!!!.  and,,,this son i was talking about is a doctor!!!  

Wind changed around but no rain.  Means not much for the wild flowers this year.  Weeds are kinda showing up in my yard, but haven't needed to do any mowing yet.  Most times, have to in Feb.  yeaaaaaaaaaaa

Wasn't here yesterday, went out to my sis's and watched their garden grow again.  But when she called and said,,come on out, frying chicken for supper,,,was gone in 5 minutes!!!

Gotta go yall, just too darned tired to do this today.  Will bb tho.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rattlesnake eggs

OK DD,,,, now i hafta tell this story about those rattlesnake eggs..  My cousin was here one time and showed the kids how to do this.  U label an envelope "rattlesnake eggs", put a paper clip on a rubber band and wind it up, put it in the envelope, and close it.  My 5th grade son just had to take it to school and show his teacher.  Was the first and only time he had a black teacher. (not sure that had anything to do with it or not)  Well, he goes up in front of the class, hands her the envelope, and she kinda hesitates, but thinks,,,gosh, it's just eggs, so she carefully opens  it.  BUZZZZZZZZZZZ,,,OMG they've hatched!!! She throws up her hands, kicks back her chair and goes over backwards, hits the floor and gets up on her feet running screaming out the door down the hall.  All the kids are sitting there with their mouths open, eyes big and round, wondering what's gonna happen to him,  my son thinking oooo nooo, i'm in horrible trouble now.  She finally ran out of breath, came back and,,,,,,,,, laughed!!! 
And just so you all know, rattlesnakes do live birth,,no eggs.  
Got one more, now.  Opened the door and let my cat in one morning, and she ran a few steps, froze, and sniffed toward the corner where i had brooms, mop, etc.  Then she'd back up,,,sniff again,  tail looking like a bottle brush, do it all over again.  I went to look and she took off slinking down close to the floor, and i'm wondering,,,(lol dd, i wondered)  wth is going on with her?  Well, i did look, didn't see anything, so just forgot about it.  THE NEXT DAY,,,, i went into the living room, and glanced over behind my chair, and there it was!!!! THE RATTLESNAKE.   It froze, i froze, i looked for something to hit it with, couldn't reach anything, it took off under my chair, i flipped the chair over, and it went into a corner by the fireplace.  I could finally reach a long lighter on the mantle, so i squished it's head.  I had nearly picked it up, but there was just something about those stripes on the tail that made me hesitate, couldn't see the one little button, was a year old one, my bro told me. At that age the diamonds don't show either.   Sooo, moral of story is:::::  look, look, look, when ur pet shows u something!!!  That thang had crawled around in my house all night.     Have had em show me a gopher , cat had run in with it then lost it, another little harmless snake once, where a mouse was,so i do take em serious now, lololol
Got one clock changed already, how about yall?  Always do that so i won't forget, like i did the first time.  Gonna be rough on Monday, only day i hafta get up early enough to get out by 9;30.  Think i can finally remember all those hidden ones, lololol,,,like coffee pot, vcr,,,things like that.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Yep, that's me awright.  Idolholic.  Got me hooked way back in season 2, had caught a little of #1, but by 2, had me.  And I lovedddd Simon..... told it like it was.  Was glad when Paula left, never really cared for her, too yukky sweet.  Have noticed the winner never really , rarely, makes it, but the #2,,,wooohoooo.  LOVED Adam Lambert,  (he was on last nite).   He didn't win, but he's the going one now.  lol,,who did???  Anyway,, so many good ones this year, hard to choose who I want, but have it down to,,,,hehe ,,,5 now.
  Of course,,,top 2 are Austin's Casey, and the wild one,,James.  Then,,on down the line,,Pia, and Naima. OOOO yeah!!! what's his name,,,Scotty?,,gosh,,what am i gonna do???  Music's just in my soul, and i was a dancing fool,,like ol Ben.  If no one asked me to dance out at the club,,,i just danced by myself.   Nobody cared.  I could walk in the door at other places sometimes, and just start dancing if one of my fav songs was being played.  One of the guys playing in one of my fav bands, told me one time,,,that i was the craziest woman he'd ever known. ,,,hahahaha,,,told him,,,thank you.  He was laughing.  Remember that song,,,T R O U B L E?? that was me.  Not why i use it as my nic tho.  Was always called trouble.  guess it rhymed with my name.  (and fit)   Bro said when his youngest started school, the teacher asked,,,which trouble do u belong to? lololol
Had to look to see if today was Friday,,,and gosh, it WAS.  Not that it means anything any more, but,,,still kinda look forward to the weekends for some reason.  Sis said come on out, watch the garden grow. lololol  Gotta tell you,  when i was 15, mom and dad decided to have a few more,,so mom and i ended up having 2 about the same time.  Was great fun here in this small town, no one knew whose was whose.  Was always told we all looked alike.  The sis i referred to above, is the youngest of our litter, 4 months older than my son.  My youngest bro, 9 months older than my daughter,  is the one that collects rattlesnakes, and i tried and tried to get the video up on this, but it kept including a bunch of others, so that's something else i have to work on.
yall have a goodun, ya hear

Thursday, March 10, 2011

changing my font

geezzzzzz,,,,ok maybe I've gotten the font changed.  not really sure.  Know I've spent enough time on it already, so this is HOW IT IS!
After reading DD's blog today, guess i might as well tell of  the first time something scared the $^%$&#@$ outta me. There were 4 of us out messing around one night, and went out to an old deserted one room school house, with a grave yard nearby.  The boy driving, did go around the circle and head the car out before he cut it off.  We were sitting there telling all these stories about the place, scaring the girl with him, to death, and laughing like crazy.  I even got out and walked around the ol school building just to prove how brave I was.  She kept saying,,,What's that???,,,and we just cracked up laughing,,,til the last time!  We glanced back and just behind us, THERE WAS THIS HUGE THING STANDING UPRIGHT,,,WALKING RIGHT UP TO THE CAR!!! No one said a word,,,, the car actually started, and he took off so fast, hit a fence post, and a rock, knocked the muffler loose, and WE GOT OUTA THERE!!!  Drove all the way back to town dragging that tail pipe and muffler, cause no one would get out and fix it.  Picked up another boy, gun, flood lite, and went back out there.  NOT ONE THING THERE.  After telling this story around,,people started going out there, but no one ever saw the Big Foot again.  As for me, never went back at nite. lol O,,,btw,,we were NOT drinking!
Ok ,,,done my story, next please.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

better late than never,,,?

Not too good at keeping up with a "daily" blog.  After the volunteer work Monday, had to have a day of rest.  Since i didn't get it yesterday, taking it TODAY.  
Looked out at my front yard pond yesterday, and thot it was empty.  Thot,,,wow,,,can't even keep my poor ol gold fish wet!  Got out there and there was a little water, and,,,gold fish,,,so,,,,filled it up.  We just not getting any rain.  My pump quit working and since gold fish don't need it (they don't need nothing)  I've just left it alone.  Noticed later lots of birds really interested in the water.  Gonna have to fix it so they can get to it.  Get some little floaters.  Have also noticed where something is bedding up at the back, in the dry lantana.  (that's where i found a rattlesnake once). Think it's a deer, sooo cool!  Saw one back there one nite when i turned into my drive.
Talking about birds, my martins are back, not sure how many, but they are there.   My poor ol bird house is just about blown to pieces tho.  Not sure how much longer it will last.  If you ever buy one, get the plastic!
Soooo sick of Charlie Sheen.  Guy is nuts, forget him.  Also, there's no one irreplaceable.  Loved the show, but doesn't take Charlie to do it.
Read BB this morning, maybe he doesn't know there's a pneumonia with no symptoms.  No fever or cough.  You just quit breathing when it gets bad enough.  I had it.  Thank God, i had gone to the emergency room just in time, because i couldn't breathe, got there, and quit.  That was the morning I had that last smoke.  You know what?,,,never missed them,,even after 50 years, 2-3 packs a day.  My COPD seems to not have advanced at all, and that was 3 years ago.  First thing to go immediately, was the cough.  Still trying to lose the weight i gained doing it tho.  lololol
Gosh, when i get going,,,i just keep on.  But really, gotta stop and get dressed, eat a little something.  bb some time.