Sunday, March 31, 2013

Have a Happy Day


I just heard it thunder.  My nephew always does a big bar-b-q on Easter, then all the little ones do the egg hunt.  Don't know about today.  How the weather will be.   We have thunderstorms forecast.  I went out there for a while late yesterday, both bros were out there too.  Watched them play a few games of washers.  Then niece showed us a new game, for me, with dice, called left, right, center.  I left when they started getting their money out,,,lolololol.

Last week there was a raid in this county and also the one to the East.  3 game rooms, online gambling.  I did that 'til I lost my $50,00,,,lol, then I quit.  \

Still hear some thunder somewhere.  Guess i'll look online and see what we have.  So yall tc, and


Friday, March 29, 2013

Time Flys

Gosh!  Can't believe it's been almost a week since I've done a blog.  And still, nothing to write about.  How can it be so boring?

I've added new blogs to read, and it's taking so much time to do that, i'm not wanting to do my own.  I don't want to spend all day on these,,,lololol.  So, what to do?

Good Friday.  Not sure what all is closed today.  Not that it matters.  Well, maybe the library,, they are holding a book for me.  It's the last Linwood Barclay they have, and it's in large print.  His books are soooo good, I had to stay up late last nite to finish one, just couldn't put it down.

Glanced at the weather earlier, and dropped my jaw... Gonna be in the 50s!!!! next week!  For the high.  I keep thinking our Easter spell has come and gone, and back it comes again.

Update on my son,,, his foot was getting lots better then yesterday, wham.  Back to swelling and turning red again.  He has an appointment for 2:15 today, being Friday, and a long weekend.  Gotta see what is going on.  Everything else is doing so good, even his back.  I'm still having trouble believing low sodium and potassium can cause the problems he was having, but,,,i guess it can. 

i'll try not to wait so long to get back here.  But, no promises.  Like I told DD, I am here, reading everybody's every day, and I do comment on his for sure.  He always does on mine too.  TYTYTY DD.  Makes it seem worth while.

Yall tc, and


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring is Here

Well, guess no one looked at the most scenic drive thru this area.  I thot it was a huge honor to be named one of the best 10 in the US.  It won't be under that site now.

Things are greening up.  Lots of flying stinging things, wasps, bees, yellow jackets.  I have spray by each door.  I took all the little bird houses down, so the wasps can't nest in them now.  I'm seeing them on the upper rafters around the house now.  Spray them if I can.

I don't know when Easter is, and still haven't looked.  This cold spell coming tonite is probably it.

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Surprised Today

Couldn't share it so,,,go to, and there at the top, there are 8 pictures and stories to go thru.  I always check these out, and you can imagine the surprise when I looked at the 10 most scenic drives in the USA,,and THERE WE WERE!  The Hill Country!  When I saw the pic I knew it was taken here.

Just thot yall would like to see these,  and know what it looks like here when the conditions are right.  There is also times of all red, and all yellow.  There's not any of those shown.  They follow the bluebonnets. 

Yall tc, and


Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Long Weekend

Js gf called about 8:30 Friday nite, and he was in bad shape again.  I rushed over there, and in a few minutes decided to call an ambulance.  He had collapsed, couldn't feel his legs, couldn't talk, but there was a little more than the last time, like the way he was holding his arm and hand.  Later I realized it was like a seizure.  They did all the blood tests and the one thing that could do this, was low sodium.  I just happened to ask what that meant and later looked it up online.  He was told to drink no more than 1000cc of fluid a day.  His white blood count was off too, but he said he had run a little fever off and on for a few days.

After about an hour he said, water,,,and I knew he was getting over this.  He has an appointment with his doc for Wednesday.  Will find out more of what to do.  But it is amazing now, of how much better he is, just cutting the fluids.  What he had been doing was the opposite of what he should have done,. cause he was told this in late Dec.

It's been too hot to be out doing anything.  The trees don't have leaves yet, so there's no shades.  If you get under a live oak, they are shedding leaves like crazy and get in the car, with the red wasps that are everywhere.  I've had to sit and wait to see if the wasp will fly back out or not, several times.

Nothing else going on, so yall tc, and


Friday, March 15, 2013




IMG_0077 (640x480)IMG_0077IMG_0078IMG_0079

Big roping event here this weekend.  Huge crowd out there, of trucks and horse trailers.  Really didn’t see spectators.  I just drove thru, took a few pics.  It’s a qualifying round on the way to the finals. 

There are a few world champion calf ropers, team ropers, whatever,  living here, but I never was into that, so not sure of their names.  One pair won 7 years in a row.  They brought dozens here to live, too.  Big spreads, big roping arenas around too.

The crawfish open is next month, and is another huge event.  Lots of going ons, roping too.

Yall tc, and



Nothing going on,,, but I did change my comments to registered users.  Hope it's ok, if not, I'll change back. 

Let me ask you something,,,when I open my email, the one on top is open? or not?  You can see it, so I don't know.  The reason I brought this up, is, I got a text from g/dotter saying if I got an email from her, do not open, she had been hacked.  Yeah, you guessed it, when I looked at my email later, hers was the top one.  I marked all, then junk, then deleted all of them.  Sooo, did I also get hacked from that?  Nothing has happened that I can tell.  And o yeah, now I need to go into Verizon and delete those too.  Forgot about that til just now.

I'm still using my old vcr, and when I watch a play-back, it will roll, snow, etc, for a few minutes then straighten out.  Guess I should set the time back for them.  The new head cleaner didn't help at all.  I won't be at a Walmart til next month when I take J back to the doc.  I've learned to live without it,,,lololol.  The price of gas has sure changed my life.  When I count that in, I sure can't save enough to pay for my trip any more.  Used to do that on one can of coffee.

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, March 13, 2013


On my vcr experiences lol.  The woman didn't show up over the week end, sooo, I called Monday and she told me she couldn't find the remote.  So I stopped by and got my money back and she said she'd call if she found it.  In the meantime, after that, I looked at Alco, and they had the same one I had just sent back, so then I stopped at our Radio Shack (not) and here I go again.  He had 2 used ones ,,, so, I bought one and a universal remote, got home and it hooked up just like my old one.  It only had the vcr part, no dvd.  Fooled with it just about all day, got the remote programed, but,,could never get the menu to come onscreen.

Tired of all this BS, so I took all that back too, the next morning, and got my money back.  When I get somewhere to do it, I will look at dvd recorder/players.  And now I know they have to have a tuner.  Well, the man at RS said he had an adapter that would make it work if no tuner.

Hooked my old one back up, used a new head cleaner, (don't know if that will help or not), and now I have it set to record a show tonite.

That's all folks, tc and


Sunday, March 10, 2013

It Did Rain

My gauge has about an inch in it today.  It hit just before 10 pm,  right after my movie ended.  Saying that cause my power went off.  I waited for about 20 mins, and best I could remember, turned off the lights and went on to bed.  Since I run a fan I even turned it on, and that's what woke me up whenever the power came back on.  Have no idea what time it was, just was awake enough to know it was on, and then I was back asleep.

 I haven't gotten that other vcr yet, maybe today.  If not, i'll call tomorrow.  Don't know her last name now, not the same as before.  (like mine,,lol)

Gosh, just have no interest in doing this today, so yall tc, and


Friday, March 8, 2013

In the Process of

Getting that vcr thingy sent back by ups,,the woman happened to mention she still had an old one in a closet, never used it.  WELLL,,, after 18.00 return postage, I asked her if she wanted to sell it, and yep she would, so I paid her 20.00.  She's gonna bring it by later.   lol I know what yall are thinking, but,,I've known her forever, so I had no problem with that.  I asked her if she had the book, but she didn't remember, so with or without it, maybe I can figure out how it works.  NOW, I have one to get rid of..

Read about the worm beds earlier.  My youngest son took a can of worms into Mom's house one time, and she said,,,Get those right back out of here!,,So,,on the way out he detoured into my bro Bs room (he was still in hi school) and dumped the whole can into Bs underwear drawer.  There was a lot of yelling the next morning when B reached into that drawer in the dark, and,,,touched all that slimy squirming stuff....hahahahaha.   Everything in that drawer was in great need of washing, and the worms were clean by then....

The house we lived in had a chicken pen behind the garage, and I fed them out a window in it.  There was a big piece of plywood there in the pen too.  Between the feed and the water under that plywood, we had huge worms.  Dad brought a little coffee can down one day, to dig some fishing worms, so here we went...  He raised that plywood up, did one dig, and picked and picked worms to put in the can.  Had to sit down and rest to do another.  Did another one,,same thing, and by the time he had picked all those worms off that spaden fork, he had 1/2 a can of worms,,,  Don't think he caught ONE fish with any of those worms...lolololol.  We did a lot of fishing but I guess those fish just never liked us. 

He took this same son down to the river one time, fishing.  Caught a gar, threw it back behind him, but my son just took one look at those teeth and wouldn't get back in that river.  (He had seen Jaws,,,lololol)

Mom and I took our little ones out to a stocked tank one time, and Dad made the comment,,i'll clean all yall catch.  Our 2 10 year olds (J and N) were fishing too, but my youngest, about 5, was standing with his pole in, and braced with his feet, so those fish couldn't pull him in.  We had to quit, so we could pay for them, and true to his word, Dad did the cleaning...hahahahah  Lost my wedding band on that trip, went back several times, and never found it.  I think a fish ate it.  It was falling off and must have done that somewhere.  Even with a metal detector, didn't find it.

The horse that was sooo enjoying running free, is still at the neighbors.   It's owner must live far away, did find out it jerked loose from a trailer, and took off.  Has the halter but not the reins.

Ok, had some left over chili, out of my freezer, and now it's nap time, so yall tc, and


Thursday, March 7, 2013

New VCR/DVD Combo

Going back.  Messed with it for hours yesterday, thot I had it after bro B came over and re-hooked it up right, but,,NOOO,  didn't record a thing!  So,,this morning, I'm back on it, and OMG,,read a little line in the book,,saying :  this unit won't record without an external tuner!!  My fault, didn't know tunerless,,,meant no tuner in the unit,,,just thot it didn't need one. 

Yep, it's boxed up waiting on return instructions, old one hooked back up so I can record an hour tonite.  So, back on a new one now.  Woe is me,,,sob sob,,,

I know yall are laughing,,,lololol.  Our radio shack is closed for some reason, or I would go see if they had any.  It was yesterday, too.

I've worked up an huge appetite now.  All that overuse of brain power.

My new neighbor,,Paul, has the place to the East looking so good.  He's mowed and plans on putting in a garden.  I told him good,,,bring in some rabbits..  He also cut the dead tree on down, what was left.

I'm hearing calls all the time, about skunks around.  People seem to think they're rabid, just because they're out in the day.  They can barely see, so they appear to be acting strange.  And, it's their mating season too, so I guess they are acting unusual.  We raised one when I was young, and my Dad loved it,,,especially when he would answer the door with the skunk right behind him.  He was always one for practical jokes.

Well, that's it, again,,,not much, so yall tc, and


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Work Going On Everywhere





Neighbors to my East, after finding water leaks after not being there.  They are still working on the inside.



Across the street to the West.  He’s having to replace all the water, sewer lines.


And,, the small beaver at the park.  I had never seen one but J had.  He had seen a group of babies right up at the bank below where he was sitting.

I haven’t been doing anything, and these pics are from a few days ago.

My new vcr came in yesterday, and doesn’t hook up like the old one.  J said it was now, but, haven’t been able to program it yet.  He’s napping in there, so I’ll wait til later.  Don’t need it tonite.

That’s all folks,, yall tc, and













Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thx, New Members

Always happy to see new members.  I, too, have expanded the blogs I follow.   Feel free to comment,,,,lololol.

I just finished off a club sandwich, the leftover half from yesterday.  Way too big for one meal,,has some kind of seasoned fries that are the best I've ever eaten, that come with it.

Today on the Ustream site, Petespond, that I love, there were lions!  Male, female, and 2 cubs.  I had it on there, while I went thru all these catalogs I've gotten lately,,so I could eliminate them.  They sure pile up.  I especially like Collections,etc and Lakeside Collection.  Now, Dr Lenards and those kind, I kinda skim thru.

Nap time,,so yall tc, and


Saturday, March 2, 2013

A New Day

And still nothing to blog about.  I did take J for a check up yesterday, and he was told to walk walk walk,,,Nothing else has helped.  Physical therapy and that machine seemed to do more damage than anything so he's walking.  Was told that was what it would take to get those nerves working around the scar tissure there in his lower back.  His next apt is in 6 weeks and we think he will be xrayed to see how it looks.   That will be 5 1/2 months.

I got up from a chair yesterday, here at home, and couldn't stand on my left leg!  Had a pinched nerve all the way down, and had to hold on to things to limp along.  I accused J of catching it from him,,lololol.  I took an aleve and after I had sat and watched tv for about 2 hours, it finally let up.  Wow.  It's there, and i'm being careful.  I think the squats I had been doing had to have caused this.  I'll give it a few days,  and hopefully, I can do those again.

That horse that was here a week or so ago, is still up at the end of the block in the neighbors pen.  J talked to the animal control man and he told him it had jerked loose from a trailer that weekend out at the rodeo arena, but we don't know where the people were from.  Assuming a long way, cause of it still being here,,,OR,,,maybe they thot it was a good way to get rid of it..lololol.  It's a beautiful paint.  Young looking, full of piss and vinegar.

While in F'burg, I made a quick stop at Walmart cause I  needed a new blind on one of my front windows.  I measured the blind, got one, and,,,,,it was an inch too short!!!!  I remeasured when I got home, and it still said 30" on the old one, and,,,the box said that, but the blind was 29".  Know what that means?  Means I fixed the old one.  And will take it back some day.

We brought back Church's Chicken, and I ate both pieces I was so hungry by then.  In my dinner.  He had one too.  The trip was on me,,my birthday gift for him,,coming up. 

Ok,,I know this is boring so yall tc, and