Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nothin to Say

No news, good news?  Guess so,,,no updates since my last post anyway.  Toe is doing great, had a great nite's sleep,,laptop's back to,,,I'm on a roll here. hahahaha,,,

Picked up some sugar free chocolate chips for N yesterday, cant find em here.  Think i ought to require payment in cookies?  Love her bread pudding, sugar free.  She adjusts most recipes to sugar free.  Shes the one with out of control type 1 diabetes.  I know she eats right, and shes thin, n exercises, but its either way high r way low.  She cant afford a specialist, nor the treatment that would require.  She has fast acting insulin for when the numbers r way hi,,,like 500 r more,,,and eats sweets when its crashing down to 30s.  She wants to check on the pump, but when u have no money, u dont pay hi priced medical care.  Shes in the process of getting some help, has filed all the paper work, and now in waiting stage.   Shes not black r hispanic, r illegal alien,,,just a white girl needing some help.

Should have talked to the puter man,,,before i called dell last month.  I had changed a setting, and then couldnt open eml files, (ones i had saved in documents).    Da man told me about this program, Mailview, that opens any files.  Not sure how it all works, but ive put it on here, gonna have to figure it out.  He said i could save my mail to that but just the little i looked, i have a LOT to figure out. lol,,,he said to call if i needed to.  (guess what?,, i already need to).    He runs classes  on whatever people think they need, when he has enough to be interested in something.  Its 22 miles out there, so would cost me over 7.00 just for the trip.  Hate this, but is necessary, counting the cost of any trip, gas wise.  Cant save enough now to cover the cost of driving to HEB, unless i have a long list.  Ive heard a rumor we r getting a Lows,,,buying out the super s.  Never heard of them but have a little hope.  HEYYY!!!! We r also getting a chicken place, Express Chicken,,,wooohoooo.  Getting uptown now! lolololol  We do have a few traffic lites,,,hahahahaha.

Actually, we dont want it to change.  Over in Marble Falls, u can c how too much growth too soon, makes this little town horrible.  Besides just the town, a few miles out is Horseshoe Bay, pricey pricey place, and add it all together, makes the "horrible".  Hate for the world to discover this place.  lol Being the deer capital is bad enough.  Most who visit, always want to buy a little piece of this paradise.  lol,,,,AND, we have world famous Cooper's BarBQ, and Inmans Turkey Sausage. (thats in the building that was the ol Rambling Rose,,,) nuff said. 

See how i can just ramble on,,when i dont have nothing to say?,,,,

Remembered a few of these old sayings we all lived with.  Here we go,,,"I will, directly,,,im fixing to.  i ought to.  Its over yonder.  And gosh, i still use em most of the time,,,hahahahaha.  I taught myself to never say 'ain't',  n would correct myself when i did it.  That was back in the 5th grade.  When my youngest son was  about 15, he started correcting himself to SAY,,,'ain't'.   lol  Still miss that kid every day.  He will always be 16.  My bro, B, and i both know he would have been a zillionaire now, he was coming of age in the mid 80s, was a puter whiz, and a brain too.  We joke that yeah, with all that money, he would still play pool for a dollar and quit if he didnt win.   Bs oldest son is a replica of him,,,looks, brains, actions,,,everything.  Somehow, he got the exact same genes.  Ill always wonder if he hacked into the school records and set his grades to straight As all those years. ahahahahah,,,know he didnt, but,,,,he never had to study.  U could also ask him any football ?,,,and he could answer it instantly.  another howard cosell.

ok gone again.  MIGHT bbl