Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Just poured out almost 1 1/2" of rain we got late Sunday.  Just blew up and came on thru.  2-3" in Western part of county.  It had severe hail in it, but before it got here, that disappeared. 

Gosh, don't know about yall, but it just gives me the shivers to think about camping inside those forests in CO, AZ, NM and other places.  The fire danger.   We liked to put up real cedar trees for Christmas, and we were careful, watered them, etc.  WELLLL,,,one time when we took it out, i just threw a match on it, and it went,,,"WHOOSH". Instant fire ball.  Never again did i have one in my house.  Got a beautiful artificial one right then,,on a good sale.

When i was in the 3rd grade,,not sure what age that was,,,lol,,,our house burned.  I was at school, but could see the smoke from the windows, knew it was our house by that big oak tree.  It was on the highway going thru town, and people stopped and carried out everything.  The fire was in the attic, (wiring) so we didn't actually lose anything, but the horror stayed with me forever.  I could be out somewhere, and hear the fire siren (small town) and i would have to go see where it was.  As soon as there were smoke alarms,,we had them.  Saved our house one time too.  We were eating supper and it started beeping,,i said,,why is it doing that and got up to look.  When i opened my son's bedroom door next to the dining area,,there was a fire going close by the bed, window.  J was the one that did the quick right thing,,wet a big towel and threw it on it,,Hubby threw big pan of water and scattered candle wax.  How that did that i still don't know.  He had the candle in a metal pan, sitting on a box, and the wic floated out, caught the box on fire,,  HOW did that happen??  It scared him so bad he wouldn't even sleep in there for several nites.  I still can't sleep in a house without an alarm.

I've been staying in,,just don't get out in the heat.  I need to go go Walmart today while it's not so bad, but,,,been saying that for a week,,,lol.    Who knows,,might just do it later.  I'm not on a schedule..  Filled my car up yesterday, and that trip to San Antone  was 23.2 MPG.  That was driving over 70. 

I called J yesterday and told him to call the doc and tell them if anyone cancels a later appointment,,let him have it.  That way i can drive him.  Just can't operate at 6 in the morning.  That's when he needs to leave for the 8:30 one.  He said he would.

Got my fly buzzing my nose again.  Been here a week!!  Yall tc, and