Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hmmm,,, Nothing to Say,,, AGAIN

Just a quick update.  Cause there's nothing.  Same ol, Same ol.

Was 21* when i got up this morning.  And NOT talking about weather.

Hip's still hurting, don't know what to do.  First thing i do when i get up hurting, is take the 2 aleve.  Takes about an hour to work.

I've been taking a box of jello to my 5 yo niece, and she's gotten good enough i think she could do it herself.  Well, yesterday i took a box of chocolate pudding.  Yep, she loved it.  I had asked if it was ok, cause it takes 2 cups of milk.

The Voice is back, and soooo much better than Idol.  It's so funny with the judges cutting up all the time, more a comedy show.... lolol.  BUT, the singers are lots better too.  The judges on Idol are BLAH.

My g/dotter lost her job Monday,, was told that she was "disconnected",, WTH does that mean?  She always said she loved her job, so, how could she be doing something to get fired?  We think they had to hire someone else, so did this to her.  She was in shock, totally blindsided.  It was part time, and now, she's gonna set up a booth in a place here, to sell her crafts.  She's so talented!

Don't like trying to post a blog, when it's so boring.  So sorry, yall, tc, and