Sunday, February 17, 2013

No Plans for Today

But i'm open for doing SOMETHING.  Get cabin fever way too much in the winter.  I've had breakfast, just need to get going. 

Got up last nite about 11, and the little house across the street had a lite on.  I knew someone was moving in, but didn't know they had done so, and there was nothing around.  Well,, I wondered if I should call and have it checked out, but now i'm glad I didn't.  The man that bought, or rented, it, is there today, and I guess he had his scooter inside...lolollol.  It's sitting there now, and the front door is open.  That's the only vehicle he has, and my dotter told me that a couple of years ago, he rode it to Houston for cancer treatments, back and forth..Wow.

I'm getting neighbors all around!   There, and next door.  The couple next door found a water leak inside, after they had it turned on and left.  So they've spent 2 days pulling out that old soaked carpet.  No idea what other damage tho.  I haven't bothered them, seeing how hard they were working.

The loose horse is still in the pen a block up the street, and I don't know if they've found out who the owner is or not.  At least he's safe.  A few weeks ago, one around here somewhere, got out, ran to the highway and got run over and killed.  It's just 3 blocks away,  so i'm sure glad this one stayed up on the hill here.  I saw Jude coming out of the pen up there!!,,,guess he went to visit...lolololol.  And the horse was here that morning too, before he got into the pen,,,maybe visiting Jude,,,,hahahahah.

Wild animals do not excite Jude, he will just sit and watch them, but,,you let a person show up,,he's GONE.

That's all I've got,,so yall tc, and