Friday, March 30, 2012

Still No Phone!

I called and left a message earlier to the repairman, but,,no call back.  With him telling me he had a medical emergency yesterday, i don't know if he's even working or not.   My son told me yesterday they had had the same problem, no phone, but internet, for 2 days at their business location.  So,,

I always wait til afternoon to get out and do errands, and i told him that on my message.  Gotta go back to the place that cut my hair and get one spot cut a little more.  Doing that at 2;15.

There's a huge jeep rally going on here, this weekend.  The park is full, town is full, they're everywhere.  Doubt if i can get into the park at all today, or all weekend.   Where i was parked there yesterday, this big truck showed up, pulling one.  They just parked on the side of the little road going thru, and unloaded, set up tents.  There were 2 little boys with an older one, and i guess, the dad.  When i left, i gave them the old bread i had, told them how much the geese loved it... Hope they show up for them.  I haven't seen them for a couple of weeks, except for 4, about a week ago.  They're somewhere tho.  Maybe the females are setting,,would love to see new ones.  Years ago, i saw them with some.

There was a funeral yesterday out in a country cemetery,,now you're wondering why i'm telling you this, aren't you?  Welll,,,during the burial a man started having a heart attack and they had to call the ambulance for him.  Hope it wasn't the husband.  I have never heard of this happening before, have you?  I went to school with both of them.  She was at our class reunion 2 years ago, and i didn't think she would make it another month,  but she did.  He's a year or 2 older than me, even tho he was a classmate.

I got to start school at 5, in that little country place we lived, and i had just turned 6 when we moved here.  The teacher decided not to say anything because i was doing good, sooo,,i was a year younger than my classmates.  There was one other boy, like me.

Ok,,outa nothing to say, so yall tc, and