Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just a Shortie, today

Well, gotta do a short post today.  Ol Jules brought up his story about a lost gold mine, so had to tell about one here.  A classmate of mine spent years looking for one here, and same as ol Jules, had oltimer stories, maps, etc.  Never found it, but there is gold here.  I know i've covered this in another blog.  Then there is the story passed down thru the generations about the lost Spanish shipment of silver.  The story goes,,,they hid it in a cave around here, but, again, it's never been found.  My x father n law, 2nd time, had lots of stories he told, and i wish i had recorded them.  That was one of them.

Not sure if i've told this one or not, but out there where that property is, was the first settlement in this county.  It still has an old log cabin, cemetery, and out all by itself, in a pasture, 2 flat markers, one with a german name on it.  Around here,, back then, were Comanche Indians, and they would set up a camp on a big creek there.  He said up 'til a few years ago, u could still see the bare places where their tents had been.  They left during the winter, went South.  Took the whole camp and all.  During the summer, they helped themselves to the new settlers crops when they felt like it, took what they  wanted.  Well, one year, was a drought ,,,like this one,,, and there were no crops.  That meant starving during the winter.  The Comanche packed up and left, like always,,and the settlers were having a really hard time,  they didn't know how they could survive.  One day, here they came back, the Comanches, and with them, bringing food for them all, to last thru the winter. 

Later still, another settlement was made a few miles up the river, and that's still here, the little spot called Castell.  My hubby and i had talked about buying the old Castell Store, was for sale, but didn't.  I would have loved it, an old country store, big porch, everybody gathering there to talk, play dominoes, or whatever.  Castell has gotten really popular in the last few years, lololol, might be because of that "Castell Rooser",,,look that up on youtube,,,lots of goings on out there now.

OK,, mind's gone blank, time to say,,,,adios.  HAGD