Monday, November 19, 2012

Have to Laugh

My phone rang a bit ago, and the only phone working in the house, is in the back bed room,,,lololol.  I had already called the verizon tech that worked so long on the internet connection, and it's still the same, and now, i had to call him again, about the phones......lolololol.   He called right after 8 this morning, i had just gotten up, and said he was gonna try some other stuff.  Poor guy.

It was J calling, saying he was picking up some breakfast tacos.  I was just fixing to do my waffles, so i'm waiting.,,,Starving,,,lololol.

He's driving against all my warnings, but did say he was gonna get into an automatic, the standard was killing him.  They, he and his dad, have a used car lot.  Lots of  He loves that Kia, cause of the 47MPH.  OOOO,,,,on the trip to SA, i got 28.3!!!! In my Taurus.  Never got that before.  I drove around 65 mph, using cruise control...have to do that, my foot gets too heavy.

I just can't believe that F1 race wasn't on tv yesterday!! Well, not on my cable. 

Looking at the week's weather report,,,upper 70s!,,,lol,,,love this.

That's all folks,,,tc and