Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's Going On?

OK,,gonna agree with BB, where have all the bloggers gone?  And why?  Do i have any followers left?,,Who knows, get very few comments.  I see the numbers but do they like what i'm doing?  I think that's the main thing,,kinda need to know, cause it's really discouraging to not know.

Like, my niece told me she would let me know, after she read my blog about her a few days ago,,,and,,,NOTHING.  Did she read it, or not?  I have no way of knowing.

Does it matter that i'm not an RVer?  I love reading about their adventures, and sure wish i could do it too.  That was something that never entered my mind,,,til i started reading all these blogs.  How much i would have loved it!!!  I was always a do-it-yourselfer, loved adventure, doing new things, never had any fear of it either.  And like rvsue, there would never have been any fear.  What will be, will be,,  Only difference there, lmao, would be my cats!

 Back around 90, had one that i took everywhere.  One time, had my young g/dotter and him with me, and we went to Zilker park there in Austin,, just killing time.  We got out of the car, with me carrying him, til he fought his way down, and took off running ahead, right up a tree.  He was about 1/2 grown at that time.  Well, he wouldn't come down, so i told N,,,let's go.  We didn't get 20 feet down the trail til here he came.  Trotted along with us just like a dog would have.  Had him there another time, walking out with crowds of people and he would keep up, stop and smell something, then run and catch up.  He got too interested in one place and we had to walk away, and he came flying past us right to a steel pole,,and realized it wasn't a tree, just in time.  Then he found a man he loved,,,lol,,was rubbing on his legs, didn't want to leave, but did when we got too far ahead.  People stared at us, couldn't believe this cat!  No leash,,,nothing.  Most amazing cat i ever had.

Gosh, was cleaning the last windows in the living room, and when i opened the door, there was a package on my porch.  Wow,,all kinds of goodies from that niece i was talking about.  And,,got here on my BD...So,,, had to text her,  and we texted a bit.  Flat forgot to ask her is she had read my blogs.  Sent the addy in an email to her.  She sent this Video that u use, looks like a real fireplace ,,,on ur TV!!! Can't try it yet, have one in to record tonite.  See, i used to have a fireplace.  Then there's the long scarf, warm one, gloves, which i needed bad, slip on warm looking shoe thingys,,holiday dish towel, and a couple of  Magnetic hooks, hangers.  She can still do it.  The card made me cry,,,lol.  Her kids signed it, and the 5 year old , well i can read the F,,,and the H,,,but,,,i know it's her!  Have to laugh every time i look at that one.

I just have windows to clean in one more room.  So rarely in there, might be a while.  It's where my desktop is.  Should go in there to use this laptop, it has lots more windows, and it's in the front.

Checking out for today, and not sure when i'll be back.