Saturday, August 11, 2012

August Almost 1/2 Gone!!!

Glad yall liked that darn bird too.,,,,lololol.  That one and the other one with the goose attacking that man,,will make me laugh every time.  It's on the 5-26 blog.

I just wanna let yall know, how much i like reading blogs that answer the comments.  Makes them more interesting,,,or something.  And especially when there are questions,,,they need an answer.  MsB told me about Walter today, and THANK YOU!  I like seeing the other ones answered too, not just mine.  I try not to miss any, but if i do, i apologize.  I think we talked about this before, DD and i, that we even go back on other blogs,,,

When i got out about 5+ yesterday, i saw 106.  I was thinking WHY did i do this,,but was kinda hungry.  I went to another place i hadn't tried and got a club sw,,heard it was really good.  Wow,,,and was it ever.  Huge, with some kind of fries that had something on them that was sooooo good.  That sw was 5 layers of goood stuff.  1/2 was all i could do, so i have another meal of it for today.  Here i am hungry and i just ate my waffles,,,hahahahaha,,,that sw was that good.

Jude is still in.  Guess that heat kinda got to him too.  Gonna have it thru the weekend.  When i was out, i went by son's and x's place and the door was open, so i stopped.  J was just about out of it.  He had gone there for a minute, ended up staying about 3 hours cause people kept buying vehicles,,(3) but he got too hot, and his back had swollen up bad.  That's when it locks up and he falls.  He shouldn't ever be there alone.  His dad was gone.  He was sitting there in the office, HOT, and asked me if i would bring him a beer out of his car.  I did, and it was hot too.  That helps the back too.  Anyway, finally got him to turn things off, and we headed for the door and this man came in and they had to talk ,,,,and talk,,,him looking like he was about to fall, me saying you gotta go.  Well, i followed him home to be sure he got there, had wanted to drive him, and he was gonna hit the bed with an ice pack.  He told me this morning  there is a huge black spot there now.  AND, he was gonna just stay down today.  GOTTA get something done!!!  He still doesn't know about his MRI, has an appointment on the 22nd.  His doc is gone,, on vacation right now.

That's my latest.  Am i missing anything?  Any ?s,,,i do answer them,,,lol.

Well, yall tc, and