Monday, February 6, 2012

No Win,,

WOW, rvsue sure had a bad hair day,,huh....I can put myself in her place, and would NOT want that kind of company. Heck, i don't even like to put where i am on my blog. Never did. Like,,on my email, i never put my name, just don't like it being out there. But she has been so open, and gotten so much great advice, and help,,and now it's shutting off? lololol...well,,,ok. I hate to see that, cause i really liked the blog,,,heck, i'm still missing hobojoe...

Ok,,on to something what?,,, OOOO YEAH!!!,,,Super bowl!,,,I didn't win that pot,,,an 8 did. Think my bro G had it. I was home watching a movie, but would switch over sometimes. That 8 came up right at the end. That safety at the beginning made the 2, 5, and 8 good numbers...lololol.. Got 2 movies being recorded today, then tonite, gotta record the Voice, missed it last nite after the ball game.

Bro B had rib eyes cooked, and i was sooo hungry for steak, i tried to eat some. It was so tender, but still wouldn't go down. Ended up upchucking just about all i ate, (few bites). It had gotten stuck kinda bad, cause later i ate a peanut butter sandwich,,and it hurt too. Lots came back up. Sorry about talking about that,,, I am gonna have the band loosened all the way as soon as i can, just never gonna work for me. That tiny bit of fill i got last time, created this problem, so there's just no way i can ever get to the 'right' spot. I can't drink during the nite either, i have to rinse my mouth out for the thirst. Otherwise it comes back up when i lay down. Woe is me,,,hahahaha,,,

I did get some walking in yesterday, even tho it was windy and cold, and cloudy. lol, Made m e walk faster. I'm wearing my r&r shoes, they work good for it. I got real close to little ducky, and that leg is messed up down by the foot. At that joint. It's not holding the foot up, is dragging it. Not good, i know. It bends all the joints down to that one. But it's still eating, flying, swimming,,,etc.

Got some more signatures on our petition yesterday, too. Makes 25 just in this neighborhood. And there were several not home. And a few that didn't sign. Making progress.

Ok, outa here, yall tc, and