Friday, February 3, 2012

Football Time!

Bro B called a bit ago, and asked if i wanted a number for a 200.00 pot. YES!!!,,I drew a 9. 10 numbers, 20.00 each. Pays for end of game score. For yall that don"t know how this works,,you add the 2 scores, then take the right side number. 27+12=39,,,,MY 9!! Wish me luck! lololol. He also said his oldest son is playing a football game tomorrow in Marble Falls,,,He is sooo good. Might go. It's some kind of league thing. He made the only score in their last game. He told them at 1/2 time, pass it to ME,,so they did, 4 times in a row, with him catching them all, gaining, then scoring. Love to watch him play. Stupid coach in high school never used him right. He jumps like a deer too, lol.

That little duck is still hopping on one leg, saw it yesterday. I had high hopes, but not so much now.

Going out to Ns house later, haven't been out there in a while. Great weather to be outside. Got 4 more signatures on the petition yesterday, in the neighborhood. Haven't heard back from our game warden yet. And i did call again, left a voice mail. No telling how far a territory he works, so it might take a while to look at it.

A house right on the edge of Llano, burned yesterday, but the worst was, it was just about fully engulfed before it was seen. Out where it was. I feel so bad for them, not home, everything burning. Horrible! When i was in the 3rd grade, our house burned but almost everything was gotten out, not burned. I could see the smoke from the school. Knew it was our house because of the huge oak tree there. That was so horrifying to me, that even after i grew up, if i wasn't home when i heard the fire siren, i would rush there. Now i have scanners. We had that siren until the fire dept. starting using their own scanners, and tones to call.

Got my oatmeal made for lunch, so, yall tc, and