Friday, March 11, 2011


Yep, that's me awright.  Idolholic.  Got me hooked way back in season 2, had caught a little of #1, but by 2, had me.  And I lovedddd Simon..... told it like it was.  Was glad when Paula left, never really cared for her, too yukky sweet.  Have noticed the winner never really , rarely, makes it, but the #2,,,wooohoooo.  LOVED Adam Lambert,  (he was on last nite).   He didn't win, but he's the going one now.  lol,,who did???  Anyway,, so many good ones this year, hard to choose who I want, but have it down to,,,,hehe ,,,5 now.
  Of course,,,top 2 are Austin's Casey, and the wild one,,James.  Then,,on down the line,,Pia, and Naima. OOOO yeah!!! what's his name,,,Scotty?,,gosh,,what am i gonna do???  Music's just in my soul, and i was a dancing fool,,like ol Ben.  If no one asked me to dance out at the club,,,i just danced by myself.   Nobody cared.  I could walk in the door at other places sometimes, and just start dancing if one of my fav songs was being played.  One of the guys playing in one of my fav bands, told me one time,,,that i was the craziest woman he'd ever known. ,,,hahahaha,,,told him,,,thank you.  He was laughing.  Remember that song,,,T R O U B L E?? that was me.  Not why i use it as my nic tho.  Was always called trouble.  guess it rhymed with my name.  (and fit)   Bro said when his youngest started school, the teacher asked,,,which trouble do u belong to? lololol
Had to look to see if today was Friday,,,and gosh, it WAS.  Not that it means anything any more, but,,,still kinda look forward to the weekends for some reason.  Sis said come on out, watch the garden grow. lololol  Gotta tell you,  when i was 15, mom and dad decided to have a few more,,so mom and i ended up having 2 about the same time.  Was great fun here in this small town, no one knew whose was whose.  Was always told we all looked alike.  The sis i referred to above, is the youngest of our litter, 4 months older than my son.  My youngest bro, 9 months older than my daughter,  is the one that collects rattlesnakes, and i tried and tried to get the video up on this, but it kept including a bunch of others, so that's something else i have to work on.
yall have a goodun, ya hear