Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cold, WET,, and a Little Windy

Hellloooo,,,Guess what?,,,it's been raining since last nite.  Woke up about 2 am,,wind was blowing like a hurricane, and then the rain came.  Hard and short,,lol, but lite rain off and on still.  Weatherman showed we got .04 but i know that's not rite.  DARN, Gotta get a gauge up.  Love it.

We had the lighted Christmas parade last nite.  It's the best one of all.  It was short last nite, due to the weather maybe getting bad, which it didn't, but the floats were great.  One time, back when the kids were young, we were waiting for the rodeo parade, first weekend of June,,, and the first thing you hear are the sirens from the fire trucks.  It started at 4 pm, and right on the button,,,we hear the sirens, and gather all the kids,,tell em it's coming.  It did, and went flying, right on thru!!!! All the fire trucks!! lmaoooo,,,it was really a fire, right at that time!  Could never happen again.  After a bit the parade did show up. 

Gosh, i sit here and never realize that *&&#!#$#^ tv is just sitting there, on.  When it penetrates, i turn the darn thing off.  It sounds so good,,,silence.

Just might have to have some more of that soup today.  Last time, before the rest goes into the freezer.  Think i'll have cornbread with it, today.  I have some in the freezer too.  Yep, that's what i'm gonna do.  My waffles aren't keeping me from getting hungry now.  Had them about 10.  2 of them.  Those little frozen ones.

Just don't know what's wrong with me, but,,,yesterday for some ungodly reason, i cleaned out a lower cupboard, well, one shelf of it.  Was getting out a storage container, and realized the mess it was in, so i started setting stuff out, and before i knew it, i had the whole shelf unloaded.   Found some things i didn't know i had.  Nasty in there, too.  Soooo,,,swept it out, (with a little hand broom) sprayed and wiped it with cleaner, and left the doors open to let it dry out good.  Then, threw some things out, put some more in a bag for the store room, and rearranged the rest.  Trying not to think about the others,,,lololol.  Need to get my gifts wrapped!!!  Good thing it's the day of rest....What do u do with bud vases?,,Really pretty ones, up from small to large.  I keep on keeping them. 

Ok folks,,tc, and