Saturday, December 3, 2011

So Confused

I show Hobojoe had done a new post, but,,,all i get is the one back on 11-22.  Are any of yall getting the same thing?,, I've checked twice. 

Darn it, weather was not bad this morning, so,,thot i would just go on and run over to Marble Falls, and get my new lens put in my glasses, and pick up the shoes.  Not to be.,,Took an hour to get a phone call thru to the place with the shoes, and,,,not open on Saturdays!!!  Not even mornings!  Shot that trip all to ,,,well, u know.  Now it's gonna be maybe 4 or 5 days before i'll go.  Front will be here sometime tonite, with the cold and rain.  Heck, i'm ready. lol.  Still got a LOT of soup left.  lololol,,,It was ok, but not something i will ever make again.  Like my beef stew, or deer chili lotssss better.  Or just a big pot of good ol potato soup. yummmm.

Gosh, i get off doing something else before i get thru here, and now i don't have anything to say.  Yall do that?  I need to get some gifts wrapped, got it all dug out of the closet, need to get that done, and put stuff up.  Might even put my tree up,,, and plug it in,,,lololol.  After all, i need a place to put those gifts i'm gonna wrap.  I guess in the next few days i'll get some of it done anyway, weather going to pot.

I had waffles for breakfast and now i'm getting hungry again,,,no SOUP, tho.  Had enough of that for a while, have to put the rest in the freezer.

I keep on getting hot, then cold.  I turn on a burner, then turn it off. 

Enough ,,,might get back later.  In the meantime, yall tc, and