Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Over the Hump Day

Over the hump day. hahahaha,,,dont know WHY that matters now.

Just found out nieces r safe, storm was close tho. Her puter had been down til today.

Sure enjoy Gypsy's blog. And like her, im alone n pretty self sufficient. I do pretty much everything, n even when i was married, did, too. I am a darn good plumber, can do a little electrical, n can take things apart n fix if it can be done. Also, carpenter, lawn, (weeds) care. Even built my own waterfall for my pond. Just dont have the muscle now to do things like i used to. And like her, if i want to go somewhere, i go, rather go alone than not go at all. Im alone, NOT lonely!! lolol dont think i could stand someone around all the time, would drive me nuts. Especially if it were someone that couldnt do for themselves.

Gosh, Idol is down to 4 now. 1 of my favs was voted off last week, Casey. So now i have to decide between James n Scotty. OMG,,,HOW???? The 1 that wins is the 1 that gets forgotten later, n the 2nd place is the 1 that goes on to good things. Most of the time. lol Got started watching Voice now,,sure dont like the way they eliminate AT ALL. When u put 2 good singers up there together, then have to pick 1 to stay, that sucks. DUMB way to do it.

Gonna warm up leftovers, (last i have). BBL