Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Early to Bed, Early to Rise,,,,,

Over the hump day!!,,August going so fast, already over half gone,  wooohoooo.  Cooler weather'll be here before u know it.  (Wishful thinking).

Just heard that someone has called in about having a rattlesnake in her yard.  Just one, not a slew of em like those copperheads. lololol,,,our animal control man getting a good work out.  When i told my son about those copperheads, he was amazed, never heard of such a thing either.  Hope he asks the animal control man if it was really copperheads.    I kinda think it was, cause they didn't say,,,snakes,,,they said copperheads.  Like, definitely. 

Got up early today, now i'm needing a nap,,,lololol, and it's 10 AM.  Getting hungry too.  Egg, here i come.  brb.

OOOO Noooo!!  Forgot about my pill delivery.  The lady just showed up with them.  lolololol.,  My purse was in the car, had to go out and pay her.  Said the new location would be doing business there on the 19th of Sept.  THEN, i can do the drive thru.  Funny thing tho, i was just charged for 1, co pay, and there were 2.  Don't know what's going on there.  Guess i'll call them.  Darn it, i called and do owe for the other one.  The receipts were clipped on so evenly, looked like just one.    They said they'd just wait for next week.  Told em, do whatever.

I got some eggrolls in a big package last week, and got 3 out for later, but,,,,they are really big, so i'm gonna put one back.  I'm sure 2 will do.  Gonna use the little oven to cook them, don't think i'd like them cooked in microwave.  hahahaha, just ate breakfast, already thinking of lunch.  MERCY!  Gotta set up a trip to get this lap band tightened.  Before i gain more weight.  This is the pits.  Been messing with this 2 years!!!  Started in Sept. 2 years ago.  Months of classes, then time to get surgery scheduled, done, year of leaking port.  Surgery to fix it.  OMG Horrible!!!  Wished i hadn't figured that out. lololol,,Makes it really bad, now.  Got Sept. on my mind. 

If ol BB had ever communicated with me, in my blogs, or something, i would have gone out there to visit.  Just down the road.   He's never been a follower, nor even made comments on it.  Far as i know, he doesn't even read it.  So i can't just go driving up out there, so to speak.  Maybe he just doesn't want female visitors.  A man i had known just about all my life, used to be the caretaker of that place. He did that til he retired.  Gone now, but that was his life's work.  He and his family were members of the same church as mine, always.  Thot that was just about the perfect job. lol. 

There's a new state park out on the far side of Lake Buchanan. Canyon of the Eagles.    Well, been there a few years, but,,, u know.  Don't know if they have RV spaces or not.   My g/dotter worked out there in the restaurant for a while.  Long, bad drive from Buchanan Dam.  Not so bad from 29, just out of Burnet.  Top of the line restaurant, great place. 

We rented a boat one time, to go from the lake, up the Colorado, and picnic.  On the way,  we were cruising along with cliffs on the side, and mountain goats all over them.  My son, about 12, had taken his bb gun, and raised that thang up and shot at one of the goats.  We were way too far to hit one,,,weren't we?,,,Wow,,,,in a few seconds, one of those goats shook it's head.  He had done it!!!  We continued on, as far as we could, got out below a cliff with a bit of a place to eat, and when i looked around in a few minutes.,,,there he was, up on the wall, about 40 feet up!!! How did he do that?,,,It was straight up.  I just told him,,,Get off that right now!!!,  hahahaha, He had to hold the vines to get back over the edge, but,,,he made it.  I held my breath the whole time.  No way we could have gone UP.  hahahaha.  His little brother just watched, never did things like that.