Sunday, November 20, 2011

Anybody Out There?

Not getting any feed back.  Does that mean no ones reading these, or just not saying anything?  I try to let others know i've read theirs, but gonna quit that.  Except for you DD.


Thank all of you so much.  I spend a lot of time on the blogs, and expecially doing mine. 

I was sitting here this morning,,probably reading other blogs, when i heard something,,started looking out the door, and wow,,,it was raining,,it would rain hard, then lightly, back and forth for about 20 minutes.  Even heard it thunder once.

I've been cleaning on this today, changing email over to hotmail, but it still comes thru verizon just like always, i just got rid of windows live mail.  Tired of all the spam and junk, and hotmail has better ways to handle all that.  Already had to reset a setting,,lolol,,was putting MINE in junk. hahahahaha  I also took some things off, well, uninstalled.  Ran my smart defrag, which is better than the one that comes on here. 

Getting hungry, just had oatmeal today.  Might have another sausage roll up.  Need to cut up that MS mud cake and put part of it in the freezer.  Don't want it getting old.

Haven't been wearing the new glasses, phone calls on the agenda for tomorrow. lolol.  I can read better with the old ones.  Also, the right eye sees blurry in either one.  That's with the left eye closed, with both i'm fine.  Why is it always ME that has to complain?  Is everything made shoddy now?  Just sent off an email about a foam pillow that started coming apart, and it shouldn't have.  I know most clerks, etc, have no idea what's going on, and the younguns can't make change.  You give them a 20 and 22cents for a bill that's 10.22, they have no idea what to give you back!  One at the chicken place doesn't even know how to ring it up, so it can tell her how much change....hahahahaha.  I just tell her,,,

Not watching any more of this animal planet today, about snakes.  Know my son won't listen to me about handling that coral one. 

Couldn't find him yesterday.  I always donate a little for his "kids".  That's where my donations go, to him, because i KNOW where it will be spent.  He buys or does things for so many, a little help is always welcome.  He does without, personally, because too many need it more than he does.   He keeps it separate in his pockets, in an evelope just for the kids.  I have let time slip up on me, need to get it to him.  Maybe he'll be at the shop today.

Welll,,,i've decided on chicken for supper, so,,again,,HAGD