Saturday, October 22, 2011

Up To No Good Today



This crazy fence has driven me nuts, since I saw it.  See those little posts just sticking up thru the wires, not connected to anything else?   And, they seem to be holding up those other strands of wire.   Still makes NOOO sense to me.


These are most of Ns chickens.  One feather is there on the top left, but,,he’s lost his one feather.  Foreground is Ms Clean, other white one, is one eye.  Then there’s stripes, and eenie, and meenie.  Mighty and mo died from the heat.  Little bit’s up above these on a cross walk.  Just could not get them to pose for me. 

Didn’t sleep much last nite.  My feet hurt, my hip, my knee, my wrist,,,all those aches and pains from just that little bit of painting.  Gosh, not even finished yet.  Think I might see if my nephew’s in, maybe he might help me.  Or,,I can just do it later,,,lololol.  I did get all the top part done, won’t have to use the step stool any more.  Should have put some shoes on,, standing on that thing.  I did decide to use a regular brush, that cedar eats up those sponge ones.  Went thru 3, right quick.  Had no staying power, yesterday.  Don’t have any get up and go, nor staying power, today.  Gonna nap, see what’s what, later.