Sunday, August 14, 2011

Always has to be an AH Around

Awww, DD, don't ya know there's always ONE that knows more, seen more, has more, and smarter than the rest of us?  My attitude for those kinds is,,,who the hell cares?   Loved your comment about the Master Baiters, too.  I admire anybody that paints, no matter what it is.  I liked the one of the fence post the best.  What a way to spend time!   You can always call em abstract, and,,,what will he say about those??? hahahahaha  They are masters? hehehehe,,,In an abstract kind of way? 

Sorry, but i just have no tolerance for that kind of people.  Too many good ones to associate with. 

I think our little bit of rain chances are gone.  Nothing but sun here today, and after reading Gypsy's blog,,that snow sure sounded good.  Bring it on, Gypsy.  I'll stick my bare feet in it.  Maybe even bare it all and take a snow bath!! lolol

I turned my hot water heater on and let it heat up today, just so i could run hot water thru my pipes.  And, did, but not sure it helped.  I was once told by a plumber to do that once a month, but,,,,gosh, never did.  Don't think about it when they are working good.  Any suggestions?  It's out where mine hooks into the city's, i think.  Might get them to check it out.  OOOO Yeah, my electricity was off when i got up, stayed off about an hour.  Might have been what woke me up, but that ac turns off when it's not cooling, so i doubt it.  Couldn't read the paper, til later.  So,,, i had my coffee, and read on my book.  The window let in enough light for that.  So, I'm using that as my excuse for being so far behind with this, today.

I know it's short, but, just nothing going on around here.  Get back later, so HAGD