Monday, May 2, 2011

RAIN,,,COLD,,,on MAY 2!!!

Been raining off n on all nite, n still is.  LOVE it.  Its also 48* right now, at 10:35 am. Took the day off from respite because of the trip to Austin tomorrow.  Sure glad i did, didnt go to sleep til about 3 am.  Ill take something tonite, but NOT those sleeping pills, lol.  An aleve works just fine.

Sure was glad to c that DD got to enjoy his races.  Didnt know how long it took this front to get there.  By then he mighta been wishing for it. lololol   And glad also, that he found the old pig.  Better to know than to always wonder.  And NO! i dont want to c the pics.  Ive had things around here that just disappeared, and i still dont know what happened to them.  Like the pair of roadrunners.  They were around for 5 years, after i moved here, and raised their young, too.  Then,,just never saw them again.  They were comics.  When i would be working out in the yard, they would be lurking behind a bush r a tree, stretching that neck out to c what i was doing.  They would bob their heads up n down, n all u would c is that long neck n the head.  My cats just ignored them, like all the wild life that has shown up around here.  No telling what theyve just laid there n watched.  Had a fox that climbed my plum tree n ate all the plums. lol,,, I didnt care, i didnt pick them anyway.  Watched it out the window.  Went out my back door one day n surprised a half grown possum.  lmaooo,,,it DID keel over n play dead.  I waited it out, tho, n it finally got up n ran away.  Coons, deer, r common.  And snakes. lol  At nite when i come home, i let Jude lead the way to the door, if i havent left the lite on.  I have a good lite on my key chain too, so i can get the key in. 

Got my bro, G, paid off his 4.00 yesterday.  He won that in our moon game last Sunday.  I had made a sticky note,,EOG,,4.00. lol,,,Even if it is a nickel, i never forget a debt. 

OOO GEEEEZZZZ Obama on, taking up my news time.  Muted it, as bad as a soap, hearing him.  Only reason i didnt turn it off, is so ill know when hes gone.

Not sure how, but ive got to clean my small fish thing out.  Last nite i couldnt stand that buzzing from the little motor that runs the air flow, n unplugged it.  Guess they dont have to have it, lol, theyre fine.  Might not ever plug it back.  Ok, gonna start on it, get a move going here.

Remembered after i went to bed last nite, yesterday was 3 years since i quit smoking.  Not even a puff.   Never thot i could do that, and it wasnt even hard.  Had the head start, tho, when i had quit breathing with pneumonia, and spent nearly a week in the hospital, so by then, maybe the worst was over.  I was in ICU, and told 1 of the nurses to hand me my purse, and took them out and told her to throw them away, which she did.  lololo.,,,later had to ask her to get em back out, the case had my spare car key in it.  Then back in they went, and my dotter took all of the ash trays, cartons, etc, out of my house before i came home.  Used chantix?,, for 30 days, but after that, nothing.  Used those plastic stirrers to chew on, but not a whole lot.  Now i can fuss about second hand smoke,,hehehehe.  It really does bother me, tho, chokes me.  My house stays cleaner, n the new paint stays the same, doesnt turn dark n grimy.

Not sure how many fish i killed, outa my 5, but so far, 2.  Really dont care, ready to get rid of that aquarium anyway.   Maybe they dont like clean water.  I used the drop in it for chlorine.  o well,,,,whatever.